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MCapt Michael Valentino & 2ndLt Michael Hunt - Top Gun


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(( Space battle ))

:: With the two marines, Valentino and Hunt, flying in sync, the Klingons couldn't keep up with their movement. With Angelo using his guile and experience and Mike Hunt using his exceptional piloting and sharpshooting skills, it already led to the destruction of a B'Rel cruiser and a K'Peck corvette. Commander Vess chimed in. ::

Vess: ::Smiling.:: =/\= If yeh two keep flyin' like that, we'll be all out o' targets before long.=/\=

Valentino: =/\= Just get that Klingon ship off our tails and we'll do the rest. =/\=

Vess: =/\= We're on it. Vess out.=/\= ::To everyone on the Bridge.:: Yeh heard him. Let's take care o' tail.

:: The Rodimus Prime aptly drew the Klingon's attention and fire away from Valentino and Hunt. ::

Valentino: =/\= Ok Mikey, let's do this. Follow my lead to the next on. Evasive pattern Beta 2. =/\=

Hunt: =/\= On your mark Tino man. =/\=

:: The two ships were flying is extremely close sync, evading Klingon fire. The approached another Klingon K'Peck corvetter. They split the Klingon's attention and viciously destroyed the Klingon ship with impressively accurate firing. ::

Valentino: =/\= Let's send these Klingon's running back home! =/\=

Hunt: Yeeeeeee Hawwwwww!

:: Angelo checked his console and saw another B'Rel class ship. Angelo led the line, with Hunt following closely. Impressive flying by the marine pair. ::

Valentino: =/\= Approach the stern of the ship on the starboard side. =/\=

Hunt: =/\= Why the rear man? =/\= oO What is he thinking Oo

Valentino: =/\= Because the weapons on that side are damaged. Fire everything you have at that side. I'll draw their attention from the front. =/\=

Hunt: =/\= I'll tear it up like a tin can! =/\=

:: With the Klingon ship firing at Valentino, who approached from the bow side, he kept the damage to his fighter to a minimum by using sharp evasive techniques. With Hunt rapidly firing at the damaged vessel, it's shield on that side was destroyed also.

A couple of fighters would have no chance against a B'Rel class ship, but luckily, this one was very damaged. ::

Valentino: =/\= Nice shooting Hunt! =/\=

:: Valentino performed an impressive manoeuvre taking his ship sharply under the Klingon ship, continuing to fire at its underbelly and positioning himself next to Hunt. ::

Valentino: =/\= Fire at will mate! =/\=

Hunt: oO Just like when I was a kid on the Hun tOo =/\= I'll give em everything but the sink =/\=

:: The two small ships continued firing until the rear end of the Klingon ship exploded and broke off.So far, the two marines had led to the destruction of a K'Pek corvette, and 2 B'Rel cruisers. ::

Valentino and Hunt: =/\= Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! Oo (OOC: Just like Maverick and Goose say! Lol)

Hunt: =/\= So where you born this good or did you need to practice? =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Hahaha, thanks buddy! You know I was born this good! But seriously, couldn't do this without you, you're making me look good mate! =/\=

:: Valentino noted what looked like a heavily armed B'Rel class bird of prey. It was firing heavily on Federation ships and taking little damage. ::

Valentino: oO OK, let'd do something no one ever has. Oo =/\= Hunt, make your way to that B'Rel class bird of prey, the R'Ver. Make your approach erratic and from the port/bow side. Be careful and don't get hit! =/\=

:: Angelo has thought about the construction of the R'Ver. The necelle type features at the back of the ship didn't have much rotational weaponery and the shields were weakest there. Cue Valentino's imaginative ideas! As Hunt's ship approach the front of the B'Rel. ::

Valentino: =/\= Valentino to Rodimus Prime =/\=

Vess: ::Alucard tapped his console.:: =/\= Rodimus here, what do you need, Valentino? =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Commander, I need your firepower!

Vess: =/\= We have that in spades. What do yeh need? =/\=

Valentino: =/\= I need Lt. Sharpe to focus all his fire at the R'Ver. I have an idea. =/\=

:: The Commander patched Sharpe, who was working tactical. The comm system was open and Hunt was able to listen and pitch in. ::

Valentino: =/\= Lt Sharpe, approach the R'Ver from the stern side and focus all fired at the rear end of the ship. =/\=

Sharpe: =/\= Targeting required location, that's the weakest area if I am not mistaken =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Yes Lt. The shield is weakest there at the moment. I am approaching the R'ver from underneath. =/\=

Vess: =/\= What's yer plan, Captain? =/\=

Valentino: =/\= My Plan? I'm going to rely on Lt. Sharpe's sharpshooting skills and disable the shield to the back/bottom of the R'vek.

Hunt: =/\= That all sounds good Tino, but then What? Why the bottom of the ship? =/\=

Vess: =/\= Antimatter. =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Exactly sir, you took the words from my mouth, that's where the antimatter and impulse engines are stored. A recipe for a BIG explosion! =/\=

Hunt: =/\= But you don't have enough firepower to affect that area, even with the shields down. If you remain there to fire, the R'vek will just destroy you. =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Well...I'm going to slam my fighter into the underside and back of the R'ver. =/\=

Hunt: =/\= TINO! MAN THAT'S CRAZY. Commmander Vess? Tell him he's crazy! He has a death wish! Stop being a hero, Tino =/\=

Vess: =/\= He's right. Are yeh tryin' t' get killed?! =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Well, that's where I'm going to place my life in your hands Commander. =/\=

Vess: =/\= How so? =/\=

Valentino: =/\= Just before I make it slams into the R'Ver, you'll have to beam me out. =/\=

Hunt: =/\= See you soon Tino...I hope it not on the otherside. Hunt out. =/\=

:: With Hunt firing at the R'Ver from the bow and the Rodimus Prime from the stern, Angelo's ship was left unoticed. ::

Valentino: ::To himself:: You always have to be the hero! I better not die!

:: There remained a couple of K'Peck corvettes and a single B'Rel crusier. The B'Rel class ship waas soon to be no more.

Valentino timed his approach and concentrated on the console and the status of the R'Ver's shields. 75%....51%...35%...12%...0%. Lt. Sharpe screamed through the comm system to inform the whole fleet, it seemed, that the sheilds were down! Hunt's fighter pulled away and sped as far as possible. The Rodimus prime also turned. ::

Sharpe: =/\= You okay out there? =/\= ::Sharpe asked.::

Valentino: =/\= Thanks Sharpe! Nice shooting! I feel the need...the need for speed! =/\= (OOC: Another Top Gun tribute)

:: Valentino increased speed to maximum and targetted the underside of the B'Rel class ship.

The computer voiced the decreasing distance: 200km....150km....80km....10km....2km...

Valentino's fighter slammed at maximum speed into the underside of the B'Rel ship. The explosion was immense. ::


A joint post by;

Marine Captain Angelo Valentino

Duronis II Embassy

USS Thunder NCC-70605


2nd Lt. Mike Hunt

Duronis II Embassy

USS Thunder NCC-70605.

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