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  1. 52 minutes ago, Roshanara Rahman said:

    Yes, anything written by our members for the FNS is considered part of our universe's extended world building and can be considered public knowledge and referenced in your sims. In fact, this is encouraged and one of the intended uses of the FNS itself.

    Excellent. I keep being more and more impressed with the depth of this simm community. Love it.

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  2. John exited the turbolift, into the bustle of the promenade. He was 32 years old, standing at 183 centimeters tall. His hair was cut in a short buzzcut, and he was muscular. If anything, he looked more like a Marine then Starfleet. This was in fact true. He had exchanged his Marine uniform for a Starfleet one, wanting a change of pace. He had chosen the medical field because of a desire to heal, as opposed to hurt people.


    Straightening his uniform, he headed left, towards one of the large viewports. Having some time to kill, he looked out at space, and the various starships that were docked at the starbase. Sensing someone approach him, John turned around to see his old sergeant, sgt. Johnson standing there."Sarge..." He simply said as he nodded to him.

    "John!" He exclaimed with a chuckle."I didn't believe it untill now. Joining starfleet...."He shook his head."And the medical field no less....Damn. Don't have the stomach for combat anymore eh?" He said laughing.

    John simply stood there, listening to the insulting remark."Sarge....shut up, and leave me alone.." he said after a while, his eyed smoldering. "My decision is made. I want to save lives, not destroy them. Not anymore. Not after..." He fell silent, and turned to the window once again, ignoring his old sarge. 


    Deep in thought, John didn't even notice his sarge had left untill his combadge chirped. "Cadet Williams, report to holodeck 23 for your training."

    "Acknowledged." He said, before heading that way."Semper fi.." he muttered as he headed there, to his new life.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Edward Spears said:

    Nice to meet all of the new faces around here! It's been a while since I've been over here to the forums (something I need to change) so, hello to you all! If you ever find yourselves in the Constitution's neck of the woods, or if you'd like to chat about Star Trek medicine, look me up! 

    I'm hoping to play either a doctor, nurse or EMT, so i might take you up on that. Thanks!

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