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  1. The transporter doors opened in a quick rush, swiftly rustling Lai Jo'rek's hair. Even though his hair is longer than most Romulans and kept in a small pontyail, the rush from the atmospheric stabilizers still managed to mess up his jet black hair slightly. Another thing that distinguishes him from other Romulans is that he has two grayish, almost white, lines starting from the point of his V-like hairline all the way down his head in the same V-like manner. Other than that, at first glance most would assume that he was a rather odd looking Vulcan, but then they would notice those recognizable ridges that extenuate his cold hard stare that he learned from the Vulcans. Jo'rek exited the transporter in a hurried fashion, knowing exactly what he needed to do. Keeping his arms held behind his back, he even gave off the appearence that he was in a hurry and seemed upset about something. The passengers who arrived with him looked at him with some disgust. "Well what's that guy's problem?" one asked a nearby passenger. "Didn't you notice? He's a Romulan. Probably thinks he is better than everyone else. Pompous elitist!" Jo'rek entered into the commercial sector, his destination: the security office. The people that he walked past looked at him with a rather puzzled look, most of them wondering what's eating the Vulcan. As he passed them however, the patrons gave him the same disgust looks as they noticed his phenotypic Romulan traits. Every person he passed, Jo'rek wanted to lash out at them, wanting to teach them a lesson in respect. However the rigid training in Vulcan principles that he had been taught since he was youngling overpowers all the extreme emotions that he naturally experiences without restraint. His family made it very clear that the way of the Romulans would not be the path of any sort of prosperity or fulfilling life, only pain, death, and destruction. After the deaths of his fifteen brothers, all high-ranking members of the Romulan military, the Jo'rek family decided that in order for their name to survive the unforgiving dilution of time and to have their last son propser and to live a long and happy life that were to move to Vulcan much earlier than when they had planned. His family was a part of he movement that began with many Romulans wishing to learn the ways of the Vulcans and hopefully reuniting with them. But after the deaths of Lai's brothers in quick succession, they had no choice but to leave Romulus earlier. As Lai rounded past the corner outside of a Ferengi-owned bar, a human Starfleet offical was literally running after the briskly paced Jo'rek. "Sir! Sir!" the offical yelled out in a worn-out higher pitched voice. Jo'rek stopped his stride and the official ran into him, falling hard to the ground and not even budging him. Lai turned around and looked at the offical with his signature cold and intellectual yet inqusitive stare. "What is it that you desire?" Jo'rek said in a seemingly harsh tone though he didn't mean to come off that way. The official, feeling hurt that this odd-looking Vulcan didn't even offer to help her up, she jumped to her feet and flattened out her uniform. "I'm sorry sir but I'm a Starfleet official that welcomes newcomers to Starbase 118. I saw you and I didn't get to officially welcome you so I would like to say-" "Where is the office to your security personnel?" Jo'rek interrupted, feeling pressured to get to the security office in time. Coming off as rude and arrogant, the official responded with an equally unpleasant tone: "You turn this next corner, follow the hall and turn right. The security office is the second door on the right." "Thank you." Jo'rek expressed in a voice he had hoped to give off as appreciative and grateful. He then turned back around and continued his lightining fast path, well to a human. The offical watched as Jo'rek walked away, the official thought about who she had just met and instantly realized that this impolite and abrash individual was actually a Romulan as ahe remembered seeing those distinct ridges and the V-like hairline. The official then scoffed that this person who she didn't even know. "So he was a Romulan? Hmph, no wonder." She then went back the opposite way to continue her greeting duties. Jo'rek thought about this quick and random encounter all the way to the security office. Although he was taught to always do what he was commanded and to not relfect with great, let alone any, effort on anything considered uimportant, pointless, and tangical to the overall goal, Lai began to feel guilt, a lot of guilt, about how he seemed to be a total imbecile towards this person who was only trying to greet him to the Starbase. He started to reflect and think about it, almost becoming the forefront of his mind. I should have handled it differently. Those in Starfleet wouldn't act the way I did. But then his Vulcan thinking returned to domination in his mind. "I have to do what I must. I can't ponder upon such trivial moments." He spoke to himself reassuring, feeling like he knew what he was doing.
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Justin McGovney and I'm from a really really small town in North Carolina called Marion although I'm originally from California. I started getting big into Star Trek around 2 years ago, delving first into TNG and now I'm currently into DS9. I first learned about StarBase 118 from my friend Jacob Blair, who plays the character Johan Talbor and suggested that I get into this. I'm at a community college right now but I'm graduating this year and plan to go to UNCW to go into a film studies program. And I work at Wal-Mart as a part-time job. Nice meeting ya guys!
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