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    "I haven't seen Aadan arrive yet." said Molly, a fresh faced Starfleet graduate. "And who is Aadan? Another crush of yours?" asked Luke, rolling his eyes as he carried his bags down the ramp off of the transport vessel. "So what if he is? You had your opportunity." Molly said, a hint of hurt and frustration in her false polite tone. "Ah, there he is now. They say he can read your mind before you even had a thought.” Aadan made his way down the platform carrying one steel container which held his belongings. He had short brown hair and the common black irises of a Betazoid. He blushed slightly as he felt the thoughts of Molly but quickly regained his composure. “We finally made it. We are about to set out on the journey of a lifetime.” He said with a smile, and then furrowed his brow when he felt the jealousy coming from Luke. Sometimes it was difficult being around humans, feeling their thoughts and seeing past the false words that many so commonly spoke. But Aadan knew he was going to have to get used to hearing their thoughts and he also knew that he couldn’t be as open and honest with them at all times as he would have with other Betazoids back home. Humans tended to not take unfiltered honesty like Betazoids did, but sometimes Aadan’s honesty just slipped out. “I have no plans of being in a relationship, my full attention will be on being a great Starfleet officer.” He said, like that was a normal part of the conversation. The other graduates looked at him confused, as if what he had said came out of nowhere, but he could feel the disappointment from Molly and the relief from Luke. “It is almost time, we should head toward the holodeck.” Aadan said with a soft smile, trying to make up for his awkward social fo paux.
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    Well you both stumbled on to one of the greatest groups I’ve ever written with. Everyone will help you in whatever way they can and you will enjoy your time here. @FltAdml. Wolf and the Staff have put their hearts into this group and everyone works as a team whether it be Training, Ship, or Fleetwide. All I can say is strap yourselves in and get ready to travel at warp speed! The warmest of welcomes!
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    Damn that radio interference. Laughed far too hard at this.
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    Hello again! This is the perfect place for you to explore all three of those goals. You're gonna love it! There's a handful of other vets around here as well as plenty of great people from all over the world. It really is a stellar community you've stumbled into. Enjoy!
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    Hey! You've found a great place to sim 😊 The Academy is really fun (I still remember mine with @Jo Marshall and @Addison MacKenzie - it was great!) Hope your enjoying it so far!
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    Resounding congratulations to Brian, the writer behind Geoffrey Teller, for smashing the Writing Challenge 2020 with a superb win! Not only the first entry the challenge received but also a beautifully written story “Lullaby” of an officer facing a difficult situation and a heartwarming encounter to leave a tear in the eye. This is the first Writing Challenge done since 2014, so this is a special congratulations extended to him! Matt, the writer behind Addison MacKenzie, had this to say about the piece: “I’ve served with Teller in various capacities for my entire length of service – as colleagues on the Veritas, as acting first officer on the Diligent, and now as senior officers on the Thor. In that time, I’ve gotten to know the Teller character quite intimately as well as his background – the presumed loss of his parents was initially a small detail to Brian, but it played a major role in one of our missions together on the Veritas when it was actually discovered that his father had survived. Getting to watch Teller work through that realization and then explain it to his sister Sarah (whom I wrote for) made for quite remarkable characterization. Now, in this piece of short writing, its interesting to see how Teller transformed into a wide-eyed, innocent projection of his childhood-self as he interacts with his mother. This piece was a compelling demonstration of the Teller’s humanity as we watch him confront [what he thinks is] his mother, their interactions and attempted reconciliation.” Our runner-up is Quinten, writer for Pholin Duyzer, recently returned to our community following a brief absence and scoops up this badge for his story “Time to Move On”, which sees the Denobulan officer return to his family home and battle through rough waters. A most excellent story and a compelling narrative glimpse into Pholin’s life at home and how his career has faired in between the time away. Well done, Quinten! All entries into the challenge were excellent, and each one deserves a slice of the praise! Thank you for submitting your entries, letting us into the worlds of your characters brought into the spotlight, and for giving us a glimpse of what goes on behind the characters we see. For the winner, runner-up and judges, they are in receipt of one of the following badges! Considering the wild success of this challenge, we plan to continue the tradition in yearly challenges. We look forward to more amazing entries next spring!
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    As the shuttle stopped before the destination, Hayley stepped off the transport. A bustle of activity became apparent soon as she entered through the airlock. Several communications went off on several com-badges. Though, none were for her. Starbase 118 at the moment stood as a huge place for her. It made her feel tiny even if she wasn't by any standards small. She trained hard for this. The workouts she endured made her into the woman she wanted to be. Growing up off the beaches of the Scottish isles, Hayley enjoyed exploring and surfing. It molded her into a strong, athletic body. However, she kept her fiery personality. Standing only five feet seven inches, the twenty something young girl stared at the crowd forming. Being bit of an introvert, Hayley shied away from the large group and followed a small line toward a window. Being the introvert had kept her cautious. She wasn't sure who she was supposed to meet or introduce herself. All she knew was she finished her classes and her next step was just a few doors away. Taking a moment to breathe, Hayley exhaled. If her father were here to see her, he'd be proud. Somewhere beyond the stars was a ship of her own choosing. For the moment, she'd take a smaller one for now. All the training she took at the academy had brought her up to this point. All her engineering skills checked. Her ability to learn fast in ship's operations kept her smart. Her agility and endurance by the academy kept her stabilized. All that was left to her was her first training in the real thing to begin her position in HCO which was a combination of Helm, Communications and Operations. All she had to do was wait for her instructor, whoever that would be.
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    Also, just to make sure it's not missed in all this: Big ups to @Jo Marshall who helped push all the content creation forward to get the challenge over the starting line!
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