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  1. Yea what he said. But honestly T'Lara your dead right. I just want trek 2 go on but not back! It's not needed. You can build on the already great trek story. Not add in the missing bits.
  2. I was always told if you can't say anything good dont say it so i wont. Ok well maybe a little, star trek is great but what it's missing is new ships, and new future history not going back in time as Denix pointed out whats with all this going back. It's not needed and should not and will not be done if i could do something about. I am really disappointed with star trek now. This is a poor poor show of work on Parmounts part. When/if this is released, this will only alienate the all ready vast trekies. I am sorry but this film with the current idea should not be produced.
  3. I was thinking about something, and the only thing they haven´t done is mirror universe series/movie, i mean a move of the fall of the terran empire at the battle of wolf 359 as it was writen in the book my william Shatner (sp). But one thing they must not do is a ENT movie, either my idea of goon with the nem plot but NOT an ENT movie.
  4. I read it with out thinking, i though Mr. Solan wrote it i was about to e-mail him to say well done, but since it was yours Mr. Ventu well done, well done indeed, i had a real good laugh i loved it.
  5. Well you knew what i ment, i mean terran Empire
  6. Sorry not to clear am i, it is 01:46 here. The part where the mirror universe was destory at the battle of wolf 359 and the rest in spectuation by me. This text in locate in a book writen by William Shatner.
  7. Okay here is my theory any way. Ok first of all we have to take one pecie of non-canon text, and use it as canon for at least part of it. Now according to that the terran empire loss at a battle of wolf 359. Much like an alternate federation did as seen in parrells. Now lets also asume that picard is the main factor. This means that in the mirror universe he betrays the terran empire to the Klingons. If this is so the enterprise is most likely destory. But as we saw in Best of both worlds picard helps the enterpise destory the borg. This would also be so with the Klingons would it not?
  8. This will be my first time entering "if" i enter at all, but i was woundering i know the meaning of canon, but acording to tng "parrels" every possiblity that can happen does happen. So if this is so, could i set a story in a mirror universe where the terran empire wasn't destoryed but lived on? I wouldn't go into much into why and how this happened i would just like my story to be set there. If that's not possible i have a couple of hundred ideas bonuceing around as well.
  9. That is well a worryed interesting. But still very very funny. What i always wanted to know is did picard dress up like cursher and well dance in a bikini. And did data bounce his head around? I think i would have if i was data.
  10. They say one man/women can make a difference and normally I would agree but today I don’t think myself would be enough to make a difference. So after the end of enterprise and the continuing effort of the fans to keep it going I think we should try to convince paramount to do a new season(s). Ok here is my idea I would like to share with you, what if we could convince paramount to do Post voyager star trek, 7 season for each ship new crew and new ships either new or ones we have seen before or haven't seen much of. And the more people we can rally the more likely they will listen. I mean looking back how much money has Paramount made over the years with just a season of star trek. So why not tell all you friends part of this group or not or another for that matter if we bring the trekker community together we can encourage the younger people. Because the main reason why young people are not interested in star trek anymore is because it's just looks cheap and tacky, (not my point of view) so if they do a new post voyager it should bring them in so what do you all think is it a good or bad idea?
  11. After seeing it i want to open it up again, i have taken every ones post before this into accoumt. And since i've got it recorded on my computer any screen shots you want i'll post. 1. The ships that where in the battle Prometheus class Dauntless Class Nova class (most likely the future refit since it was so strong.) And you can only just see this but i think it's point I think you can see a Klingon Vocha class. 2. When Daniels speaks about the federation he only metions Klingon Human Vulcan Andorrans And Ithernights (sp) 3. The Enterprise-J seems only to be watching it's does shake but not as if it's been hit, if you are to be really up tite it shakes a few times also you also notice the explosion of a sphere builder vessel being the result or 2, and the others do not seem to be as if they are being hit. Also an other factor in the window at any time does the ship seem to be moving would it not be moving if it was fighting. 4. There is only one phaser blast that could be from J seen in the sequence, because the shot seems to come from the hull but it is a tad off shot so you could guess it was, but it seems more likely to be from a ship fire downwards rather then from the phaser aray. Also one of the sphere builds fires on maybe the entprise-j now would it not shake and would you not hear a muffed hit from where they were. But you get none of these so i believe it was firing at the ship that i later believed destoryed it. My Conclusion I believe that the J is watching the events showing the battle to archer because after about so little years to you honestly believe that you would have got to j to e that quickly and also would the layout and decor of a ship change so much? So it is my Belief that the J is from the 29+ centary onwards. Ok well i hope i have cleaned somethings up and messed a few around.
  12. TNG season 6 And 7, DS9 season 7 and "In a mirror darkly" part 1 and 2. and just forgot, Nem i have that too.
  13. Any way going back to the riker and troi final episode. Well i've notice that one there is no final preview know wher you can find one? Second if you look at the few pictues, in one riker and troi are wearing, TNG not First contact uniforms meaning that they wont be married, so as posted along time back by Idrill, i think it will all end up to be a holodeck simulation. All i have to say is, then when i see i will have to burn my eyes out with a hot pokers unless they find away around it. But "In mirror a darkly was good", wasn't it?
  14. I guess but you got to remember this is the mirror universe so somethings are different this could account for this differance in behaivour.
  15. Well after seeing in a mirror darkly i want to know the gorn from Tos or ent do you think is better and in all fair next lets say for there time/generation. Let the Newbies vs the Oldies begin.
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