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Ambassador Tallis & Lt. Yael - Bros Before Woes


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((A Short Time Later - On the way to the Lounge))

:: Hands set behind his back, Ashley walked with Tallis down the corridor. ::

Yael: It has been some time, hasn't it. ::musing:: What have you been doing this past year?

Tallis: Euuuugh.... ::He tried to think of some kind of a cover story and drew a firm and resounding blank.:: Let's just say a lot of upheaval, but I'm glad to be back with Toni and all of you now, where I belong.

:: Perhaps there was some sense that Tallis didn't want to talk about it... and seeing as how Ashley had his own secrets to keep, he wasn't going to push the subject. ::

Yael: It's quite all right, I'm sure you've a handle on things. I think we've both had... stellar years, in some ways...

:: It came out sounding slightly sarcastic, and more cryptic than he liked... he didn't want to plant the thought in Tallis' mind that something was being hidden from him. It just turned out he wasn't a very good liar, so deflection was all he could really offer. ::

::Fortunately, it was taking Tallis quite some effort to keep from starting to think negatively and he didn't read anything into the comment other than what was on the surface.

Tallis: Oh? I'm sorry that things didn't work out too well.

::He had nearly always thought of Ashley as a younger brother and didn't like the idea of dwelling on things that would make him happy.::

:: They were stepping in through the doorway to the lounge, the doors sliding open at their approach. There were a few crewmembers enjoying the room, but it was sparsely populated, considering they were orbiting the homeworld of a majority of the crew. Most were probably out enjoying the sun and long-unseen family. ::

Tallis: So, if we've both had bad years, why don't we talk about what we're planning to do when we get back?

::He much preferred the idea of doing that than reliving almost any of the last year, save the wedding on the Tiger.::

Yael: I rather like that suggestion.

:: Choosing a table near the large walled window, Ashley pulled out his seat and waited for his Bajoran companion to do the same before sitting, ever the polite one. One of the few wait staff came over almost immediately as they sat, expecting their order. ::

Tallis: I'd like a cup of deka tea and a scone with moba jam, please.

Yael: ::skipping the food entirely:: Tomato juice. Thank you.

:: The drinks quickly supplied via the replicator, they were left to their own devices and conversation. ::

Yael: As an ambassador, what exactly do you plan to do on Duronis? Will you be involved with the local government? I have a tough time thinking of you as a civilian.

::It was still a little strange for him, too.::

Tallis: I have a feeling that what will actually happen is a little different from what I'm expecting will happen. I'm expecting to fill Boyd Lee's shoes, hopefully meet with Vail Daysa to help build some bridges and generally work to consolidate the Federation's reputation. You know as well as I do, though, that it's impossible to predict what will happen next on Til'ahn. I think that's where my Starfleet experience will come in handy.

Yael: That sounds like quite the job description. I hope you'll have some help with all that. Perhaps a local adviser chosen from the populace, to speak on behalf of local issues.

Tallis: And the advice of a trained counsellor. Have you done much diplomatic work before now?

Yael: ::eyebrows raising, then furrowing:: Only... well, I have acted in such a station before. In a limited way. I'd... of course I'd offer my aid, if you have need of me.

:: Though he couldn't say if Vail Daysa wanted him around, should he remember the previous year very negatively. Ashley had been accused of everything up to being a traitor and in league with terrorists, so his name might need to stay on the sidelines if he wanted to help Tallis. ::

Yael: I'd be happy to let you have the glory of our diplomatic victories, in that case.

:: Lifting the glass of thick, red juice, he slowly drank, trying to think of a polite way to say "no" if it was to be a more public appointment... but telling Tallis "no" was not easy for him to do. The Bajoran could simply *look* at him funny and he would probably melt into a worrisome puddle of extremely useful counselor goo, incapable of denying his friend anything he required. For some reason he'd always looked up to the man, and disappointing him wasn't on his list of acceptable activities. ::

::This time, Tallis caught something in the way Ashley had phrased his answer.::

Tallis: Don't worry, I wasn't planning on drafting you into an official position. ::He sipped his tea:: I think I'd just appreciate having someone with a sharp eye for details to run things by every now and again. This ambassadorial job is new to me and I want to make sure I'm making a good go of it. Otherwise it makes everyone's job that bit more difficult, right?

Yael: ::chuckling lightly:: I understand, certainly. I'll do everything I can to make you look good.

:: Another slight attempt at humor. It had never been the Denobulan's strongest suit, but he could get one in now and then. More so with those who could identify the slight change in his tone as he delivered the almost-entirely-serious comments he meant to be humor. ::

Yael: And when it begins to boil, disappear into the shadows and claim no knowledge whatsoever. Plausible deniability is the key to surviving politics, keep that in mind.

::The Bajoran chuckled to himself. That wasn't the first time he'd heard that piece of advice.::

Tallis: I'm with you. Apparently the skill to weave a web every now and again is going to be the key to staying ahead of the game. ::His thoughts turned to Ashley's current predicament.:: How do you plan on beating the crew into shape?

Yael: Hmm... ::he couldn't help an ironic smile::... the phrase is surprisingly apt. Do you have a large stick I could borrow?

:: But he waved it off with the rest of his bad humor. ::

Yael: It will be a process. Some... mostly the ones who already knew me... have already offered to come to me with some current troubles. It's good to see them willing to try to work things out.

Tallis: But there are still one or two who are a bit resistant, right?

Yael: Yes, the others... there are a few... I imagine you might be capable of guessing who, though I won't say directly... who appear to have made it their mission to break my will. I fear they don't realize they're in over their heads.

:: A slight shameless plug, but he was feeling better for the forward thinking conversation, so the bits of humor were coming easier to him now. ::

::Rhul grinned. He knew that if it came down to games then Ashley would be prepared to beam them out of their quarters and into the counsellor's office if necessary. The question was, did they?::

Tallis: You know, if we're lucky some of my command codes might still work. I could help you override a transporter module...

Yael: A crew-napping? It just might be necessary.

Tallis: ::Laughing:: Well, if any fingers come pointing in my direction then I can just claim diplomatic immunity...

Yael: You diplomats are all the same.

:: A slight dig, but with a light laugh. Trying not to let the mood change too much, Ashley went in for something he'd been curious about. As the moment they arrived at Duronis grew closer, he found himself wondering on it... or more appropriately stated... worried. Nothing concrete, more like the energy of the place. When he spoke, it was almost as if he were hoping the Thunder would be called out on orders. ::

Yael: Will we be beaming down as soon as we arrive at the Embassy? It may be that we have more business via the Thunder...? Perhaps we should make sure before we make our way through the Belt... since it limits the warp ratio and all.

::He had a point. It had now been a little while since the crew had been stationed at the Embassy; the Laudeans had been granted a chance to rebuild, but public opinion had a nasty habit of changing with the wind.::

Tallis: I'm sure Toni is planning to call ahead, but I'll recommend that we test the waters before we beam down so that we can see what kind of a situation we'll be beaming into. Whatever happens, maybe we should make sure we're with her in the advance party.

Yael: oO Crap! Oo ::not sounding entirely sold on the idea:: Perhaps we should do that... wouldn't want her beaming into an unknown situation, now would we...

::Rhul was confident that they would still be on good enough terms to be able to speak to their usual contacts just before their arrival.::

Tallis: I'm sure that if we contact Vail Daysa he will give us a frank report on the lay of the land. He's always been honest with us. I think he's been through enough as our ally that he's likely to stay that way.

Yael: ::quiet, but trying to allow Tallis' certainty to bolster him:: You're quite right, of course.

Tallis: You're worried about what we might find when we get back?

:: Purple eyes glanced up to Tallis from the half-empty glass of tomato juice, falling back down to it just as quickly as he thought on the answer. But he couldn't hide the hesitation. ::

Yael: After you left, there were... circumstances, which were none too pleasant. Though I doubt it compares to the Klingon attack, several of our crew were... assaulted, variously. Mr. Tindall was nearly poisoned, and certain members of the crew had become targets... among other things...

:: Among *many* other things, in fact. ::

Yael: I only hope we're... better able to protect our own from the unknown elements found there. If the same discontent exists as did before, or if they blame us for attracting the Klingons attentions to their world... there could be...

:: He wasn't sure how to finish the thought, and perhaps he'd given too much away, though he was careful with his tone. He didn't want to see those sort of things happening to his crewmates, no more so than he wanted anything happening to himself. ::

::Tallis nodded absently as he listened to Ashley's concerns. They were all well-founded and he could see why he was worried. He felt himself clenching up a little at the mention of members of the Embassy crew being attacked; that wasn't something he was going to just sit by and allow to happen.::

Tallis: ::Confidently and firmly:: We will be able to protect our own. We have a detachment of marines and I don't intend to let any bad deed against our crew go without chasing it through any and all available channels.

::There were certain people that went doubly for; the children and Toni first and foremost. Ashley's name was high on the list too.::

Yael: I believe you.

:: And he did. Except... what of the crew who were likely to go find trouble themselves, rather than simply happening upon it? They couldn't protect everyone all the time, especially the ones bound to get themselves into trouble, and very much with that express purpose. ::

:: He would know that quite well, considering... ::

:: But he shook his head slightly, as if to shake off the diminishing mood, and he reaffirmed the casual smile, looking up to Tallis again. And then he lied through his teeth. ::

Yael: I'm sure it'll be fine. There's probably nothing to worry about at all.

Tallis: ::Relaxing a little:: I'm sure you're right. A little optimism will go a long way with this I guess. And besides, I happen to think we make a pretty [...] good team.

Yael: How could I disagree with that? Captain Turner's lucky we're here.

:: Finishing off the last of his glass of tomato juice, he set the glass carefully back down onto the table. It clinked a couple times, but he ignored it. It was going to be fine, like Tallis said. And the staff would all be sane, and poop rainbows, and kittens would never grow up into snarky old cats. But the snarky images in his mind did go well enough to making the smile genuine. He knew they'd do their best, absent the rainbows. ::

Yael: ::changing the subject once more:: Do you plan to visit Earth again before we ship out?

Tallis: ::Shaking his head:: No, I think I'm done now. The only reason I'd go back down is if Toni wants to make one last trip. My home is on Til'ahn, as far as I'm concerned. How about you?

Yael: If you swear to never tell a soul... I've suffered far too much of my mothers cooking the past year. If we leave this instant it won't be soon enough.

:: His inflection wasn't one that said he disliked his mother, but rather that she could kill an army with her efforts in the kitchen. ::

::Tallis found himself chuckling again at the image of Ashley fleeing from an old lady wielding a frying pan.::

Tallis: Well then I guess you won't be complaining about having to eat replicated food, at least for the time being. Talking of food... ::a memory from a while back crossed his mind:: I believe you owe me some hasperat?

Yael: ::nodding:: That I do, don't think I've forgotten. And if I recall correctly, you're a fan of the spicier dish. I'll be sure to put your palette to the test.

::Remembering his own track record, Tallis's laughter intensified.::

Tallis: Alright, challenge accepted! Just make sure I'm nowhere near the brine while it's being made, or I'll be taking a trip to sickbay to have my eyes washed out!

Yael: Ouch... ::laughing lightly, waving it off with a hand::... we could cut to the chase, I could borrow a Marines mace and give you a good spray. It'll save me on ingredients.

::It would certainly be quicker than waiting for the inevitable eye-splashing accident.::

Tallis: That would certainly cut out the middle man. How about we see what the state of play is when we get there and arrange it for as soon as possible. It's been too long since I've had hasperat.

::And another chance to sit down and chat to Ashley would be greatly appreciated as well.::

Yael: Just say when, and I'll make myself available. But for the moment, I do have some crew resource management to work on. I'd like to have a plan in place before we reach the Embassy.

:: That being his plot to contend with the annual evaluations of an entire crew who had thus far gone unevaluated. ::

Tallis: Yeah, sounds like you have your work cut out. I kind of have to play things by ear once we get to Til'ahn, so if you need any help then just give me a yell.

Yael: Certainly. ::nodding as he stood:: That goes for you as well.

:: Giving Tallis a polite nod, as was natural for him to do, he tucked his hands behind his back and made way out of the lounge and to the Counseling Offices. He already had a few appointments in place for the day, including seeing Alice Hendon about a possible adoption. For Tallis, things were going to be relatively quiet; he was hoping to check in with the children so that they didn't have to spend time with the sitter for the whole of the trip back home. He had enjoyed talking to Ashley, much as they had both been reluctant to particularly catch up. He was already considering how he might tell him what had happened over the course of the last year the next time they met.::

JP by~

Ambassador Tallis Rhul
Embassy Duronis II
USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A


Lt. Ashley Deneve Yael
Embassy Duronis II
USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A

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