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  1. Oh! And don’t forget to check in on the Medical duty post section of the forum! There’s some good stuff in there, plus a roll call to say hello on!
  2. Outstanding! I wish you many fantastic adventures in medicine! It’s an excellent duty post to sim here.
  3. What an incredibly small world! My Opa grew up in Bielefeld before coming to Canada (where I live). Amazing!
  4. Indeed welcome to the fleet! Can we assume based on your user name that you might be playing a fellow medical officer?
  5. Excellent! Given how things go around here you'll never run out of things to do if you go medical!
  6. Nice to meet all of the new faces around here! It's been a while since I've been over here to the forums (something I need to change) so, hello to you all! If you ever find yourselves in the Constitution's neck of the woods, or if you'd like to chat about Star Trek medicine, look me up!
  7. Hi Darren! Welcome to the group! You’ll find there are a decent number of us from Canada here. No one has held it against us yet!
  8. Welcome indeed! This community has been nothing short of amazing in the time I’ve been here so far. We’re glad to have you!
  9. Hi there Michael! Good to meet you. This community has been one of the best I’ve been part of. Welcome!
  10. And here I was really excited for a dragon to join our ranks... Ah well... Welcome to the group all the same!
  11. Hi there Caleb! Welcome to the fleet! I play one of the medical officers aboard the USS Constitution. It’s always awesome to see a new face!
  12. Hello Tyler, and welcome! I’m an officer in the RCAF, so it’s always nice to see another uniformed member around! I’m just finishing training myself right now, but so far the format and community have been awesome. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I am right now!
  13. I didn’t realize there were already so many Trill in the community. In previous groups no one played them at all! I was going for Joined. Great RP opportunities when drawing on those previous memories. And thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  14. Good day everyone, I’m Derek, and I’ll be playing Aera Darrhi, a Trill graduate of Starfleet Medical. Why did I join this illustrious band of Trekkies? Because I missed Star Trek RP mostly. I played a Trek RP for a good 7 years through school and university, and then I had to tone down the time commitment to focus on career and family. But with everything going on in the world these days I got back to thinking how the values of Starfleet and the Federation closely match my own views, and that it would be great to immerse myself in that again. I can’t wait to write with everyone!
  15. Hi everyone! My name is Derek, and I’ll be playing Aera Darrhi, MD. I’m a long-time role player (usually a GM when around a table) but I spent about 7 years writing Star Trek RP on a forum as a play-by-post format. I loved it, but of course life interjects at times. I’m a Canadian! I grew up in the Vancouver BC area, but decided to pursue a career in the Royal Canadian Air Force, so I move all over Canada now. Been serving as an officer for about a decade now, and I find my real life leadership style is actually heavily informed by Star Trek. How I deal with scenarios, and with my awesome team usually passes through my “would this fly on a Federation starship” filter haha. Finally, I have an academic background in cultural anthropology so I get really nerdy about culture and exploration. I do love a lot of Sci-Fi other than Trek, as well as fantasy. But I’m sure you’ll all get the chance to hear plenty about all of that from me as we write together! See you out there!
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