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  1. Sorry. I meant I didn't have proper uniform to dress my character. (As in profile pic)
  2. Hi, I'm doing newbie Cadet's list step-by-step, so after "literary exam" and character introduction, here I am. My name's really unpronounceable, so you can simply call me D (or vienastoks, if that's palatable ). I come from faraway continent called Europe. The eastern part of it, actually - Lithuania. I work at digital communications agency and also teach at university. In spare time I do some (lame) 3D modeling, write several blogs, read a lot. My relationship with Star Trek world was somewhat episodic, so I'm trying hard to catch-up now. Joined Starbase as a challenge to myself. I am not a native English speaker, but I hope to improve enough to not let you down.
  3. Addendum to Star Academy Cadet profile #[edited] CONFIDENTIAL TO: SF Acad. Council FROM: A. Rowan, S. Psych., UPP, Leeds MA In response to your request for information about SAC Harold Foster I have little to add to the data in Cadet Profile, except for some observations, that I made during my counseling years (2372-2380) under authority of British Board of Special Education (BBSE). Harold Foster came under BBSE supervision in 2372 because his parents applied for Special Education Curriculum for in-house/isolated schooling. Such procedure was usual during that time for all children that would not attend common primary or secondary schools and/or boarding/preparatory schools. The reason for application as indicated by H. Foster’s parents was “restricted mobility”, which usually meant not some sort of student disability, but rather the fact that family resided/worked in some sort of isolated area. These included faraway research facilities, some special military installations and suchlike. I do not have more information on the place of Foster family residence, as it was – and I believe still is – confidential. During first several years of my contact with H. Foster I did not observe any significant behavioral deviations or other psychological problems. Foster was a good student, showing above average aptitude in most subjects with a special interest in history, sociology and natural sciences. My communication with student was very limited though, because we were not allowed to use holographic devices – just flatscreen audiovisual comms and/or text messages. Another problematic aspect was that I could communicate with his parents using text messages only. Holo, video or even voice communications weren’t permitted. I should also note, that at no time during my sessions with student I was able to observe the family together. In fact, I have never seen William H. Foster or Natalie Foster on the vid screen nor was I able to meet them in person, despite many repeating requests. This, however, did not seem to be alarming, as the child was active, curious, lively and seemed happy. I do believe that he rarely saw his parents himself, since his own descriptions of them often strangely confused mother and father, shifting in narrative from one to another as if they were somehow immaterial for Harold. Problems surfaced later, around year 2379. My usual rapport with my student started to evaporate, Harold became more estranged and non-communicative. I ascribed this to an effect of early adolescence, but doubts remained. For one, there never was any tension between us when we were discussing any subject besides his studies. While talking about his leisure, games, creative projects or entertainment shows/music the relationship remained very close and sympathetic. Only when we discussed his studies, Harold usually became nervous and close-lipped. His grades remained generally good, except in one broad area – information sciences and applied mathematics. This was unexpected to me. I thought my student demonstrated sincere interest in the subjects, especially during introductory courses. But later he failed most tests and his grades became worse and worse. I wrote to Harold's parents, but got nowhere. They reassured me, that Harold never said he dislikes any particular topics he studied. "It might be transitory, related to the adolescence and hormonal changes", their reply said. The lack of direct communication frustrated be greatly at that time. Some years later, unhappy because a lack of progress in Harold's education, I decided to get a second opinion and sent my student's test data to mathematician, professor Norman Mellig, who also happened to be BBSE Council member. He returned the documents a week later with a short note, that said: "All false results are false by deliberation. Very cleverly done. Computers wouldn't catch him." Taken aghast I tried to confront Harold with his deceit, but it was a disaster – he terminated all communication with me. BBSE couldn't do anything, because Harold passed A level exams successfully and was out of their supervision. He was fourteen then and definitely out of my reach. I've set up permanent search request for any data relating to Harold Foster, but received very little from the databanks ever since. Either he entered some higher school pseudonymously or didn't continue formal education at all. The only message from Harold – I assume it was from him – I received some years later from an anon relay. It said "Sorry, Miss Rowan. You were too smart. Happy birthday, H." (It was sent on my birthday). Right about that time prof. Mellig showed me an anonymous message on his comm, that he received just after he presented the results of latest research in Shifted-Quant Computing, that promised to transform quantum computing and unleash vast new processing power by shifting the first quant of any dataset processed. The message said "Why don't we shift them all?" "This reminds me your smarty-pants student", professor said, "the one that cunningly failed all tests proving at the same time that he knew the subject matter perfectly". "This is no simple prank, this is challenge," Mellig told me, "It was sent from our first SQ computer. It's in the Special Foundation Lab, inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. And bloody logs do not show any trace." I have no proof neither that both messages are related, nor that they were written by my former student, but I was somewhat amused by reading Foster's Cadet Profile aptitude test results and list of academic achievements. Amused by their regularity and exact correspondence to the statistical average (you can check the data, it's available publicly at FAC-Databank). Maybe it also contains message? Very cordially Yours, Dr. Adele Rowan, Psy. D
  4. Welcome to the fleet.

  5. Hello, starfleet. I wonder whether I as a new cadet should have my forum profile IC or OOC. Some introductions I'm about to make are required to be IC, others - OOC. So how does one manage this? Thanks!
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