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  1. Some really great work from everyone on these images! It's always a surprise to see the skills of our Image Collective, and you've left me looking forward to seeing some more creativity!
  2. ((USS Columbia - Deck 8 - Carson's Quarters)) ::It had all come down to this; the evidence had all fallen into place and with equal parts luck and skill, Tyler was moments away from a slam-dunk arrest. He could almost feel the pats on the back he'd receive for this one, he could imagine the the pretty little notation in his Starfleet record. What he didn't know was that the universe seemed to have other plans.:: Kelly: Starfleet Security! ::He knocked strongly door 3 times:: Come out now or we will force entry. ::A voice came through the door, sounding mildly perturbed..:: Gerard: What
  3. Unbelievable! I couldn't believe all the rooms they included.
  4. Congratulations to both of you! I look forward to reading more!
  5. To Kieran's point ... our Chief Tactical Officer has yet to fire a weapon! That doesn't mean he doesn't stay busy, though.
  6. Downloaded my copy! Great idea. I'm looking forward to reading these on a kindle rather than an LCD!
  7. This round featured great writing all around -- and I'm always surprised by the interpretations of the themes. Thanks, everyone, for the great reads!
  8. The price of ignorance is extinction. When a person grasps that truth –not comprehends it but truly appreciates its intricacies and its final implications – when a person realizes that, there’s nothing else to do. Knowledge must be sought wholeheartedly and without reservation, shedding the blanket of ignorance that, though warm and comfortable, offers no true shelter. My father learned this through experience. He, like so many others, perished on Sherman’s Planet during the famine before I was even born. As did so many like him. And is that fair? Was he truly less suited to life there than an
  9. Remember the days when you could walk into a store and buy the four cds it took to install a game? Those days seem to be behind us. I shudder to think of how many attempts it would take me to update STO now.
  10. The darkness slowly gave way to the pale light of dawn, coupled with the untroubled calls of perching birds. Into this acoustic garden, the heavy grunt of a brawny man’s awakening burst forth, not shattering its beauty so much as giving it purpose. Hector’s eyes opened to the familiar quarters he had called home since his arrival on Starbase 118 all those years ago. The light panels glowed, slowly intensifying as his eyes adjusted to them. It has taken months to settle on a lighting program to which he wanted to awaken; the audio back then had been news, not birds. But so much had changed – h
  11. Welcome, Gor! It is a great community, and some of our other members write in part to improve their English language skills. And I think we all have improved, whether it was a goal or not!
  12. ((Starbase 118, Ops Office)) :: Her rather short communication with her intended target had produced at least the beginnings of the desired results, and after having tracked him down Pandora walked through the door with her padd in hand.:: Raiden: oO Come in then!! Oo How can I help you :: He looked at her neck. :: Lt? Pandora: I was under the impression that you would be of use. Was I mistaken? Raiden: Depending what you what and why you need it? :: He looked at her from behind the desk. :: :: Ah yes, the inevitable request for an explanation as to why she was there and why the Drake ne
  13. Hey, congrats!! Also, I can't believe there's ANOTHER Victory out there. Can someone say "crossover"?
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