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  1. I have to go with the sovereign class Starship. I just love the design and the power that is packed into this Starship.
  2. This is amazing news. I suppose I am going to have to invest in CBS All Access after all.
  3. "I haven't seen Aadan arrive yet." said Molly, a fresh faced Starfleet graduate. "And who is Aadan? Another crush of yours?" asked Luke, rolling his eyes as he carried his bags down the ramp off of the transport vessel. "So what if he is? You had your opportunity." Molly said, a hint of hurt and frustration in her false polite tone. "Ah, there he is now. They say he can read your mind before you even had a thought.” Aadan made his way down the platform carrying one steel container which held his belongings. He had short brown hair and the common black irises of a Betazoid. He blushed slightly as he felt the thoughts of Molly but quickly regained his composure. “We finally made it. We are about to set out on the journey of a lifetime.” He said with a smile, and then furrowed his brow when he felt the jealousy coming from Luke. Sometimes it was difficult being around humans, feeling their thoughts and seeing past the false words that many so commonly spoke. But Aadan knew he was going to have to get used to hearing their thoughts and he also knew that he couldn’t be as open and honest with them at all times as he would have with other Betazoids back home. Humans tended to not take unfiltered honesty like Betazoids did, but sometimes Aadan’s honesty just slipped out. “I have no plans of being in a relationship, my full attention will be on being a great Starfleet officer.” He said, like that was a normal part of the conversation. The other graduates looked at him confused, as if what he had said came out of nowhere, but he could feel the disappointment from Molly and the relief from Luke. “It is almost time, we should head toward the holodeck.” Aadan said with a soft smile, trying to make up for his awkward social fo paux.
  4. Greetings! My application was approved this morning and I start training on Monday. I found your group by searching google for Star Trek Simms. I was very interested when I seen your group is an active PBEM group and so very organized. I used to be a member of a Star Trek PBEM group known as the FSF or SB254 several years ago. It seems this group was dissolved years ago after I stopped playing in it. I have also dabbled on different roleplays over the years but there is just something about Star Trek that pulls me in. I love writing and bringing characters to life. It is one of my passions, that along with the great outdoors and nature. I live in the Eastern United Stated and I work in the medical and technology fields. My hope by joining this group is to make new friends and have a great time.
  5. Hi all. I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I have been simming off and on for probably 20 years. I wanted to get back into simming when I found your group. I love writing, star trek, exploring, the outdoors, and nature. I look forward to getting to know you all better.
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