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  1. I like RP, I like Star Trek and I needed an outlet. I've tried writing my own stories and I never seem to get my teeth into it totally. It get's overwhelming and confusing juggling characters and scenarios etc. If I can concentrate on one character and work with others on a wider plot, who knows I might get better at my own writing along the way. Oh, also I like having fun with like-minded folks. Very important
  2. Hey there, my name's Mark, been a Trek fan since I was a teenager, recently rekindled my love of the franchise via STO and then from the fleet there helped founding a chapter of the STARLFEET international fan club a couple of years. I have been getting more and more back into it again since then. Love Deep Space Nine and TNG, some bits of Voyager. Wasn't so keen on Enterprise and never watched much TOS but love the original movies. Favourite movie is First Contact, closely followed by ST:IV, ST:II and ST:VI. I guess I missed the latest training cruise, but I posted a character intro.
  3. Greg walked out of the turbo lift onto the main concourse and was immediately awed by the scale of the starbase's main hub. What had to be over a hundred people milled back and forth across the area where he stood. He soon found himself in the way as people walked brisk to the turbo lift he had just stepped out of. On his shoulders hung his standard issue duffle bag bearing his name "Cadet 1C Gregory Able", on the other shoulder a hard carry case containing his tricorder and more fragile personal effects. He walked slowly, looking around him at the expanse and was suddenly abruptly brought to ground when he almost walked into a Starfleet security officer. "Woah, watch it Cadet!" said a friendly but slightly alarmed voice that was joined by a smiling Bajoran man as Greg's gaze suddenly snapped forward instead of up. "Oh, Sorry sir, I was just..." stuttered Greg as he suddenly found himself profoundly embarrassed. "Relax, most cadets find this place pretty awe inspiring at first. You came in on the shuttle from the USS Trieste I assume?" replied the officer reassuringly. Greg noted by his pips he was a Lieutenant. "Yes, sir, I'm here to pickup my final cruise before graduation" said Greg, relaxing a little. "Any idea where I can find the Academy Attaché's office?" "On deck 4, outer ring, I'll walk you down there if you like, it's way too easy to get lost in this place if you don't know the layout" replied the officer. "Oh, there's no need, sir, I... you're probably busy and..." said Greg, suddenly, again, embarrassed. "I just got off duty, it's not problem. C'mon, we better get you signed in." the officer interjected, seeing Greg was feeling a bit overwhelmed. "Sure, yeah okay." Greg started to walk. "Er... Cadet? It's this way..." said the officer in a slightly raised voice, pointing the opposite way to where Greg was facing. "Oh! Yeah, I know that" answered Greg, grinning. The pair weaved their way through the humanoid traffic on the concourse, swinging by a desk to pickup a PADD. As they walked the officer struck up polite conversation. "Lieutenant Darrin Shar, Starbase Security, detail Alpha 5, by the way" related the officer. "Cadet First Class, Gregory Able, sir. Good to meet you" replied Greg, relaxing into the conversation again. "Likewise. What's your field?" enquired Darrin, continuing the friendly exchange as the entered a turbo lift. "Deck 4" he instructed instinctively. "Science, Geology and Structural engineering." replied Greg. "Interesting field, I used to collect fossils back home, I never learnt nearly enough about them though." added Darrin. "I miss home." "Bajor?" asked Greg. "Yup." answered Darrin, wistfully. "I did a 4-month field study in the Janitza Mountains! No fossils up there but the structure and stratigraphic structures up there are amazing! Terrain's pretty rough though" enthused Greg, happy to find a common thread. "Wow, that's one of the gems of Bajor! You should consider yourself highly privileged to have been allowed there as a Cadet, usually only highly experience expeditions get to hike up there. I bet it was hard work." replied Darrin. "Sure was. We were walking twelve clicks a day in the sun. Rocks are pretty jagged too, I lost count of the cuts and scrapes I got. We got through a lot of gel packs and dermal regeneration kits! Was amazing though" continued Greg, but then stopped mid-flow to step out of the turbolift as Darrin gestured toward the door and pointed down the hall to the left. "Yes, it's a truly wonderful place, if you can get there... This is the office here" indicated Darrin. "Thanks. I appreciate you dragging me down here, I'd probably have taken hours to find this place." said Greg, beaming with a broad smile. "No problem, if you get lost in future just look for one of the info panels on the wall. They'll get you a route and you can copy if yo a PADD if you have one handy. Enjoy your stay!" replied Darrin. "Aye, sir!" announced Greg and with that, he saluted his superior officer. In return Darrin flicked out a casual salute and paced off briskly toward the turbolift. Greg turned towards the office and headed to the door.
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