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    This exchange from a current Academy class made me laugh, so I wanted to share it.
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    @Quinn Reynolds - Brunsig: That goes both ways. How about you tear your eyeballs off her [...] and earn your keep? - I have an unholy love for this man. @Trellis Vondaryan & @Tasha MacFarlane - He lurks in the dark, he sniffs wine (we think it's wine), and has more shade than Rembrandts "The Stoning of St. Stephen." I call vampire.
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    @Sera zh' Aella - :: She screamed at the top of her lungs while gesturing to the evil black and brown stripped creature residing on her bed. Whatever happened, that bed would need to be dropped into the nearest black hole. :: - If Sera had here way, she'd have had the Gorkon torpedo the camp from orbit. Spider would survive. @Ayiana - ::It was pretty easy to figure out why people started calling Ayiana β€œRed.”:: - Anger issues, I suspect... Who said that?! @Trellis Vondaryan - ::It was a nice backside. Whoever said Starfleet uniforms weren't flattering hadn't been privy to this one.:: - He has to look the Admiral in the face after this. Holy hell, that's going to be funny. Machiavellian Trellis is a riot.
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    Glad to be of service. πŸ˜‰
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    That exchange was rather cute. You're welcome.
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    Well, earlier this week a crazy idea popped in my head: hey, why don't you start simming again? So a google-search brought me to this place. Learned simming years ago in another fleet which means it will take some adjustment to the way simming is done here, as it's a bit different. Anyway it's been three years since the last sim I was on, closed its doors due to several circumstances. And now I'll see where the stars will bring me and my character. :-P
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