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  1. Sorry. I meant I didn't have proper uniform to dress my character. (As in profile pic)
  2. Hi, I'm doing newbie Cadet's list step-by-step, so after "literary exam" and character introduction, here I am. My name's really unpronounceable, so you can simply call me D (or vienastoks, if that's palatable ). I come from faraway continent called Europe. The eastern part of it, actually - Lithuania. I work at digital communications agency and also teach at university. In spare time I do some (lame) 3D modeling, write several blogs, read a lot. My relationship with Star Trek world was somewhat episodic, so I'm trying hard to catch-up now. Joined Starbase as a challenge to myself. I am not
  3. Addendum to Star Academy Cadet profile #[edited] CONFIDENTIAL TO: SF Acad. Council FROM: A. Rowan, S. Psych., UPP, Leeds MA In response to your request for information about SAC Harold Foster I have little to add to the data in Cadet Profile, except for some observations, that I made during my counseling years (2372-2380) under authority of British Board of Special Education (BBSE). Harold Foster came under BBSE supervision in 2372 because his parents applied for Special Education Curriculum for in-house/isolated schooling. Such procedure was usual during that time for all children that would
  4. Welcome to the fleet.

  5. Hello, starfleet. I wonder whether I as a new cadet should have my forum profile IC or OOC. Some introductions I'm about to make are required to be IC, others - OOC. So how does one manage this? Thanks!
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