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  1. Captain Waltas was not very receptive to the advice of his officers on the subject; Ensign Nickels was but the first to raise objections. Eventually, under the weight of concern by his senior staff, the captain relented and saw the rigidity of his position and the improper influence his emotions played on the topic. He begrudgingly agreed to try a diplomatic tack to solving the problem, although he still insisted on the use of deadly force as a contingency. And for Ensign Nickels? He received a gruff but heartfelt apology from the captain, was reinstated to duty, and accompanied the captai
  2. OOC: A bit of background... During the timeline of this post, Discovery is facing a group of Remans that have vampiric qualities. Many of the ship's crew have been slaughtered or turned, including some PCs and/or their loved ones. Emotions are running high, and many of the senior officers have lost sight of their objectivity. Nickels stands out as one of the few who aren't jonesing for retribution. 'Rogg's suns', 'artificial suns', and 'unforgiving light' are references to an array of reflective mirrors placed by the Discovery crew in orbit above the dark half of the Reman's adopted plane
  3. (( Conference Room, USS Discovery-B )) :: Nickels slid into the conference room with a few moments to spare, feeling the bubbling effervescence of the anti-radiation meds spritzing his bloodstream. The whole of the senior staff was gathered up, and as Nickels unobtrusively slid to a spot against the wall just behind Commander Wood's seat at the table, he took a few moments to look them over. … from the blunt determination of Commander Mitchell, to the shifting calculating gaze of Captain McCall in his black armor, to the curious sparkle of Steve Rogg's reptilian eyes, to the deeply pained face
  4. ((Interrogation room; Phoenix)) ::Kivith waited as patiently as possible in the cramped interrogation room. What had happened to the rest of her crew? It would be appropriate for her life to be forfeit; it was her lack of tactical planning that had put them in this situation. The others shouldn't be punished by her lack of foresight. While she told herself that worrying about things she had no control over was illogical, she couldn't help herself. Still, when the door finally opened and a dignified Romulan in traditional military dress strode in, Kivith thought she maintained her outer calmnes
  5. Can somebody open a new topic for me, please? I'd like to submit a crewmate's post, but I can't open it myself. Please title it as such: An Unlikely Coincidence Kivith - USS Discovery Thanks so much for anybody's help. Cheers!
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