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  1. Yes, all mods should -- it's a job of forum mods to help with stuff like that
  2. I'm getting into the habit of recapping the work our Community News team has done for the previous month, for the sake of showing everyone how awesome our team members are, and I figured that perhaps I should post here on the forums instead of just to our team email list! So for month of March, I want to recognize the following: First posts! Lt. Trellis Vondaryan submitted an article about the Awards Ceremony moving to June AND a Writer's Workshop; First post! Ens. Paul Scudder submitted an interview with Cmdr. Taybrim; First post! LtCmdr. Kalos Fiorr submitted a feature about a new Star Trek game; Cmdr. Blair submitted the monthly apps & grads article, and two Featured Bio Contest reminders; Cmdr. Taybrim submitted a feature on the Top Sims Contest, and two chat reminders; Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau, our interview queen, submitted an interview with Cmdr. Blair about his work on the Academy Training team; Capt. Faranfey submitted the monthly post totals; Capt. Rajel submitted the Graphics Contest reminder post; Cmdr. Cody submitted the Writing Challenge reminder; Capt. Renos submitted the Publicity Team article. Thanks to each and every one of you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated!
  3. New Top Sims facilitator: LtCmdr. Maxwell Traenor of the Darwin! Many thanks to him for volunteering for the position, and congratulations on this new leadership role. Just as a reminder to everyone, the facilitator doesn't actually vote in any way -- so your ship judges continue to do all the judging after sims are submitted
  4. Okay wait, I'm confused. Has a porn parody of "Batman V Superman" already been made? Where did this image below come from? Because all I could think when I saw it was "NOW KISS!"
  5. SO EXCITED! Just bought my Gold Seat tickets to the Star Trek convention in San Francisco celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Trek! Looking forward to coming home with my Shatner autograph!
  6. What I find super interesting about this is that HRC is /usually/ accused of being a captured entity of the DNC. Anyone remember when they endorsed Obama like a year before the election in 2011 and we all complained they hadn't even extracted any promises from him (AFAWK)?

    I understand their calculous here -- Kirk is a pro-marriage GOP senator. Duckworth is a challenger. I'm SURE the HRC made promises to Kirk that they would defend him against challengers if he came out in favor of marriage.

    So it's a weird situation for HRC to be in. Having an ambassador inside the GOP is more valuable to the HRC than having another pro-gay Dem in a party that may be in the minority in the Senate anyway come next year. And if they DID make promises to Kirk, and then they break them to support Duckworth, it makes it that much harder to get GOP legislators on board with future legislation.

    This is why we still need a radical LGBT digital organization; one that's smart and savvy and has enough of an email list to help Duckworth regardless. Because even if HRC has to bite the bullet and do their duty to Kirk, that doesn't mean the rest of the community has to. The rest of the community can make sure that Duckworth wins anyway. Too bad most LGBT people think the fight is over and have forgotten why organizing as a community is important.
  7. Remember this? Hank Hedland and I were brought to tears by it again last night.
  9. Bernie, grant me the serenity
    to tolerate pro-Hillary FB posts;
    the courage to keep scrolling;
    and the wisdom to know when to respond.
  10. I used to play A LOT, but then I sorta drifted away because I got busy but also because I felt like it was eating away at all my productive time. For a few years, I was playing every Christmas break pretty much non-stop, but I just found that it's too hard to re-learn everything if you've been away for a year. 50% or more of the abilities have changed every time I return, the mechanics are all different, and I just end up having to level up by myself. Very well developed! Welcome!
  11. Hank Hedland and I are having a serious dispute. Is this song serious or sarcastic?
  12. Polling closes at 11:59pm Eastern on Saturday, April 30. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership (that's you!) chooses which sim, from Set 1 of 2016 (Rounds 1-6), should proceed to the final round of the contest for a chance to be selected as the Top Sim of 2016! These sims below were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) from the sims submitted in Rounds 1-6 of the contest. TO START, please read these sims: Round 1: Alora DeVeau & Lobo, "Unlikely Fellows" Round 2: Renos & Traenor, "Point of View/Pain of View." Round 3: Didrik Stennes, "A different calling” Round 4: Akeelah D'Sena & Tabitha Gard, "Sleepover" Round 5: Merrick R'Ven, "Past Goodbyes" Round 6: Safine Tan, "The Room Where I Died" NEXT, using the poll above, vote for the sim you like the most. It should be the sim that's the best written, with strong characterization, and evocative or descriptive scene-setting. DON'T vote for a sim just because you serve on the same crew as the person who wrote it. Any crew that "stuffs the ballot" (by having everyone on the crew vote for the same sim to ensure that it wins this poll) will be eliminated from the contest and shamed by the rest of the community as terrible, terrible cheaters. That would be awful. Good luck to the nominees!
  13. When you've been binge-watching Game of Thrones all day and now your internal monologue has taken on the voice of Davos the Onion Knight.
  14. This show, otherwise known as "My Two Husbands."
  15. Am I terrible for thinking this is the funniest thing I have seen in like, months? I literally LOL'd so hard I cried.
  16. #whichhillary #backtotheissues
  17. "One’s support for Sanders should increase in direct proportion to one’s fear of Trump."
  18. This seems like a good use of campaign contributions.
  19. Winners for Set 1, 2015: Round 1: Alora DeVeau & Lobo, "Unlikely Fellows" Round 2: Renos & Traenor, "Point of View/Pain of View." Round 3: Didrik Stennes, "A different calling” Round 4: Akeelah D'Sena & Tabitha Gard, "Sleepover" Round 5: Merrick R'Ven, "Past Goodbyes" Round 6: Safine Tan, "The Room Where I Died" Winners for Set 2, 2015: Coming in May, 2016 Winners for Set 3, 2015: Coming in September, 2016 Winners for Set 4, 2015: Coming in December, 2016
  20. HOW VOTING WORKS There are two types of voting in this contest: member voting and judges voting. After each round of submissions, all the sims from that round are voted-on by a panel of judges. The winning sim from each round of judges voting then proceeds to a run-off round. Run-off rounds are open to all members for voting. The winning sim from each run-off round proceeds to the final round. The final round is open to all members for voting. For a sim to win the final round, at least 20% of the voters for that sim must be from a ship other than the ship it originated from. HOW THE JUDGES PANEL WORKS The judges panel is comprised of one member from each ship. Judges are free to resign from the panel at any time or be switched-out but are expected to judge for a full "Set" (see the Contest Calendar). At the end of each Set, Captains will be encouraged to review their ship's judge. A judge's "term" lasts for three sets, after which they must be switched with a new judge from the crew. After a judge's term is over, and a new judge has been selected and served for at least one term, the previous judge is again eligible to begin a new term. Judges can be of any rank, as long as they are able to demonstrate a basic grasp of good simming skills. Each ship's Captain appoints the judge from their ship, but they are free to use whatever method they deem appropriate to select that judge. They can select themselves as the judge. Judges use a ranked voting method called Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). For more information about IRV, see the Wikipedia page. When voting, judges are not permitted to vote in the top slot the sim from their crew. This ensures that judges are not favoring their own crew's sims. They can still choose their ship's sim in the second slot or lower.
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