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Lt JG DyAmone & LtCmdr James - Friends We Miss


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((DyAmone Family Quarters ~ USS Atlantis))

::Wanda returned to her quarters to get some rest before the reception. Talking to Kirosa reminded her of friends she made and lost since she joined Starfleet and deciding to seek them she first contacted one she haven’t seen the longest, James. She opened the com to USS Darwin, in her opinion truly strange looking vessel, but pretty in it’s strangeness. Atlantis’ position inside the corridor made the opening of the communication harder, but once the buoys made the path, the connection will be instantaneous and probably none of them will notice any problems. Hmm, it was James, engineer… he will notice.::

((Main Engineering, Deck 9, USS Darwin-A))

:: As always, there was plenty to be getting on with in Main Engineering. That said, James was pleasantly surprised at how little of that was repair work - the last mission had been surprisingly light on ship damage all things considered and James was confident that the repair teams would soon deal with what little was left. So that meant that James was able to indulge himself in what was becoming his favorite tasks - benchmarking. The latest mission had given them lots of data for him to use in familiarising himself with the Darwin… He looked down at the con in his favorite alcove glancing the Engineering log, each one giving him a new insight… ::

James: oO Hmm… it seems like the Bridge power grid was better behaved this time… Still, there *was* no firefight near it to mess with it… Oo

:: James lifted his hand, about to switch to another set of logs when a notification popped up in the left corner informing him of a incoming subspace call. He wasn’t expecting anything but… He had time to disappear into his office for a while. ::

((James’ Office, Deck 9, USS Darwin-A/DyAmone Family Quarters ~ USS Atlantis))

:: James walked through the door and took his seat behind the desk and more importantly the desktop viewer on top of it. There where a few PADDS in front of it but he pushed those to the side taking a moment to look at the details of the call. It was coming from the Par'tha Expanse, where the USS Atlantis was stationed, so it was likely to be either Wanda or Commander Blueheart contacting him… He leaned forward and answered the call. ::

DyAmone: Hello James. ::Hiding a trembling in her voice was possible though hard from a Vulcan/Terran, but even if she could hide it red eyes was impossible to hide. Otherwise, she was probably glowing.:: How are you?

:: James couldn’t help but smile a little at the sight of his friend. She was looking well, much better than when they had last met on the CC on SB118 during the elemental crisis that hit the station. It wavered for a second thought when he took in her reddened eyes. ::

James: Wanda, it is most agreeable to see you again. How are things?

DyAmone: Me, I’m fine. I just… well miss you. ::She giggled.:: I’m CMO. ::She couldn’t keep her face from spreading into wide smile.:: I was surprised, since I’m just a JayGee… and look at you, Lieutenant Commander. I’m so happy for you.

:: Certainly a most deserved appointment! When James first met her, she was ACMO and did a great job at that - he knew that she would make a great CMO. He just hoped that the Atlantis crew would remember to stay current with their medicals. As much for their sake as hers. ::

James: Congratulations, I see that there will now be little worry over the state of the Atlantis crews health.

DyAmone: I’ll make sure they don’t run… too far away from sickbay. ::She giggled.:: Your old Discovery crew is bad in that manner, you should warn me to get prepared.

:: James’ eyes glazed over for a second, or so, from the influx of memories. That they certainly were. ::

James: So how is Commander Blueheart as a Captain. He was an excellent First Officer, and I do believe that the skills are transferable.

DyAmone: I met Blueheart. ::Wanda drifted to the morning meeting with Raj.:: He’s gentleman.. ha. ::She gasped and furrowed her brow seeking the words to explain her thoughts or rather emotions in this matter.:: He has resolve, so no matter the gentle nature I believe in him. ::Closing her eyes in a smile.:: He will be good Captain.

:: James nodded. He had hoped as much. From Wanda’s description of him, James could tell that he was the same man he had met almost two years ago on the bridge of the Discovery. Two years, was it really that long? Well, 1 year and 9 months to be more precise but still far longer than it felt like. ::

James: I’m... glad to hear it, ::James paused for a second:: If you get the chance, would you mind telling him that I am still willing to continue our lessons, if he is. DS-6 has excellent holo facilities.

DyAmone: Your lessons? ::There was no need to delve into asking more than that, since her voice said it all.::

James: A little while back, then Lt. Commander, Blueheart came to me asking for lessons on Vulcan meditation to help him sleep. They were most enjoyable and we always said we would have to do another.

DyAmone: That... is…interesting. Fascinating when at that. ::Wanda was almost expected to find out Raj mastered the technique in the meantime, he was kinda cool.:: Tell me more about Blueheart, mind that I did read his records, tell me things like this that are not in them.

:: Hmm… Now that was an interesting question, particularly considering he hadn’t read the mans records… ::

James: Hmm… He can be somewhat… playful, when the mood takes him. I would watch out and expect it.

DyAmone: So, you ended your first mission, how is it behaving. I saw the Darwin, interesting concept, ship is even pretty in it’s… ::Wanda blushed giggling.:: Strangeness. Sorry, but you must admit it looks unusual.

:: That it was, James liked it though. Every facet of its design was aimed at getting the most out of it, suiting it to its mission type perfectly. Of course, James also had to admit that it was not uncommon for a ships CE to see it rather rose tinted light… ::

James: We just finished our second actually, but the Darwin is behaving admirably. There are a few teething problems but… Starfleet has to give us Engineers *something* to do.

DyAmone: Did you use that… ball thing? ::Wanda bowed her head chuckling.::

James: Indeed, the sphere section has already come in use during both of our missions. There are some rather inventive uses for it, in our latest mission we even used it to store an Antares class freighter while we searched it’s hold.

DyAmone: Wow. You know, your ship may be quite an asset in exploration and examination of Jenatris cloud. Though from what we know even you may be in danger. ::She rose her eyebrows.:: Maybe it would be interesting to share readings with you, or you may join us for the mission or two?

James: That could, indeed, be enjoyable and productive. Unfortunately the decision to do that is in neither of our hands, but it is worth considering.

:: James paused again, enjoying the comfortable silence. He was still somewhat concerned by the dilation of the blood vessels in her eyes, which was usually indicative of crying. James made few friends and those that he did manage to make he prefered to see happy or at least in an emotional state pleasing to them. James knew Wanda and knew that not just anything made her upset. The only things he had seen make her like that was when she thought she was going to be arrested for temporal crimes and when her Mother was in a coma. ::

James: Wanda… If you don’t mind me asking, are you alright… I noticed a dilation of your retinal artery and…

DyAmone: This launch… it was not easy, we had some teething problems and … I never had a real chance to mourn Dantin. I wanted to go and visit Vera, but once my father decided to leave SB118 it was now or never and… ::She sobbed tears falling down her cheeks.:: How did it happen, James?

:: Ah. Doctor Vex. In truth memories of him and… it, had been quite pervasive during this mission, even if he did suppress them. It was being on a freighter again, he guessed. ::

James: There was a… weapon aboard a small ship. He transported over and overloaded the ships fusion coil and… Did no one ever tell you about it?

:: James knew that the bulk of the crews concern fell on Vera Anderson-Vex, his wife… But he was surprised that no one had told her… ::

DyAmone: All I know it was heroic death, he sacrificed to saved lives… he was a Doctor, something expected from him, but no… not really! Why? ::She gasped.:: Why Dantin?

:: James leaned back in his seat, trying to think of something, anything to say. James differed greatly from the Vulcan norm, but still held on to a significant portion of the Vulcan belief system concerning Death. He was also aware that it was not the most comforting of systems. ::

James: He believed it to be right. For him, the only course of action was to do as he did.

DyAmone: I feel guilty. Because I think if I was there it would not happen, he would be with Vera and kids. ::She listened to the explanation still crying, but it was obvious all she needed to can say goodbye to a mentor and a friend was a closure, an explanation.::

:: Sentiments that James could agree with. Dr. Vex’s Death at that point was not, in James’ opinion, logical. There were other ways, but James was not about to criticise him for it. He did what he thought was best, and really that was all that mattered in that situation. Besides, James had always taken the stance that the best way to live was to not regret anything, to always see a situation from its positive points. ::

James: His last words to us where, “The lives of many outweight the few”. He died trying to preserve his Wife and their Children… and ultimately he did. I can see no other way of this situation ending, not with Dr. Vex. Not if his family was at risk.

DyAmone: Thank you. That mission of yours was covered in a web of lies and cover up’s and it was impossible to find out what really happened. ::She smiled.:: He was so good to me. You know he wanted to change department so I can be Chief. ::Shaking her head.:: I know Pandora would not do that for you, but I still think we were both blessed with fantastic mentors in our Chiefs above us when we were starting.

:: James nodded. He remembered him trying to change departments and the resulting ‘raised discussion’ it caused between the two. This actually made him smile as he remembered how awkward it was for Captain Rogers and himself while they were at it. Wanda was right though, they had truly been, as she put it ‘blessed’ with their chiefs. ::

James: Indeed we where, I learned a lot of how to run a department of Lt. Pandora. Although I’ll agree that she would not have changed departments, nor would I have wanted her too. She, like Dr. Vex, was best where they were.

:: Another silence hung for a second. James was beginning to think that most of his conversations where really just bursts of talk followed by pauses. Wanda watched his smiling. Just smiling in silence, it was always good to have somebody you can do that with, enjoy a moments of silence.::

DyAmone: oOHe grew up.Oo

DyAmone: Oh camon, you know you miss her. ::Wanda burst in laughter.:: I miss Pandora with her dry humor and poking of Rogers. There was something between them, something deeper than just friendship, otherwise even she would not have freedom to do that. I think he loved her.

:: Now here was something gossip related that he finally knew that Wanda didn’t! He did have to admit that he did miss her though, and for mostly the same reasons. He missed most of the Drake crew and the Discovery crew, that he had met, if he where to be honest. That didn’t stop him from enjoying the present and his current crew though. ::

James: Actually, they had apparently gone on a few dates before he became the Captain. I’m not sure why it stopped, but apparently that is where the majority of her ammunition in teasing him came from… So, do you have any news of any other Drake alumni. I’m quite curious who else you’ve spoken too.

DyAmone: Except you, you mean? ::Wanda winked.:: Hey, whom do you call when you are sad, but the person you miss the most? There was not even a moment of wondering whom I’m gonna call. So who would it be if I didn’t reach you? ::Wanda leaned her head furrowing her brow.:: Sinda, I’d call Sinda Essen next.

:: Ah yes, Lt. Sinda. James Tac Officer friend, Ezri Otner, had always spoken highly of her. James’ only real memories of her where her having him arrested thinking he had hijacked a shuttle (because of how bad his flying was) and seeing her consumed with flame during his last mission… and coming back from it. ::

James: It is most gratifying to know that I am your first choice for contact… Wanda, if you ever need or want to talk… One of the benefits of being CE is that I can usually choose my own jobs. Hence, I should be able to have a free moment whenever.

DyAmone: Lucky you, only benefit of being CMO is you are on duty 24/7. ::She laughed happily.:: It was great talking to you. I will call you… ::She didn’t really know when it will be possible so she couldn’t say when, but she was sure she will.:: I will… I have reception in 6 hours I must attend and since we misplaced our CEO at the launch I had sleepless night, so have to catch some sleep.

James: Belive me, the CE is on duty 24/7 as well… May I ask how exactly you lost your CE? ::James thought back to the Haliian Engineer.::

DyAmone: I’ll tell you about that next time we will have a chance to talk.It would take too long. ::She was giggling all the way through saying it.::

:: James raised his eyebrow, looking forward to hearing *that* explanation. ::

James: Well then, it was nice seeing you again Wanda but I also have things to be getting on with… I will talk to you later.

DyAmone: Be careful, James.

:: James smiled, somewhat unwilling to hang up. ::

James: You too… Wanda, you too.

DyAmone: I will. ::She kissed her fingers and stick the kiss to his cheek, then closed the comm. with a wink.::


Lt. Commander James
Chief Engineer
USS Darwin-A


LtJG Wanda DyAmone
Chief Medical Officer

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