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JP: Cmdr Reinard & Lt Cmdr Thomas "The Future" Part 2

Sal Taybrim

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((Evolution Bar, Deck 6, Drive Section))

::Kael knew that the Commander was put in a difficult position and
that in essence it would have been easier for him to simply just
squash the issue. But he was doing his best to point out the benefits
and was in his own way, fighting for his officers.::

::It was clear to D'Nal that these Stafleet officers had no problem
with the relocation and adoption of this Romulan boy. Turning from
them and facing the window to his colony he needed to think. Saying
yes, was, something that in his knowledge had never been voluntarily
done. Why would you allow a Romulan boy to not grow up with a Romulan
family when there are so many readily available. However, D'Nal kept
coming back to the promise made by the mother of the child. Why would
she wish her own child to not be raised as a Romulan, on HIS colony.
This prospect troubled D'Nal more than the idea of the boy. ::

Thomas: Governor, I don't mean to force your hand on this, but, would
meeting the officer and the boy make this easier?

::Greir had been about to suggest the very same thing and quietly let
the conversation unfold for now. ::

Hheinia: I fail to see how meeting them would make it easier.
::Unless he means easier to emotionally blackmail him.::

Thomas: Governor, the boy hasn't been spoken to regarding this. It's
possible, if you ask him, he might not want to.

::Kael had seen the boy's attachment to Graham from his interaction on
the planet. While it was entirely possible that the boy might decide
to stay on Talvath, he thought it equally as likely that the bond they
had strangely developed might indeed be strong enough for him to self
determine to stay. As much as a boy of 4 or 5 can self determine.::

::Turning to face the man D'Nal knew this wouldn't be truly resolved
unless he did meet them. He could outright decline the notion right
now, but he decided to indulge the officers. Surely the boy would
make his mind up for him and choose to come back to his own..::

Hheinia: Very well, bring them here.

::As the officer was summoned along with the boy the group in the room
simply waited patiently, and silently for their arrival. The decision
that was about to be made involved people and needed to be carefully

::As Graham approached the door to the room with security outside of
it, he put down Galen. The boy seemed almost impossible to detach
from him since his mother passed away. As he put him down, the boy
wanted to be picked up again, but Graham had to be firm with him. To
Graham, walking in with the boy in his arms was presumptuous and
unprofessional. If the Governor was to decline his wish, it would
easier for Graham to break that bond, if the boy wasn't in his arms
already. The Officer opened the door to find his superiors gathered in
the room. Crossing the threshold was a daunting enough experience and
he'd yet to have any discussion with the occupants.::

Block: Sirs.

: :D'Nal turned as the man spoke and was taken back by the boy and the
Officer. The boy was holding onto the man's trousers by his hand. He
could be no more than four or five at most. This boy had no idea
about what his parents or the Empire thought about Starfleet; he was
an innocent. This man was around when he was simply in a time of need
and the boy, for whatever reason formed that bond. ::

Reinard: Come on in Ensign. Commander Thomas has explained what's
happened. We need to hear why this is so important to you. I need to
know whether you're ready and able to assume this responsibility - if
it is permitted by the Governor. I have to know that you understand
what you're taking on before I can give my blessing.

::He tried to keep an even tone that was calm and reassuring. It had
to be pretty intimidating coming up in front of the most senior people
on the ship as well as the Governor for the planet. Greir wondered
whether Graham knew how much he was asking of them. The ship wasn't
exactly kitted out for families either and StarFleet tended to avoid
assigning them here for that reason. There was no nursery or school
here and there never would be. Ashley Malcolm was one of the very few
children aboard, ::

::Kael felt sorry for the officer but he needed to do this. What he
was facing now, would be nothing compared to how hard it will be to
look after a child. He tried to give Graham a reassuring look.::

Block: Thank you Commander. ::Looking down at Galen, who looked a
little terrified. An emotion Graham could identify with.:: Sir's, this
boy's...Galen's mother made me promise on her passing, that I adopt
her son.

Hheinia: Commander if I may? ::When no objection came during his
pause he continued.:: Ensign, what made you think you could fulfil
that promise?

::Graham had tried to prepare himself as best he could for these
questions. He knew they were important and he knew that the Governor
would be especially hard if he ended up speaking to him. The process
had to be rigorous otherwise how would you determine just how good of
a parent you would be to the boy. Graham took a breath and

Block: In truth, I probably shouldn't have promised. I was...and in
truth in no position to promise that I will be able to adopt Galen.

Hheinia: That is agreed. Why do you think that she asked you to
promise. She is Romulan, the boy is Romulan. Why would she wish the
boy to be a Human, and in Starfleet?

::Block thought back to the moment in question. The women was very
forceful in getting him to promise to her that he would take her boy.
She had clearly seen the attachment he had formed with the man but
there must have been something else. She wasn't sure the colony would
survive and she did not wish her boy to be brought up in it's ruin.
She feared, that none there, would love her boy like she would.
Graham thought about telling him that, but he knew it would inflame
the situation. He didnt' want to not give all the details, but he
knew it would also mean he couldn't fulfil his promise. That was all
that mattered to Graham.::

Block: She had no family left Sir. She wished to have someone look
after him whom she felt would give him everything that she would. In
truth I have no idea why she wanted me over anyone else. But Sir, a
promise to me is more important than anything. I know it's your
decision, but I'll do everything I can to ensure I keep my promise.

::Some might have considered that comment a threat to the discussion,
but D'Nal didn't. He was in a room full of people who were passionate
about life, and passionate about this boy being taken care of. Could
he say he could find someone on the planet that could love the boy,
yes he could. Surely, for D'Nal that was the better option despite the
passion and the desire of these officers. Looking at the boy, he was
still attached to the leg of the officer and looking a little scared
he must say. He had children of his own and he knew how he probably
felt. D'Nal wanted to talk to this boy.::

Hheinia: ::Crouching down to the boys height.:: Galen is it? ::The
boy barely looked up.:: Do you know who I am? ::The boy shook his
head, and D'Nal accepted he was at least communicating.:: Do you know
who this man is? ::Pointing at the Ensign, the boy spoke.::

Galen: Gaaaham

::Kael smiled at the boy, who did the best he could to say the man's name. ::

Hheinia: You know Graham would like to adopt you. So you could live
with him. Do you want to do that? Live with him?

::Graham felt a little nervous as the boy seemingly thought about it.
He hadn't quite prepared himself for the event that the boy didn't
want to stay with him. ::

Galen: Yes.

Hheinia: : :D'Nal sighed at the boy and his refusal to give him
anything that would make saying no more than just his answer. His
last hope with the boy would be if he knew of some family then D'Nal
rather send him to them.:: Do you have any family Galen? Someone you
can live with?

::In a moment that Kael will never forget, the boy reached out his
hands in the clear symbol for Graham to pick him up, and repeated what
he said before.::

Galen: Gaaaham

: :D'Nal stood back up from where he was crouched and watched as a
Human Starfleet officer held a romulan boy. If someone had of said to
him that someday you'll see a Romulan boy raised by a Starfleet
officer he would have told them they were lunatics. No one in the
room could deny that this boy, right now, wanted to be with Graham.
But there was so much more to it than that. This boy needed to be
protected and nurtured. While it appeared that this Starfleet officer
was willing to do that, he wondered if he was indeed capable. ::

::Walking back to the window he thought about the repercussions should
he say yes. He knew the Empire would not approve but he didn't
particularly care about that. He knew his people wouldn't approve,
but he knew he could use the story in a positive light. He wanted his
Colony to have Federation support and he wondered if allowing this boy
to be part of it, would help to bring that closer together. Could
this boy, end up moving Romulan and Federation relations towards a
positive in the future? D'Nal didn't know, but as he turned around
and saw the two again, he didn't feel like he had a compelling reason
other than just because to deny this. The sight of them in each
others arms, was a symbol he wanted to beam across the empire. This
is how great it can be, this is what the future of Federation and the
Empire should be.::

D'Nal: ::Breathing a sigh of defeat:: You have my blessing Ensign.

::It wasn't hard for Kael to miss the excitement and relief on the
young mans face. He waited as they both looked at the Commander. ::

::He could see eager faces looking at him and waiting for his
response. He was the last barrier to this happening and he too
couldn't miss the close bong that had already formed between the two.
With the Governor having given his blessing and seeing how the two
were with each other it seemed impossible to say no. He was sure the
boy would be somewhat traumatised by what had happened but he was sure
everyone would band together and help Graham through any difficult
times with the boy. ::

Reinard: There are still a lot of things we'll need to discuss about
it, but yes, I grant my permission as well.

::If Graham wasn't a professional Starfleet officer he might have let
a little sound of joy out, but he was. He understood the complexity
of the decision and he would do as he had promised to do, and look
after this boy as best he could. ::

Block: Thank you Sirs, I will do everything I can for him.

::Over the next hour and a bit the group talked about the future and
recovery of Talvath. Greir grew to feel he could trust the Governor,
at least more than he had when the question had been posed earlier.
They talked of the future of the boy and how he was to be raised. He
insisted that Graham find at least one god parent. He tried to be
discreet about it but hoped the message was clear to Graham at least.
If he was ever incapacitated, or worse, there needed to be someone
ready to step in to the role of permanent carer, so the sooner someone
was chosen and included as part of the new family unit the better. ::

::Once business was concluded to the satisfaction of everyone present
Greir decided it was time to get a report from the bridge. Looking out
through the window he had watched the sky slowly return to a much more
normal colour and felt very proud of his team for their work and
pleased that Talvath would have a future here. If looks were anything
to go by then he was expecting they were about done here and ready to
send the Romulan Governor home and the patients they had picked up
earlier, assuming they were in a fit state to return home. ::

Reinard: Excuse us a moment Governor, we're going to get a sitrep.
We'll be right back. ::He ushered Kael across the room. :: Commander,
please check in with the progress of those Romulan casualties you
arranged to have brought up while I check the progress on the bridge.

Thomas: Ay Sir.

::While the Commander spoke with the bridge, Kael put through a call
to Sickbay to check on the progress of his rescued Romulans. He had
hoped that their injuries weren't too severe and that the time in
Sickbay would suffice to have their wounds treated. When the all
clear returned from the sickbay Kael gave the order to have them
transported back down near the Triage facility. While Kael would have
liked to do more for them by the way of fixing their house, he already
knew he's overstepped in getting them treated on the Darwin. He would
settle for the fact that they are now alive and hopefully grateful for
the fact.::

A JP By:

Commander Greir Reinard
Commanding Officer
USS Darwin-A
Cadet Steward: UFOP: SB118 Academy


Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas
First Officer
USS Darwin-A


PNPC Ensign Graham Block
Operations Officer
USS Darwin-A


MSPNPC D'Nal Hheinia

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