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  1. ::Theme from Enterprise stuck in head. :wacko:::

  2. Thank you both! The example was especially helpful.
  3. Hi all! I received the first training email just now - tutorial 1, "Into the unknown" - and I'm not sure how to reply. I have a few questions: When my character is tagged, do I quote the entire sim, and insert my character's bits where they belong? What does a Cadet's signature look like, as we don't have an assignment yet? (Sorry if these are answered elsewhere, I did poke around quite a bit. )
  4. Paul frowned. In his rush to be early for the transport's departure he'd forgotten arrival would be two hours before briefing. The base was brimming with tiring activity, he observed. He quickly fell into step - and, he hoped, anonymity - with the endless motion of persons. He missed India's crowds. India never 'brimmed', he thought. It thronged. It crawled, swarmed. Starfleet, instead, has this practiced, antiseptic, exuberant ... brimming. After four years at the Academy, he felt too old for this. Yet Paul Scudder was clearly only a fresh from the Academy twenty-something Terran. It was true that Paul's dark hair combined with his pointed ears misled some - the ears a vestige of Vulcan blood two generations back - but Paul's perpetually pensive expression was so easily a sad pensive that one could dismiss the ears. Paul Scudder was a moody human. As Paul found himself making eye contact with fast-passing officers - and maybe other cadets? - he reminded himself he may see these faces again in training. Or even on assignment. He forced a smile and made his way to the commercial district where he was sure he could find a bar to hole-up in.

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