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  1. Hey ^^ My name is Jesse, actually. I live in the hot sweltering heat of Texas (not gonna give the city away, sorry!) Um, I started playing Star Trek Online, which is where S'Kai was born (in my mind and online) and because of my Dad, who is a huge trekkie and dools out facts everyday (he's also a military man) so I kinda grew up with it. I'm not THAT knowledgable, but I'm not a newb either. Hmm...I'm going to get a job this summer, as I just got out of College for the summer, so yeah. I'm Majoring in Childcare (strange, I know). I love TOS version of Star Trek, but know a bit more of the other
  2. S'Kai tapped on his PADD, ignoring the others around him as he checked and double-checked his math. They should be docking right-now, he thought as there came a shudder on the floor. He got up as quick as the straps released, tugging a worn backpack off the upper rack that was filled with different PADDs. His other belongings had already been sent ahead. He swept long, inky bangs out of his shining blue eyes. 'Must cut them again, I suppose,' he thought as he filed out behind the other cadets. He waited patiently, his eyes, peering around whenever he grew tired-not bored-of looking forward. Hi
  3. Excited for training.

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