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  1. Congratulations to everyone earning these awards. I started swimming back in 2011 with Rear Admiral Turner who was a real inspiration to greatness. Ann gave a lot to the group, and she will be missed. When I came back, being assigned to SB118-Ops is a change of pace from before. I am enjoying being part of Fleet Captain Taybrim’s crew and I am looking forward to making as many new memories and connections here. All of those awarded these accolades are part of what makes this group so enjoyable!
  2. Welcome, Joey! This is an amazing group of writers and people. There is nothing you can't ask, nor is there any mistakes that can't be fixed. Enjoy your academy cruise and I look forward to seeing you in the fleet!
  3. Welcome, Clev! Nice to see another Oregonian in the group! This is a great bunch of people and I know you will enjoy yourself! Also, welcome to the group to James and Patrick!
  4. ((Embassy Ground, Marine CIC)) ::Both Marine and Engineer had been working for a few hours on the implant. Progress was being made, but as Jaxon had thought, the micro power source was proving tricky. The tiny shield that separated the two alloys wasn’t breaking down fast enough; it was taking too much time to generate enough power:: Mc Ghee: ::lowering a tool:: Okay, we’ve got it down to 8.4 seconds between activation and enough power being generated for your communication. ::Lex let slip a frustrated sigh.:: Menar: It's playing hard to get. 8.4 is too long. We can do better, we just have
  5. Anthony Meeks

    MAY/JUN Fire, Giver of Live

    ((Some God Forsaken Rock in the Gamma Quadrant)) Lightning flashed, illuminating the parapet which stood above the gaping canyon. The rain fell in sheets, drenching the world around him in cold water. He shielded his eyes from the sudden flash in the darkness to lessen the sharp pain he felt from the bright light… Then it was dark again. Lieutenant Commander Michael Davis stared into the blackness, as he had for so many nights before. He couldn’t remember how long he had been there. He had lost track of the days, and he stopped counting a long time ago. The marks on the inside walls of the run
  6. Thank you Tracey, for the prompt response. I'm always happy to defer the answer to a question like that to those who have the experience.
  7. I'm sorry your question has not been answered yet. I don't have an answer for you, but I will endeavour to find one. Please check back and I will forward an answer to you as soon as I have an answer either way.
  8. Welcome to the fleet Sky. Glad to have you aboard, mate!
  9. "I was searching for something Taken out of my soul, Something I'd never lose Something somebody stole." ~ Billy Joel, River of Dreams ((Saveron's Dreamscape: The An’ahyaes Valley, T'ralorian Plains, Han-Shir, Vulcan.)) ::The blades of red grass that stood forth from the ochre soil were wilting. Where normally the milder breeze off the southern ocean blew across the T'ralor Preserve and brought the life-giving mists to the An'ahyaes Valley at the end of the day, only the hot breath of the Go'an Desert blew, drying and dessicating, giving nothing and taking everything away.:: ::The Go'an itself
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