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Cmdr Rode Mitchell - Making Peace With The Dead And Gone


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(Flyer class shuttle “Stinger”)

::Since he was traveling alone, Mitchell had a plotted a different course from any other ship making the journey. Instead of a least time course, instead he had set out in the general direction of the tunnel to DS-26. Which just happened to take him in the direction of Sol. But Earth was not his intended destination. Instead, midway through the journey he adjusted course for a much more historical destination. Since just off the computed course lay Wolf 359, site of the original battle to stop the Borg. ::

oO I’ve never been to see it, so why not now? Oo

::As he neared the system, the computer picked up the automated warning beacons that marked the battle site as a historical area, and was not be entered. He dropped the Stinger from warp and entered the system on impulse. As he approached the beacons, he slowed to thrusters then stopped, floating in space just outside the designated battle zone.::

oO There’s still debris out there, even now. Oo

::He sat in silence, staring out the front “windscreen”. This place marked one of the worst disasters in Starfleet’s history. One of their own had been turned against them, and ten thousand plus had paid the price to try and stop it.::

oO Did Hebron get forced to turn against us like Picard did? Was there someone out there pulling the strings like a puppet like that Borg Queen did then? Oo

:: He let his thoughts roam over all that had happened. As he did, he found himself thinking of Captain Sisko from DS9. His first ship, the Saratoga, had died out there in this system. Yet Sisko had found a way to go on. Becoming the CO of DS9 and doing all that he had done with that station, and the Defiant, all that fighting in the Dominion War. ::

oO Somehow he found a way to go on with his career. He didn’t just take his son and disappear into history. He grieved but then went on to make history. Oo

::Now Mitchell had to find a way to go on. To find a new path aboard a new ship, with a new crew.::

oO Its not going to be easy. Oo

::Both of the two men he called his best friends were now gone. Vannini was back in Sol, raising his kids and working on ships at Utopia Plantia. Now Tyr was gone back to Ba’ku, probably never to leave again. Another friend and mentor, Steve McCall was who knows where in the universe. The last time he had heard from him, he was helping to Rei to raise their daughter, having given up the sneaky world of Intelligence. He had never been close to anyone else in the crew, except for competing with Eskyys from time to time. Also, in the entire time he had served aboard the Discovery B and C, he couldn’t remember ever making anything more than useless chit chat with Raj outside of the needs of a mission or the requirements of duty::

oO Except for that one time. But not supposed to talk or even think about that anymore. Pulling a phaser on the XO wasn’t exactly smart. But least the judge let me use the same rational they let Will Riker that time. Oo

::Plus now with the Discovery gone, he had lost the home had had known the longest. So he had to settle into a new ship, with a new crew and a new routine, under a new Captain.::

oO Not going to be easy to not compare how Blueheart does everything against what Tyr would have done. But I have to give him the chance. They have completely different styles. Tyr was always the bird of prey, circling, looking for action, a time to pounce, while Raj seems to be more passive, much more inclined to talk through things. Oo

::The Intrepid class was a hot design when it came out, but it was a still a light cruiser design, more set up for science and scouting missions than heavy combat. It just seemed weird to be serving on such a ship after so long on ships set up for more militaristic duties such as the Akira, or the Sovereign.::

oO Now the Bellerophon did a pretty decent job as Admiral Ross’ flagship during the war, so an Intrepid can hold her own. Just not quite armed enough for my tastes. Oo

::His thoughts were interrupted by the computer detecting a sensor contact approaching.::

oO Who else would be out here? Oo

::He turned his attention to check the contact, and it’s codes revealed it to be a Starfleet Sabre class light cruiser/destroyer named the USS Kverkjoll. And it was closing on him fairly fast.::

oO Wonder what they want? Oo

KVERKFJOLL: =/\= This is the USS Kverkfjoll to unidentified shuttle near Wolf 359. This area is off limits. Identify yourself. =/\=

oO Their definitely looking at me. Must be a security patrol or something…Oo

MITCHELL: ::Activating the com:: =/\= Shuttlecraft Stinger to Kverkfjoll. Commander Rode Mitchell. I’m just here to pay my respects. =/\=

KVERKFJOLL: =/\= Stinger, remain in position. We are enroute for verification. =/\=

::He waited for the Sabre class ship to arrive and drop out of warp.::

oO Must have been nearby. That couldn’t have been more than warp 2 they dropped in from. Oo

KVERKFJOLL: =/\= Stinger, this area is off limits. Its classified as a memorial site. No one trespassing allowed. =/\=

MITCHELL: =/\= Roger Kverkfjoll. Understood. I wasn’t planning on going inside the designated zone. I just wanted to come pay my respects enroute. I just lost my last ship and am enroute to join my new one. =/\=

KVERKFJOLL: =/\= Understood Stinger. My CO says that is acceptable, but we have orders as well. Time to leave. =/\=

MITCHELL: =/\= Understood. Very well. I’ll get going. =/\=

KVERKFJOLL: =/\= We will be tracking you until you clear out sensors. Kverkfjoll out. =/\=

::The ship closed the channel and hung there in space, as if daring him to do something.::

oO Ok, its time to make my peace and get moving. Oo

::He closed his eyes, summing up all that had happened, then took a deep breathe, holding it for a minute, then exhaled and opened his eyes, watching his breathe impact the windscreen, and pretended it could let his troubles, pains, memories, pass right through.::

oO Guess I should go. Oo

::He activated the thrusters and swung the shuttle around, then went to one quarter impulse, heading out of the system. And like expected the Kverkfjoll paced him, as if they thought he might double back on them.::

oO I may be a lot of things, but I would never desecrate a site like this where so many gave their lives. Oo

::When he was clear of the zone, he switched to warp, and left the system. The Sabre hung with him for a bit, before altering course to return to her patrol. So with them gone, he altered his own course, heading for this Jentaris Corridor.::


Commander Rode Mitchell

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Atlantis

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