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  1. That was... strangly hypnotic. I had to look away a couple of times because it was crossing my eyes.
  2. Oooo... that might tie in nicely with my entry a couple times ago.
  3. All of them were good. We, as judges, had lots of good things to say about all of them. Yes, that includes yours too, Sable.
  4. Yours was also quite good, Mr. Bareil. Jenn
  5. I don't have any right now, but I will soon.
  6. Do you want us to consider what you have there?
  7. No, they aren't suggesting that. Its only the last episode that played out on the holodeck. The rest is all real (well, as real as sci-fi gets). Don't even give anyone that idea, PLEASE! And I loved ENT as a whole... just loathed this last episode. By far this was the worst ending for all of the serieses and I think the worst episode in this specific spin-off of Trek. It had no business being in the ENT canon. If they had left Troi and Riker out, it would've been a good ending, but they were completely unnessesary and gratuitous... as much as I love them and their characters, they had no place in the last episode and being there they ruined it. It would been like putting Kirk and Spock at the end of TNG and saying, as they stepped back through the gate of the Guardian of Forever, "Well, that was an interesting trip."
  8. Ok, I split this discussion because I think season 4 and the last episode are two totally different arenas. I have a number of serious complaints. First, whoever decided to put a TNG episode at the end of ENT? My GOD! This is a slap in the face of the ENT cast. They are basically being told that their series is so bad that they need to be propped up by members of a different cast to be worth it. Not only did they pull in Riker and Troi, but in the *last* episode? This is supposed to be Archer et-al's swansong. It ends up being a subset of a TNG episode. I am EXTREMELY disgusted and VERY disappointed in this episode in a way that I have never been before. Each of the previous 3 last episodes had a way for the cast to sum it up and have one last adventure. This last adventure ends up being a jaunt to save a little girl on a holodeck. Picard gets the last words in TNG, joining the poker game. Janeway talks about getting home, Quark talks about this not being the end. What the heck does ENT get? Riker (RIKER?!?!?) saying "End program." ARRRGHHHGHGHGH Enterprise, as much as you may dislike it, didn't deserve this bad a last episode.
  9. Or just a difference in the writers too. It seems that stuff is more nuanced in the later serieseses than in the older ones. We have to remember that they're not going to stick a guy in a rubber suit in the 21st century and say he's a Gorn. Just an increase in CGI tech accounts for that.
  10. I don't think the whole thing will have been a holodeck simulation... just the action in th elast episode. I think they'd be idiots to do it any other way. Jenn
  11. With Enterprise wrapping up and finishing with the fledling Federation's creation, I think its time to bump the discussion of a "Romulan Wars" movie. Anyone got opinions?
  12. Tis going to be interesting at the least.
  13. Are you talking about part II of "In a Mirror, Darkly"? They both were killed...
  14. They knew this season was going to be the last, so they've made a lot of multiple episode plot-arcs that all have TBC at the end. If this had been what their first season had been like, they'd have done awesome. Its quite a shame. We're winding down the season over here with a jaunt into the mirror universe. We'll see the TOS Defiant in action tonight!
  15. Please remember that there is a word-count limit, detailed in the posting of the challenge. We judges are human, after all.
  16. Ok, I like Fanta as much as the next girl, but as an aid for writing? That's new on me. Rocket: If you'd like, I will run it through a US-English spellcheck for you once the whole thing is posted.
  17. Just as an FYI Rocket, its better (and easier to read) if you put the story into one big post rather than breaking it up into several smaller ones. Jenn
  18. As to Admiral Hollis' remark about the Federation beating the Dominion, I think its a little understated... the Dominion was beating the tar out of the Federation AND the Klingon Empire until the Romulans got in on it and even then, I don't think that they could have pushed any further than they did (like mounting an invasion of the Gamma Quadrant). The only thing that allowed them to win was the fact that the Prophets 'deleted' that massive Dominion fleet as it was coming through the wormhole. However, I do agree that the Borg would eventually win against the Dominion. It might take a little bit, but they'd take 'em down. The only real threat that the Borg have ever faced was Species 8472. Jenn
  19. Because she added the banner that was supposed to go on the ship site, not the one for her signature. Grats to Alana and Isawara. I'm fairly sure that ya'lls posts were better than mine, so I'm not sure how this came to me. Jenn
  20. http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/9996.html Don't click on that link unless you want to have the final episode surprise ruined. In fact... don't read any more of this psot unless you want it ruined... Really... I mean it... don't go any further... Ok, Troi and Riker in their Next-Gen characters? A holodeck?? I hope like heck they aren't planning to say 'this was all just a holodeck fantasy, please ignore in canon.' I think it doubtful, but I do see the last episode maybe being something like Troi: "Wow Will, I didn't know Captain Archer had so many cool adventures..." Riker: "Yes, Mrs. Riker, he did..." What do you think? Jenn
  21. Dunno... but we're getting offtopic.
  22. I wouldn't be surprised, considering the fact that it has been put out that the next ST Movie wil be covering the Romulan War.
  23. Please move discussion of the 3mil over to the cancelled thread. This is for discussion of the season 4 stuff. Jenn, friendly neighborhood mod.
  24. There's a major twist in the Save Enterprise campaign.
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