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    Film, especially film. I love watching movies, reviewing them, and begin to prepare for the film studies program I'm entering.

    Games are also a small staplepoint.

    I love to write and read as well. I'm currently in the process of writing my own sci-fi tale that I hope could lead to like a television show someday. My favorite novel has for to be "Dune".
  1. The transporter doors opened in a quick rush, swiftly rustling Lai Jo'rek's hair. Even though his hair is longer than most Romulans and kept in a small pontyail, the rush from the atmospheric stabilizers still managed to mess up his jet black hair slightly. Another thing that distinguishes him from other Romulans is that he has two grayish, almost white, lines starting from the point of his V-like hairline all the way down his head in the same V-like manner. Other than that, at first glance most would assume that he was a rather odd looking Vulcan, but then they would notice those recognizable
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Justin McGovney and I'm from a really really small town in North Carolina called Marion although I'm originally from California. I started getting big into Star Trek around 2 years ago, delving first into TNG and now I'm currently into DS9. I first learned about StarBase 118 from my friend Jacob Blair, who plays the character Johan Talbor and suggested that I get into this. I'm at a community college right now but I'm graduating this year and plan to go to UNCW to go into a film studies program. And I work at Wal-Mart as a part-time job. Nice meeting ya guys!
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