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    Sami for President!!! That's very unlikely to happen, or maybe when she's the last person on a deserted planet and she lost her mind completely. 😂
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    That is hard to believe...but you can't beat Defiant Class nose art....where would you put it on a Nova Class?
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    She wouldn't. I mean, she's an introvert and talking in front of people scares her. So....yeah. Her own comfort zone is hiding in a corner somewhere. Tinkering. With something...
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    Far from the first thing on her mind, that is mostly save lifes but...
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    Yeah. energy weapons tend to have that side effect! LOL! At least it's better than other settings...
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    From Commander Marshall post. Never thought about that! I might use the idea in the future.
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    @Jo Marshall's pirate Ollie Zuccaro to the pirate king Henley Marths: 😆
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