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    Taking eggs from chickens, collecting toads, listerning to people as they sleep, skipping, hopscotch, drinking cans of coke, stroking cats, getting drunk and throwing up, Talking to people on bus stops.

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  1. LOL!!! that is agreat song, the others available to download were great aswell!
  2. Startrekaustralia.com This site has some GREAT pictures of ST ships Cannon & Non-Cannon. If you feel like giving your computer some new wallpaper heres were to go! It has beautiful pictures of every ST ship imaginable created by fans of star trek. It even has 3D meshes for you to download and start creating amazing 3D pictures yourself. Its worth a look, if even to give you reference on what your UFOP simming ship looks like at different angles. www.startrekAUSTRALIA.com
  3. Dark Frontier Dark frontier is a Trek LUG ( Last Unicorn Game) web based game, were you have the opportunity to create your own characters/systems/planetary inhabitants and more. The story in brief takes off from the DS9 episode “Rejoined”, were Trill and starfleet scientists discover how to create permanent stable worm holes. and this is were the adventures begin. Based around a starfleet mission called “Project starlight”, were a fleet of federation starships are lost 42,000 light years from home. The full story can be found on the site along with every detail you need to know if you consider joining in the fun. Basically, if you've got a great imagination, then this is for you!! There's a whole empty quadrant waiting to be created with different plants and new civilizations. This is an opportunity not to be missed out on, this aint like no other RPG around, you get to create. Its an empty canvas ready to be used. Hope you like it as much as I have. Tell me what you think www.darkfrontier.net
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