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  1. I like RP, I like Star Trek and I needed an outlet. I've tried writing my own stories and I never seem to get my teeth into it totally. It get's overwhelming and confusing juggling characters and scenarios etc. If I can concentrate on one character and work with others on a wider plot, who knows I might get better at my own writing along the way. Oh, also I like having fun with like-minded folks. Very important
  2. Hey there, my name's Mark, been a Trek fan since I was a teenager, recently rekindled my love of the franchise via STO and then from the fleet there helped founding a chapter of the STARLFEET international fan club a couple of years. I have been getting more and more back into it again since then. Love Deep Space Nine and TNG, some bits of Voyager. Wasn't so keen on Enterprise and never watched much TOS but love the original movies. Favourite movie is First Contact, closely followed by ST:IV, ST:II and ST:VI. I guess I missed the latest training cruise, but I posted a character intro.
  3. Greg walked out of the turbo lift onto the main concourse and was immediately awed by the scale of the starbase's main hub. What had to be over a hundred people milled back and forth across the area where he stood. He soon found himself in the way as people walked brisk to the turbo lift he had just stepped out of. On his shoulders hung his standard issue duffle bag bearing his name "Cadet 1C Gregory Able", on the other shoulder a hard carry case containing his tricorder and more fragile personal effects. He walked slowly, looking around him at the expanse and was suddenly abruptly brought to
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