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  1. Kicking butts while making uniformed character images without a proper photoshop and taking names.

  2. Has anyone else experienced medical professionals, especially dentists, overdoing it with X-rays and CT scans?

    I've had at least five head X-rays at my dentist in the last year, plus a 360 degree panorama X-ray on my teeth, and a CT scan done on my sinuses recently. Now an oral surgeon is giving me grief because they can't track down the last 360 degree panorama X-ray and want me to do another.

    I fee like these people do not have my best interests at heart shooting my skull with radiation n...

    1. Baylen Anders

      Baylen Anders

      yeah its a racket to be sure, I am dealing with a lot of back issues and every time I go in we need new xrays or MRI's or CT scans and on and on, and to refill my meds seeing how there pain meds they cant be phoned in so I have to come to office and pay a copay to just get a refile. CRAZY lol so i feel your pain, I really do.

  3. Watching ghost shows, I will get all spooked out and wont be able to sleep lol.... Happen every time.

    1. Baylen Anders

      Baylen Anders

      Lol funny how the mind plays tricks on us after watching stuff like that lol

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