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PNPC Matthew Brice - Federation Man, Galaxy Defender


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((Matthew's Bedroom - London, England, Earth ))

::Sat in the dark and gloom of his bedroom, a small boy crossed his legs and pulled the covers over his head. Night Light zipped through the covers, phasing through it effortlessly. It was like firefly; a hologram hovering in mid-air and liked to follow him around the room. Night Light knew the purpose of the deed, such was his intelligence.::

:: Matthew's father had sent him the latest in novel history, the pinnacle of the realms of the imagined and the forefront of the Starfleet mission - the new Federation Man comic!::

::Carefully, he turned the padd on and started his journey into the dark underworld of the Federation aided only by Night Light, his sidekick.::

(( Space, Comic Universe ))

::The blackness of space stuck out like a carrot in a bag of turnips. Stars twinkled and flashed as a mysterious object floated past them, unnoticed by a cluster of meteorites and the occasional lump of space debris. Time seemed to standstill.::

::There was a great thud and a crash! Suddenly the mysterious object became aflame with bright burning embers! The blinding blue flash of a torpedo whizzed past and sank poetically into the hull of the mysterious object. It turned, trying to hold onto the stability drives as the structural integrity field began to collapse beneath the strain it was put under. As the light shone over the gun metal grey hull plating, the name of the object glimmered like a beacon of forgotten heroism.::

::The USS Defender exploded.::

((Matthew's Bedroom - London, England, Earth ))

::Matthew jumped at the final screen as it showed the beautiful USS Defender, the home of Federation Man and the pinnacle of all that was just and wonderful shattered like light into a pit of obscurity. His heart sank. What a way to start the new adventures! Matthew was enticed. He poked his head out from underneath the covers, Night Light darting out, illuminating the shadowy bedroom.::

::Satisfied there were no monsters, he ducked his head back underneath the blanket and read on.::

(( USS Defender, Comic Universe ))

::24 Hours Before...::

::The USS Defender floated seamlessly through the unknown sector, touching the intricacies that the universe had to offer as many souls on board spent their time on a little rest and relaxation. The light from a distant sun and moon glinted off the highly polished ablative armour, the forcefield windows glistened as they automatically adjusted the light to an acceptable level for those inside the vessel and the nearby planet shone in a blue hue.::

::Captain Robin Sharp stood beside the window, his arms crossed over his chest and he surveyed the glinting darkness. His ship cat, Duck, lay on the sofa, swishing his tail back and forth as he dreamt of mice scurrying along old mooring ropes. The feline stretched his back paws into the air, as though catching an invisible ball of yarn.::

Sharp: Night Siege

::A voice behind him echoed in the back of his mind.::

Lockstock: So, you want us to stay here, then, sir?

::Robin didn't smile, his face as stoic as a Vulcan's. His eyes a staunch frown.::

Sharp: Yes, I am connected to this place.

Lockstock: If you don't mind me asking, sir, this area of space is entirely unexplored; we needed Starfleet permission to enter here. Other than that wreckage off the port bow, it looks deserted. ::he bristled:: What is this place?

::The floating wreck of a vessel that may have once resembled a Federation starship floated in the distance, captured by space, unwilling to let it go. Robin narrowed his eyes and looked back.::

Sharp: This is where I died.

(( Argent Sphere, Comic Universe ))


::The ship groaned in the twinkling hue of the starts, flying with a whisper past the great star in the system. The vessel made of spires and spikes, composed of fire and brimstone, crackled through space like lightening through the sky. The engines roared brilliantly, deafening, rising to the sound of a violin string stretched across chasms that would never snap.::

Crazefury: The Federation ::he spat the words:: put their misguided faith in one starship to protect them. ::his fist curled:: We will CRUSH them slowly... painfully

::A fist slammed into the metal table, rattling it to the foundation bolts in the decking. The fists' owner growled, snarling underneath the black brim of the cap resting atop his dark hair, before speaking in voice that shook those present to their very core.::

Night Siege: Federation Man is mine. ::the words dripped like blood:: My plan is proceeding as expected. Sharp will investigate the wreckage and find what he has been looking for.

::The low guttural growl intensified, rolling out of his throat. A green light, a beam the width of a pencil shone onto the viewscreen windows of the dark Argent Sphere, creating a targeted ring around the wreckage and a shuttle with blue nacelles heading towards it.::

((Matthew's Bedroom - London, England, Earth ))

Gillian Brice: Matthew!

::The boy squeaked, pulling the cover off his head, his heart pounding inside his small chest. He looked up into the friendly face of his grandmother who was already tucking the covers back around the boy, taking the PADD from his hands and placing it down on the bedside table.::

Matthew Brice: But... but...

::She shook her head.::

Gillian Brice: No buts, mister. Bedtime. Federation Man can wait until morning.

::With a kiss to his forehead, Gillian left the room, the door closing behind her as Night Light sped across the darkness. He waited until he could hear the footfalls down the corridor before grasping for the PADD again, only this time he reread the letters from his father and his Kolla.::

::As his eyes started to drift to a close, he began to dream of being Federation Man, out there on the USS Defender, protecting his parents.::


PNPC Matthew Brice

Civilian, Child

Future Federation Man


As simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Ethan Brice

Research & Development Engineer

USS Apollo, NCC-71669

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