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MCapt Alexandria Somers - Echoes Of The Future


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((After the Awards – USS Thunder-A – Sharpe/Somers quarters))

::Paul returned to the bridge and Alex saying she was still feeling under the weather retired to their quarters, she stripped down to her regulation undergarments and laid on the bed and was asleep immediately.::


((Somers family Estate – One Month after the Betazed incident 2421))

::Once again Alex found herself as an observer watching a funeral, she suddenly realized it was hers, most of her family was there as was Paul and her children, she watched as the funeral being an old fashioned affair, saw the coffin descending into a freshly dug grave and felt sorrow. What surprised her the most was that Paul was doing something he never used to do, he had tears running down his face; she thought it sweet and loved him for it. Now all those who were there on Betazed now stood vigil as the honour guard Marines from her old-selfs regiment fired a twelve rifle salute, for those not human they paid respects their way. The Romulan Proconsul gently dropped in an old Romulan blade and moved off.::

Klingon Chancellor Torok: ::the Klingon Chancellor gently placed a bottle of Bloodwine and a ceremonial Dag’TagH in the grave, and spoke.:: Have something to drink in Sto’vor’kor Colonel Somers.

::Other officials and family placed other items not so grand, then came her children’s turn, her son Paul Sharpe Junior placed in an old toy she had gotten for him and her Daughter Samantha Lynne Somers placed a rose in. Paul Senior put in his Katana blade and holding his children walked away.::

((Betazed Foothills – 16 September 2422 – One year to the day))

::Now Alex was back on Betazed a little disorientated and she was once again watching a ceremony.::

Somers: oO Oh man this is confusing, what year is it now?Oo ::she asked herself.::

::The same officials that were at her funeral, were now joined by a Grivaan ambassador, she was really confused now, but listened in.::

Federation President: I thank you all for coming; we are here at the foothills on Betazed one year to the day of the deciding battle of the Federation Alliance/Grivaan Imperium conflict. ::beat:: It was in December that the Grivaan High Command contacted us and asked for a ceasefire and an offer of peace. What we know now, but did not then was the last Stand made by Federation forces on this spot sealed the prospect of a lasting peace-treaty between us and the Grivaan Imperium. ::beat:: Now on this day to honour those who fell here, both Grivaan and Federation, a day of remembrance will commence, a short Human style Ceremony will start this, followed by the Grivaan one, Fleet Admiral Jennings ::he said stepping away and allowing the CinC Starfleet to take the podium.::

Jennings: As requested by the late Colonel Alexandria Somers the following passage has been placed upon this monument, this passage is as follows. “If we do not live another Day, Then say this over our Pyre: They died like Riflemen Their Faces to the Fire” We have honoured her request and agreed that it is fitting for who she was and who her men were.

::As the Admiral droned on Alex looked at one large memorial, elegant in its shape; It was similar in style to the Iwo Jima Monument on Earth. It showed a graven image of Alex and some of her men on the left with the 95th Rifle 1st Battalion Regimental Battle Honours Battle banner fluttering in the breeze, held up by one of the other figures, while the statue of Alex held in her right hand a TR-118 Marine Rifle, this was like a TR-116, but altered for Marine use. On her back in a sheath was a Mek’leth blade, her left arm and hand was outstretched and supporting a UFP flag as its center, while on the right of it was the statue of the Grivaan War Leader whose side of the memorial mirrored the left, but his right hand was also holding the Federation banner but his had was below hers and he held a Grivaan rifle in his other hand and his troops supported the Grivaan Imperium battle standard.::

Jennings: Both Statues hold the Federation Flag between them, this symbolizes two things, the reason why they fought and died for and what finally brought our two species together, Ambassador Sharpe.

Somers: Bloody Hell The guy is still a [...] wind bag, he puts Politicians to shame sheesh ::she said, aware that she could not be heard, suddenly Paul being called to the podium was a surprise.:: this should be interesting ::she quietly said to herself.::

Sharpe: Thank you Admiral Jennings ::he said and turned to face the assemble delegates:: Most of you knew Alex after she had left the Duronis II Embassy, by this time she had mellowed somewhat, but before Duronis II she was a wild-fire, she always got into trouble with her Senior Officers, she had a tendency to get things done her own way, while some of the time they worked, but when she was on a Starship things were different, having been there for most of her interesting encounters always brings a smile to my face ::he reflected a moment.:: But that was the past, this is the present, I would like to quote an old Human Prime Minister who spoke these very words in the Aftermath of the early 20th Centuries World War Two conflict the Battle of Britain, as in what happened here a year ago reflected what happened back then, I hope the symbolism is not lost on anyone?. ::pause, then he began:: “Never in the Field of Human conflict, was so much, owed by so many to so few”.

::Alex felt a lump coming to her throat.::

Sharpe: One final honour passage before I hand the stage over to the Grivaan Ambassador ::beat:: They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn them and at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them ::He said and indicated to a bugler who played the Last Post.::

::After a few minutes bowed silence he looked up.::

Sharpe: Thank You All, Ambassador Gr’taal ::he said using a Grivaan greeting motion with his hands.::

((End Dreamscape))

((USS Thunder-A – Sharpe/Somers Quarters – Present day))

::Alex awoke screaming.::

Somers: ARRRRGH! ::coughing and automatically regulating her breathing patters as she had been trained to do:: In the name of all that is good in the world, I thought this had finished back home, dammit ::she said getting out of bed on shaky legs and spotting the case of Klingon Bloodwine, walking over she picked up the crate and sat at the bottom of the bed and opened the first bottle and took a healthy swig.::

::She looked around the darkened room with dark thoughts as she began to cry once again.::


Marine Captain Alexandria ‘Red Vixen’ Somers (PNPC)Recon/Demolitions
Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder-A


(Dreamscape Characters)

Unnamed Politician (NPC)United Federation of Planets President
Sol Sector – Earth


Chancellor Torok (NPC)Klingon High ChancellorKlingon EmpireQo’noS


Ambassador Paul Sharpe
Ambassador to Qo’noS


Fleet Admiral JenningsCommand in Chief Starfleet Command
Sol Sector - Earth

Simmed by

Lieutenant Paul SharpeAssistant Chief Tactical Officer
USS Thunder-A/Duronis II Embassy

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