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Ladressa Qad(Sundassa Faranster) - Security? It's ours now

Rykel Rior

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((Vittian Hotel - Izar))

:: She said what she normally did when she was waiting for orders, as a waitress, to indicate everything was all ready and she was waiting for the signal, she thought it was pretty smooth of her to make that her final signal, since she had been the last one on the move. ::

Qad: I don't want to rush you, let me know when you're ready.

Tark: Shouldn't need more than about two minutes.

:: Now she took one last glance around the room like she was looking for anyone who needed anything, and proceeded to the break room, again no one was in it, which was good, because this time when the door closed behind her, she ensured her privacy by locking it on the inside. Since their mission was starting right now, no one would notice the room wasn't accessible until it didn't matter. ::

:: Moving to the console she brought up the program she had installed earlier. Using it's interface she brought up door controls, locking the place down. Since all the doors were automated, that was an easy task to program. ::

:: Then, she brought up the camera interface, she looped the playback to security for all cameras, she wanted them to know she had control, so she wasn't even careful of it, people would disappear off the camera and other people would appear when it looped back. Her and her conspirators saw the true feed, but anyone trying to see the inside saw the looped feed. The only cameras she let them have for now, were in the dining room, and that would change after the announcement went out. After all, their news teams needed to have images of the frightened diners to put on the news, and the Federation needed to see what they were dealing with. ::

:: Finally, she used their own security system to jam the communication, since this console was the only one in control anymore. The security system, when activated in an emergency, jammed all communications except for emergency frequencies. The software she installed, also reprogrammed the security system to operate like this when a certain command was given, without initiating the normal emergency response. When the time came, she would open the frequencies herself and patch her team through. ::

:: Now that she was in control of doors, cameras and communications, all she had to do, was wait. Which didn't take long, she watched her team on the monitor, move into positions, and then the gunfire started, the screaming and crying. The happy couple, that she had been glad she didn't have to serve, were now cowering under their table, the man trying to position himself in front of the woman. She supposed 'yes' was said, or he might not be so protective. ::

:: She listened to her Colonel bellow in his authoritative voice, and the green woman from the big party answer. The reactions from Tola's demonstration, and the pleased look on the man's face. And then she was addressed. ::

Tark: Miss Qad. If you'd be so kind as to activate the broadcast.

Qad: :: She opened the communications with the outside world, the emergency frequencies. The program also interrupted a random handful of popular public frequencies each time it was opened, the first time should be enough to bring any news broadcaster's attention on them. :: =/\= You're on. =/\= :: She responded through the patched communication.

Tark: =/\= This is Colonel Javan Tark, of the Galaran Resistance Front. I'm speaking to you from the Vittian Hotel, in the New Seattle colony on Izar. Listen well. I have taken hostages in the hotel. If you cooperate, they will all be released unharmed. Failure to cooperate will result in an unfortunate end. There are also explosives in the hotel. Any attempt at rescue, or to incapacitate me, or any member of my team, will have a similar result. I will be sending another message in exactly ten minutes with my demands. I advise you to be listening carefully. =/\=

:: While he was talking, she moved towards her locker, removing a secondary PADD and a hand phaser. She returned to the console just in time to hear the end of the Colonel's introduction. She watched and listened to him answer the question again, but still vaguely. She put her phaser and PADD down on the console, while she closed the channel. She opened a private channel between the communicator that he had, and the console directly, so communications could be had more directly. Now, she needed to monitor the cameras and in ten minutes, she needed to open the emergency frequencies again. It should be only a matter of time before the outside is surrounded by local authorities and reporters. ::

MSNPC Ladressa Qad
As Simmed by:

Lieutenant Sundassa Faranster
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Apollo

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