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  1. Lt. Cmdr Saveron & Lt. JG Alora DeVeau: Universal Language ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Ensign DeVeau's Quarters, USS Mercury)) ::Dressed in his Vulcan robes and carrying a very fat Vulcan harp case on a strap over one shoulder, Saveron stopped outside the door that the computer identified as Ensign DeVeau's quarters and signaled the door chime.:: ::She couldn't be heard from outside the room, but when Alora heard the chime, she immediately ordered that the visitor be allowed to enter. ::As the doors slid open Saveron stepped in
  2. Hey Jesse, and welcome! It's great that you've joined the fleet. I'm sure you'll love it here. And welcome everyone else too! There's so many threads where we welcome new people I seemed to have looked over this one for awhile!
  3. I just started a new character if anyone would like to add me! Kotir Arith@ScarecrowEmergency
  4. ((I think I made the title name too long, I don't know how to fix that. It was meant to be: Lt. Cmdr Roshanara Rahman & Lt. Dre'lith Chaun: Falling Away/Help from Above))
  5. ((OOC: This is a two part sim, which I combined into one for the competition. It is written by the USS Mercury's PC Lt.Cmdr Roshanara Rahaman... part two is her PNPC Lt. Dre'lith Chaun.)) ((Shuttlecraft Valentina Tereshkova, deep within the volcano on 83 Leonis II)) ::The shuttle buckled around Roshanara Rahman as she lay against the [...]pit window. The alarms now had turned into background murmurs, and her vision was cloudy. An unsightly cranial contusion had formed from the impact her head had made against the overturned shuttle's hull minutes earlier.:: ::Sharp static cackled over the com
  6. Just a quick note - some of the dialogue is duplicated. This was my own error that I made, since it was originally a 10 post sim which I combined into one for the basis of the top sim. So please don't let that human error spoil this awesome sim
  7. ((USS Vigilant, An Unspecified Location)) ::Chen had only just barely been able to concentrate on his shift. He’d spent almost the whole of the previous evening making preparations, checking replicator patterns, making reservations and setting up what he hoped would be a super-enjoyable evening for Greir. He knew that they had both been on alpha shift, which had finished just over an hour ago. It was now 1702 hours and time to set things into motion. Having been monitoring internal sensors in a specific section of the corridor on deck 2, Chen had visual confirmation that everything was clear t
  8. I haven't played in a long long while. I'll certainly go on and work out my details again etc. Been considering playing it again
  9. We're glad you decided to join us Kydo... and that you got that typo in your name sorted Good luck with training Cadet!
  10. Why don't you just drag a friend along then?
  11. Ah god just as I was beginning to forget :| I won't be going to London until December. I only live across the sea >.< unless a miracle happens I probably won't be able to go.
  12. Wooo 200 posts on the forums ^_^ Gonna redo my wiki soon, make it a bit more appealing and less bland :P

  13. So great to have written my first sim on the USS Mercury :)

  14. Welcome to the community Vance! You live in California. Omg, thats amazing. I always wanted to live there. I'm still in rainy Ireland. I'm going to be studying Multimedia next year so I'll be doing stuff in animation and game design. Do you like the course your doing? Do you like SB118 so far? Anyway once again, welcome and enjoy it.
  15. Welcome! You seem to be perfect for the community I think we all like to nerd out here and if your good programming and stuff you might be very beneficial on the wiki like so many other people here. Anyway, welcome. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!
  16. Can't believe it was Christmas when I last updated this thing...

  17. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Insurgency shown up in Ireland again (Which is where I am -.-) But there'd be no way that the two states would join again. Now days people just use the division as an excuse to make racial slanders about the British (On my side anyway). Besides that I'm surprised they wouldn't show this over here. If it was gonna happen it will.
  18. Merry Christmas Everyone :D

  19. It's good to see someone with great interests Welcome Erik
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