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Lt Raiden & Lt Pandora - Resupply

Ben Livingston

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((Starbase 118, Ops Office))

:: Her rather short communication with her intended target had produced at least the beginnings of the desired results, and after having tracked him down Pandora walked through the door with her padd in hand.::

Raiden: oO Come in then!! Oo How can I help you :: He looked at her neck. :: Lt?

Pandora: I was under the impression that you would be of use. Was I mistaken?

Raiden: Depending what you what and why you need it? :: He looked at her from behind the desk. ::

:: Ah yes, the inevitable request for an explanation as to why she was there and why the Drake needed an almost complete re-stock of parts and supplies - *without* revealing information that was classified higher than even the inhabitants of SB118's Black Tower would be cleared to know.::

:: Though quite how that restriction was supposed to be enforced when the local media were crawling all over those of the crew who had tried to leave the ship, she was less certain.::

Pandora: Short version, I require the contents of this list as soon as practically possible.

:: Holding out the padd, she waited for him to take the hint - and the item in question.::

Raiden: Ok.

:: Marcus took the padd from the female. He still had no clue who she was though he had been waiting for the chief engineer of the Drake. ::

oO (Marcus) Could this be her? Oo

:: Marcus looked over the padd. As he got to the bottom his mouth was almost wide open. He put the padd down on the desk. ::

Raiden: Ok. You might want to take a seat. :: Pointing to the chair ::

:: Pandora looked at the chair, then back at the man behind the desk. She understood that he was likely being polite, but since she was here on business she had no need that she could see to waste time and energy on doing the same. Instead, she simply folded her hands behind her back and stood still.::

Raiden: oO Guess not!! Oo Ok I think I can get you the stuff. What sort of time scale you needing it?

Pandora: Immediate. Sooner might be better, but Temporal Investigations are eager enough to investigate as it is.

:: Which was nothing he couldn't get off of the news feeds around here...::

:: Marcus was drawn from sorting out what she needed by the words Temporal Investigations. ::

Raiden: Temporal Investigation? As in time traveling?

:: Thinking the situation over, she decided a quiet sigh would be somewhat appropriate to the situation and manufactured one.::

Pandora: Indeed. Involuntary, if that will make any difference to the investigation - which I hope it will. Training a new captain would not be how I would prefer to spend my time.

Raiden: Ok then. Just a word of warning then we have had an increase in reporters around here so be careful who and where you say stuff.

Pandora: I believe I may have walked over one or two on the way here, but your warning is noted.

:: And it would be a good trick indeed if he could tell whether she was joking about the "walked over" part. She wasn't, particularly, but since when did that make a difference to what people perceived about her behaviour?::

Raiden: I just noticed you asked for full ammo restock. What type you want, quantum or or photon?

Pandora: Photon. Until I have had the opportunity to work with our tactical officer to ensure that the launchers will not explode when used, I would prefer to keep the potential damage to the Drake to a minimum.

:: Of course, her ideal fix for the Drake's assorted... quirks... was a complete keel-up rebuild of the vessel, but that was unlikely to be available as an option, given that this was not a full space-dock facility. In fact...::

Pandora: Filling this request will not compromise your own stocks?

Raiden: No I can get some ship here with in 2 days to restock us. If we need them between now and then, we have 3 starships here for repairs. :: He smiled at her. :: Ok that's the last, you should have everything transfered to the ship shortly. Oh the medical supplies - I will have to check with sick bay but it does seem we have plenty of stores.

Pandora: ::nodding:: Understood. Thank you.

:: Turning to head for the door, she paused as one of her more deeply embedded bits of coding made itself known. Turning back, she studied the male behind the desk for the moment, then decided he was as good a person to ask as any.::

Pandora: Since we may be here for a short while, do you have any recommendations as to where I might find people.

Raiden: oO People?? Oo What type of people?

:: She *had* thought her question was clear enough, but apparently not.::

Pandora: People. Going about their usual business in a way that can be observed without attracting undue attention.

:: Marcus was very puzzled by the request. What did she mean? He looked at her silently as he thought. He had met a few non-living things before, which had been the most likely candidates in his experience that would have that sort of interest, but she looked very alive and quite hot, he thought. ::

Raiden: I would suggest the Open-Air Gastropub in the commercial sector of the station.

Pandora: Thank you. I have learned it is usually wise to consult a native guide in such matters - though that does not *always* work.

:: She considered mentioning Rogers' beach trip that she had accompanied him on, the one that had "accidentally" turned out to be to to a naturist resort, but embarrassing her Captain like that was a waste of time unless he was present to squirm there and then.::

Raiden: Your welcome. :: He was still confused about her and was going to keep his eye on her while she was here. :: I better let you go. Should you like to come to my shop again feel free.

Pandora: I will.

:: The way she said that left no doubt at all that she was taking him *exactly* at his word. With a final curt nod, she headed for the door, intending to make sure everything was proceeding as it ought before indulging those core subroutines that she was *still* trying to figure out the point of.::

:: And if the dock crews performed to the standard she had come to expect, she knew exactly who's office she was going to be coming to, and exactly how little Raiden was going to want that to happen...::

Lt Pandora
Chief Engineer
USS Drake


Lieutenant Marcus Raiden
Operations Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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