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  1. Forgot how brilliant Timothy Dalton is in Hot Fuzz.

  2. John on today's BBC Talk Back: 'Caller John says removing 'gov.uk' web addresses for our new super councils is a form of "ethnic cleansing".'I love Northern Ireland. Constantly being entertained by morons.

  3. Katies Hopkins though. You would, wouldn't you! Admit it! You definitely would!

  4. The Free State, seeing a financial opportunity due to a law change, have installed Ecstasy metres in households all over the country.

  5. Rix


    I loved so many of the light hearted moments of Spock's character. The bus scene is great in Star Trek 4. And "Are you sure it isn't time for a "colourful metaphor"?" and the colourful metaphor conversation between Kirk and Spock is comedy gold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKNw2YmnjgY
  6. "Of my friend, I can only say this of all the souls I have encountered in my travels his was the most...human." Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy

  7. Remember when Spam used to be all Nigerian fortunes and women wanting bucked in your area? Now they're offering genetic testing.

  8. This might be worse than that time they brought back Ellen Ripley.

  9. Better Call Saul inspiring me to rewatch Breaking Bad. And so it begins.

  10. Well Keanu Reeves has just come back to the action genre with a wallop. John Wick is wonderful. Fight scenes are something else.

  11. I don't care what anyone says. Nicolas Cage has done some cracking, fun films.

  12. Watched The Place Beyond the Pines last night. Was absolutely brilliant.

  13. My two weeks of sitting up half the night have messed my sleep pattern up. And that I can't put The Hunger Games down. Great book.

  14. Sainsburys is like Heaven's waiting room today. Purple rinses blocking up aisles, squeezing every feckin product. I'm on the edge!

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