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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

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Lt Cmdr Nugra & Maj. Parker - And So It Begins

Dizmim ChNilmani

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OOC: The disagreement in this post is purely between the characters. The writers have full respect for each other.
(( Interrogation Room - USS Thunder-A ))
:: It was only a few hours ago since he had received the final pieces of his puzzle and it was time now to question the large, burly, human had been brought in by security and set down in the little white room with only the table and two chairs. Nugra was standing in a corner with his arms around his back running over everything in his head. There was evidence even though it was circumstantial and his conclusion took a lot of liberties with some of the missing data. Questioning Parker was not going to be easy, but if this man was violating Federation law, he would burn like the rest of the criminals. ::
:: Hannibal was enraged. Knowing he had done nothing to warrant being summoned to the Security office and by not being asked nicely, it was only Kamela who saved the rest of the Security staff from being injured...even now they were at a discrete distance, knowing that if they tried to restrain him, they would join their brothers in Sick Bay. The Marines were buzzing, angry as bees at seeing their commander being escorted out. The harmony he was trying to create between the two forces had evaporated in a microsecond by their actions...::
Nugra: Good Afternoon, Major.
Parker: ::seething:: What the hell makes you think it's a good goram afternoon, Commander?
Nugra: You were officially summoned to give a deposition in to a case file. There was no need to resist Security as you were not under arrest.
Parker: Really? So why did you send eight armed Security officers to the Marine barracks to bring me here, of which four of them are now in Sick Bay?
Nugra: For the obvious reason that you just demonstrated. You have a right to a JAG lawyer. Do you wish one or are you going to waive that right for this meeting?
:: Hannibal knew that he had done nothing wrong, but he also knew that having a JAG officer would help him defend himself in whatever circumstance he was now confronted with...currently, he was too mad to consider the ramifications of not having one...::
Parker: I have no need of one...now...what the hell do you want? You are making one hell of a mistake, Commander....
:: Hannibal was going to split Nugra in two when this was over...this dishonor would not go unchallenged...::
:: Nugra sat down and activated his PADD and fixed his cold reptilian eyes directly on to the brown ones filled with fury. It was amazing how much self control the marine lacked. It was amazing he didn't leap across the table and give the Gorn an excuse to put him down. ::
Nugra: Please state your name, rank, and position for the record.
Parker: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker, Marine Commander, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment.
:: The Gorn glanced down to his data and began his questioning. ::
Nugra: On stardate 238703.11, you were stationed aboard the USS Challenger-A under the command of Commander Tal Tel-Ar. Is this correct?
Parker: That is correct.
Nugra: Are you familiar with a Crewman Hannah Martinez who presently serves aboard the USS Thunder-A? Who is now a Lieutenant JG?
Parker: Lieutenant Hannah Martinez is the Weapons Specialist aboard the USS Thunder-A. What the frak is this all about, Commander?
Nugra: It seems, I cannot find any data on how she got aboard the USS Challenger. Her files are sealed, but furthermore, I cannot find out how her transfer to the Thunder was so easily pushed through. It seems she has had a lot of help to get some nice assignments. Almost as if somebody helped bend a few rules to get her aboard.
:: Hannibal did not like where this was headed, not one bit. Hannah had served with honor since she had come aboard. He had given her the chance she needed to rebuild her service record..and this lizard was not going to undo what he had done to help her...::
Parker: I don't like your tone, Commander. Lieutenant Martinez has served with distinction in every duty post she has held since she joined me on the Challenger-A, and every post she has had since then. recently she received a commendation for her actions during the Klingon invasion for her actions on board the USS Rodimus Prime.:: With a low and very angry voice::What the frak are you getting at, Commander?
Nugra: I am not challenging her record, Major. Are you familiar with the Fraternization rule between officer and enlisted? It carries an admonishment from your commander if it is proven. In the Gorn Navy, you'd be thrown out as a criminal.
Parker: This is not a Gorn ship...this is a Federation starship, and from what I have seen of the Gorm fleet over the years, they could do with some...shall we say...updated rules..now, cut to the chase so I can get back to work....and you can get your people out of Sick Bay....
Nugra: Okay, I'll be blunt. Did you or are you having a sexual relationship with Chief Martinez?
:: So...that was it...a one time sexual dalliance between two consenting adults. He wondered if Hannah had told him, but he knew that if she had, she would have given him a heads up. He was not going to open up her history to this Gorn, or anyone else. It was going to stay sealed, and classified.....::
Parker: That is none of your business. Is that why you called me down here? To ask who has been in my bed? :: Slowly standing:: I would love for you to try to make me answer that question, or any other....
:: Nugra was hoping there would be a rile. He had been in a bad mood for so long. He stood and enunciated his words. ::
Nugra: SIT. DOWN. Major! This is an official investigation in to the possibility of actions prejudice to good order, you are on record, and you are required by law to answer my questions.
Parker: Well, in that case, perhaps when I kick your [...] you can make a real case out of this, instead of this wannabe kangaroo court you are trying to run....
:: There was nothing Hannibal wanted to do more right now than to turn Nugra into a pair of boots with matching belt...he knew he was not making things easier for himself, but he knew he had done nothing wrong...and he was not going to be led to slaughter by this man....
Nugra: If you plan to strike me, you better be ready to be cashiered out of Star Fleet with a bad conduct discharge as I'm completely within my rights as Chief of Security. The law is on my side. Not yours.
Parker: The law MAY be on your side, but it does not mean you are right....
:: Hannibal, still standing, had no plans to yield, his gaze matching the Gorns...neither one would blink as they continued to stare at each other. Hannibal knew the Gorn meant business, but so did he. He knew he would have his chance at the Gorn...one way or another, and he slowly began to lower himself back into his chair...::
:: Nugra waited for him to be sitting again. The Gorn lowered himself back in to his chair. ::
Nugra: Now. Are you refusing to answer the question?
Parker: Under the Starfleet Code Of Military Justice, I hereby request formal council to assist me with providing this officer with a positive defense.
:: Hannibal knew Nugra knew he was stalling for time, and he still had a few tricks up is sleeve..the [...] was not going to get away with this... ::
:: Nugra hid his grin. Hannibal wasn't as much of a dumb tank as he seemed to be. It seemed he had realized that this wasn't
Nugra: You can have your lawyer. It just makes me think you're guilty anyhow. You are hereby instructed under Security section 32a that you are not to discuss this investigation with anyone except your lawyer and my security staff. We will reconvene this briefing once you have your lawyer present.
Parker: You won't have to wait long, Commander. This witch hunt is going to end, and then you and I are going to have a serious discussion....about honor...
Nugra: Yes and while we are at it we'll discuss the law. Things like striking security officers unprovoked who are doing their job, I think it'll be a VERY interesting discussion.
:: Hannibal did not appreciate the rather aggressive stance the Security Department took on since Nugra had been given command...and their laying of hands on him would clear him of assault charges once the security feed was reviewed...but for now, he knew he needed help, and whatever quest Nugra was on, nipping it in the bud was now high on his list of things to do..::
Parker: Oh, that it will be...perhaps I will be the one filing charges against you and your men...or perhaps, you can take your departments' punishment for them..
:: Hannbal stood up, and never took his eyes off the Gorn.He had just made himself a very dangerous enemy, not only from a combat standpoint, but shipboard as well..::
Parker: oO How dare he insult me, attempt to dishonor me, in front of my men, in front of my command? This is far from over....you have just declared war...Oo
:: Nugra did not say a word as the infuriated officer left the room. He quickly made a note in his notes. ::
Nugra: oO Major shows immediately defense of Chief Martinez. Though the fraternization is unimportant in the grand scheme of things, there might be a case of abuse of power and using of rank to show preferential treatment. Look into Major Parker's career and anyone associated with him. Oo
Lt Cmdr Nugra
Deck Officer
USS Thunder-A
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/Marine Commander/ Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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