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JP PNPC Sherana & Cmdr Tel-ar - I will remember you


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((Tal Tel-ar's Quarters , USS Apollo))

:: So Tal was out of Sick Bay again. Sherana wanted to check on him, to see if getting him off that planet had been worth it or if he decided to make it all a waste. When she arrived, the Nurse had told her that he had been discharged. Well, that was good, so at least they didn't run around in the heat for nothing. The Orion hated how it had made her feel, when he disappeared. She had not only been angry, that he went out alone to such a place without any company in that condition... but also worried. She cared more than she wanted to admit, and that was probably what he wanted to achieve.::

:: Either that or wanted to give her the chance to realize it. She had known that she cared, just not if she cared enough for a relationship. She knew the answer, but she had to tell him as well, since that was a thing she could not do alone. Arriving at his quarters she looked at the door for a moment, not quite sure how to even begin, but she would do what her people did for a long time: go with her guts. So she pressed the chime.::

:: Tal took the last knife off his wall, wrapped it carefully and then walked over and placed it in the case in it's slot. Just then his door chime sounded. ::

Tel-ar: :: Tal turned and moved to his door as he spoke. :: Enter. :: When the door opened Sherana stepped forward. She moved to within arms reach and then stopped. As always the sight of her made his senses swim. He had never felt such a need before. It was primal, almost animalistic and it was very hard to fight. ::

:: Looking up to him, she took a deep breath, inhaling his scent that floated to her as it always did. She did not say a word. Instead she pressed her hand on his chest, pushing him back further into his quarters, a growl in her throat as the doors closed behind her. She kept pushing until something got in the way, pressing in Tal's back and she stepped so close she could feel his warmth through her clothing. ::

:: The feel of her hand against his chest made him want to pull her close as he allowed her to push him backwards. The low growl that escaped her throat almost forced a similar one from his own throat and while his mind fought with his desire for her the small fragment that still functioned realized she was not acting like herself. ::

Tel-ar: Sherana... what... :: That's as far as he got before she interrupted him. ::

Sherana: :: growling :: Never. Do. That. Again!

:: Not giving him the chance to reply she pulled him at the collar of his shirt and crushed her lips into his, pressing her body against the big blue man and her free hand held on to his hip, her heart pounding wildly in her chest, heat rushing through her veins, making her blood boil. Yes, she knew what she wanted. She wanted him. She had wanted him for quite a while, why had she closed her eyes to that until now? ::

:: When she pulled his head down and kissed him a fire exploded inside. He could not help but feel her body pressing against his. He gave in to his need, kissing her back while he slid his arms around her. His hands wandering over her body as he lifted her so that kissing her was easier. He spun while holding her, walking the half dozen feet over to his bed where he turned and sat, then lay back while turning on his side, still holding her, kissing her the whole time. ::

:: She wrapped her legs around him, the moment he lifted her from the ground. Vaguely somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that they moved, but she didn't care, the urge of feeling him close, to make sure that he was really well won the fight over her curiosity. As she found herself lying on the side, she just used that chance to press herself against him with the support of the bed, their breaths ragged and heavy filling the air.

:: He lost track of time. His whole mind becoming consumed with desire, his senses drowning in the sensations being produced by such close, intimate contact. Finally he broke off the kiss. It was the last thing he wanted to do but the last tiny shred of logic won. ::

Tel-ar: Sherana.... what... what's changed? :: Her actions... heck even her reactions to his response was so out of character that he had no idea what was really happening. ::

:: She did not want to talk, she wanted to feel him, catch up on what she had missed, on what she had refused to have. She had almost lost him, and it again reminded her how stupid it was to not live in the moment. She looked up into his eyes.::

Sherana: I wasted time thinking too much like some human nuchpu', until you almost died, and not the way we wish for as warriors. I cannot throw away another minute. //Feigling

:: Tal stared deep into her eyes for a moment. Her response was not what he had expected.... it was more than he had hoped for... he kissed her again. This time trying to convey his passion, his desire for her through his touch, using his entire body to let her know that he wanted her. Finally... long... long moments later he managed to regain enough mental control to break contact. He rolled back and sat up. Undoing the top of his uniform as he did. He could feel the bed shift as Sherana also sat up. ::

:: His kisses befuddled her, make her vibrate and tremble in desire, burning in her veins. As he pulled away again and started to undress, her eyes followed, taking him in, until she saw something next to the bed that she did not remember seeing before. Sherana sat up and stared at it. A container stood right there and as she looked around there were more, some were open and half full, others were closed and marked. What in Gre'thor was going on here? ::

Sherana: Why are these containers here?

:: It took Tal a few seconds to understand her question. By the time that he had he had pulled his arms out of his tunic and he was naked from the waist up. ::

Tel-ar: I am packing.

Sherana: :: Turning her head to face him:: Packing? You are going to leave?

:: Tal stopped and turned to face her again. He still felt the desire, the need but her question cut him worse than any knife ever had. He had spent the last year here on the USS Apollo and the only thing he would miss, the only thing he wanted with every fiber of his being was her. ::

Tel-ar: I have been transferred...

:: That answer was not what she had been expected. Her dark eyes were fixed on him in disbelief. She was blown away but that. She finally wanted to throw everything on one card and he wanted to leave?::

Sherana: You are kidding me.

Tel-ar: No... :: For the first time in his life Tal wished he was kidding. Saddly he was not. ::

Sherana: Did you ask for this transfer because you could not wait for a decision? :: She was surprised how calm she sounded, but she needed answers and she would not get them if she slit his throat.::

Tel-ar: No. I would have waited as long as it took. :: short pause. :: These orders were waiting for me when I returned to the ship.

Sherana: I ... understand.

:: She really did. The Klingon Empire did not do it much different. While one had a position on a ship, it could change any time when one was needed elsewhere. She had seen many warriors leave for greater cause, for smaller cause, for the cause that needed people at this time. It was military life and for the first time she hated it. ::

Tel-ar: Sherana, I wish it was not true.... but.... :: Tal stopped talking as she stood up and moved away from him. ::

:: Standing up from the bed she walked a few steps, her hands clenched to fists as she ground her teeth that tried to cage the growl in her throat. Her dark eyes darted around from crate to crate and found something that looked like a stone, maybe it was a souvenir, she didn't care but grabbed it and pressed her fingers against it, as if she tried to squeeze any possible life out of it. ::

Tel-ar: :: Tal stood and moved over close to her before he spoke again. :: I am sorry Sherana...

:: Hearing his voice broke any possible focus she had tried to keep to contain her anger. Without thinking she spinned around with a swift swing of her arm and sent the stone shattering into the wall next to Tal. She heard a terrible scream like that of an animal in pain, but realized a moment later that it was her own. She had no idea where all this anger and pain suddenly came from, but it broke free with a shattering force that threatened to tear her apart.::

:: For a moment Tal did not know what to do. Her reaction baffled him. Then he realized that she was simple expressing the same pain and anger he had felt at the news. Instinctively he reached out and took her into his arms. For a moment she fought him but in the end she too needed to be close. The feeling of her pressed so close provoked him to speak. To say what he felt. ::

Tel-ar: Sherana... I wish I could take you with me... I wish I had more time... weeks and months before I had to leave... but I don't... I have never regretted being a Starfleet officer... and I have never hated an order as much as I hate this one... but...

:: As he spoke he reached up with one hand and caressed her cheek, then tilted her head so that he could see into her eyes... as always her beauty took his breath away and for a second he seriously considered punching his fist through a wall. If nothing else it might, just might make him feel a tiny bit better. ::

:: She had not wanted for him to hold her, but after a short half hearted fight she had given in and leaned against his big overshadowing frame. She was not the type to cry, she could not remember ever doing so, but her hands trembled in fury, digging into the fabric of his shirt, forcing herself to not tear it apart. She had to collect all willpower she could muster to speak, though a low growl vibrated in her voice. ::

Sherana: I know. Don't forget that I was an officer. I grew up with this kind of knowledge, the chance of sudden change.

Tel-ar: The advantage of a warriors upbringing... still... :: Tal could not help it. He had to kiss her... to hold her... he leaned down as he pulled her closer. Her chest was pressed tightly against him and he could feel her, 2 firm round mounds squashed against him as his lips captured hers. One hand tangled in her hair as his antenna leaned forward to touch her, to drink in her scent, more intoxicating than anything he had ever enjoyed. It lasted forever.... then suddenly she pushed against him and against his will Tal let go. ::

Sherana: ::Looking up into his eyes:: Does this mean we end before we even started?

Tel-ar: I do not know.... I

Sherana: You don't want anymore.

Tel-ar: Of course I want you... :: Tal reached out and pulled her closer, grabbing one of her hands and pressed it against his naked chest as he did. :: You can feel my heart, it's racing, you cause that simply by being here...

:: Her eyes dropped from his to his chest, her fingers held by his and she could feel it strong and fast. Her voice was merely a whisper, surprised as she was by it. ::

Sherana: I feel it..

Tel-ar: At this moment, I feel more like a man than I have ever felt.

Sherana: :: knitting her brows:: Do you really mean that, Tal?

:: Again Tal reached up and caressed her cheek as he replied. ::

Tel-ar: Yes I mean it... I will never lie to you... everything I have said I have meant... all of it...

Sherana: :: Nodding she faught with her voice. She was not used that it left her so often. He made her weak and for the first time in her life she did not mind as much. :: I believe you.

Tel-ar: I am glad.... :: The suprising thing was that he really was. ::

Sherana: You will have to leave soon, your new crew will await you.

:: She did not want him to leave, but she knew he would have to. She was not the type to beg him to change his mind, nor did she want him to do that, it was his duty that would pull him away, his honor. And that she could respect, even though she hated that they did not have more time to explore what had started between them. And she did not have any idea how couples that were stationed on different ships were dealing with the situation. She did not think she could deal with that herself. ::

Tel-ar: Unfortunately.... yes... I have to leave... Starfleet waits for no man.

:: She turned her gaze up to him, thinking about his words, about possibilities. She'd come here to not waste anymore time after almost losing him in on the planet and then on Sick Bay. Now she would lose him to duty and it tore her apart. She raised her hands a bit more to grab his neck, pulling him down to her. The dark brown eyes were fixed on his as she whispered. ::

Sherana: Let them wait, just a little bit more.

:: With that she tiptoed, pressing her lips against his, wanting to feel at least once what she would have to leave behind. Not wasting any time of the few glimpses they had left. If their souls cried in anguish, she wanted that least something in their memories would be worth to sing about.::

:: Again Tal pulled her close, lifting her as she wrapped her legs around him. His antenna leaning forward to touch her. Grateful that his departure flight to the Mercury was still more than a day away. It would still not be enough time but... Tal stopped thinking at this point, letting himself go. Really letting go and reveled in the contact, the passion. ::

((33 hours later))

:: Tal laid on his back staring up at the ceiling. Soon he would have to get up. Get dressed and then leave. For a moment he wished that the station would get stuck in some weird spacial anomaly that forced them to remain stuck, unable to move. Unfortunately he knew there were none anywhere near the station. ::

:: With regret he turned and looked down at where Sherana lay pressed up against him. Her ebony hair lay loose, spread out like a mystical black curtain. With a smile he reached over with his free hand and gently pushed back the few strands that had drifted down to cover her face. The feel of her soft skin under his hand, the contrast between her green skin and his blue making it easy to tell where her body started and his ended. ::

:: Soon he would be leaving her, transferred off to another ship, another posting. One that would take him far, far away. He felt a sudden surge of emotion. A confusing maelstrom of conflicting urges, feelings and desires. One that left him so confused that at first he did not notice the wetness on his cheek. Once he did, he reached up and touched it. More confused than he had been. Tears??? He had never cried in his life, not even when Elina had told him that she wanted a divorce. He wiped them away and returned his look to Sherana. Was she the reason??? ::

:: She was beautiful true, exotic, thrilling... just being with her was enjoyable. The whole time he was thinking, watching her he held her. His entire side warm from the intimate contact. Her one arm draped over his chest and her legs intertwined with his. She shifted in her sleep, squirming against his side. The contact was invigorating and he felt his passion jump back to life. For a moment he almost woke her up. Seriously considered it. ::

Computer: USS Hayes will be leaving the station in 3 hours.

:: The sound of the computer warning him to the fact that the ship that would bring him to the Mercury would soon be leaving shattered the peaceful moment he was enjoying. It also served to waken Sherana. As a result he no longer forced himself not to awaken her. He rolled slightly towards her, touched her cheek and then kissed her. One thing led to another and time vanished, consumed in a firestorm of exotic possibilities and explosive conclusions. ::

((2 and a half hours later))

Computer: USS Hayes will be leaving in 30 minutes

:: Tal lifted his head, his hair soaked with sweat as was his entire body. He gazed down into her eyes, a fierce desire to claim her as his thundering through his mind. ::

:: Stretched with a yawn, she had spent more than a day in Tal's quarters in the knowledge that this might as well be the last time she'd see him. And she had enjoyed every second of it, savouring that she had forgotten the world outside of these quarters for a while. As he looked into her eyes, she returned the gaze. He made her feel like a woman, understanding why her mother saw this as an important part of her life. Though she still was herself, which meant that she was not a sappy kind. ::

Sherana: You have to get up.

Tel-ar: I know...

Sherana: Will I see you again?

Tel-ar: I do not know...

Sherana: :: She had expected as much and nodded slightly. :: We will see. ReH 'eb tu'lu'. //There is always a chance.

:: Tal leaned down and kissed her before she could finish speaking. The kiss became more, his hands wandered and suddenly he pulled back. If he did not stop now he might never leave this bed. Both a welcome thought but one that was not realistic. He did not need anyone coming down looking for him and finding them like this. Especially as he should have been off the ship hours ago. ::

Tel-ar: I would rather spend the rest of my life here, like this than anything else.....

Sherana: You will have to leave though, it is your duty.

Tel-ar: I know... :: He kissed her again, then rolled away, throwing the sheet off as he did. Then he got up and headed towards the shower, pausing before he went through the door into the bathroom to look back. A smile on his face as he saw her there, sprawled out on his bed. A sudden thought provoking a question. :: Care to join me?

:: Sherana looked at him, and though her face did not show any reaction, her eyes lit up and rolled out of the bed and hurried after him into the shower.::

(( A few minutes until departure ))

:: Tal and Sherana had walked along the docking ring and now stood in front of the airlock that lead to the USS Hayes, which would bring him to his new destination, his new post on the USS Mercury. During the last day a lot had changed between them, but they didn't change too much really. Still the Orion had her hands in her wide pants pockets as before, still she wore a wide sweater, her heavy boots and her hair in a ponytail, but she felt the change anyway. One that would possibly leave with him. ::

:: What would stay for a little while would be the pain of the bruises, scratches and possibly some other marks of their passion. Thankfully Tal did have a medkit in his quarters so the small fractures and tears had been fixed already. She would remember him every time she moved, that much she knew. ::

Crewman: Sir, we are going to depart in 3 minutes.

Tel-ar: Understood. :: Tal turned away to face Sherana. This was the moment he had been dreading, the one he could not avoid. :: This is it. Time for me to go.

Sherana: I know. :: She looked up into his eyes. ::

Tel-ar: I am going to miss you... so very much. :: As he said it Tal reached out and took hold of one of her hands. Holding it in his . ::

Sherana: :: Feeling his hand on hers, her face softened slightly. :: I will remember you.

Tel-ar: I hope so :: Tal replied with a smile. Then he pulled her close and kissed her. Putting his entire heart and soul into the kiss while his antenna leaned forward, his enhanced senses awash in her scent, so unique, just like her. ::

:: Even though she still was not one for public display, she returned his kiss, taking in any scent and taste, burning it into her mind. She did not regret anything, but maybe to have waited so long. But their lifes would go on, and they both understood the importance of living the moment, as it may be the last. ::

Crewman: Sir, we are departing, you need to step aboard please.

:: With regret Tal broke off the kiss. With even more regret he let her go and stepped back. ::

:: Once Tal removed his lips from hers she stepped back and put her hands back into her pockets. ::

Sherana: Fight well and with honour, Tal.

Tel-ar: I will. :: Tal smiled, his steel gray eyes alive with some mysterious spark as he spoke again. :: Till we meet again Sherana. You will live in my heart forever. ::Then he gave a slight nod of his head, then turned and walked away, through the air lock and out of her life for now. ::

:: She watched him as he stepped through the airlock. Now that he was out of sight, she headed back to the docking spot of the Apollo, seeing the other ship pass by the windows as it maneuvered away from its position. Tal was on his way to his duty, so she should go back to hers as well. And no matter how much she understood that he had to leave, no matter how much she respected him for doing his duty, a part in her hated to see the airlock close behind him, cutting through the line of their time. That same little part of her hoped that she might see him again at some point. And be in that he might be granted a honorary spot in Sto'Vo'Kor.::


USS Apollo

simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn
Chief Medical Officer
USS Apollo


Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar
Tactical Specialist
USS Mercury

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