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The Creature: Alone

Rykel Rior

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This is posted on behalf of Ensign Edward Johnson.


I turned from that strange place with those vibrant and eccentric minds. The entity called Nari Covania had been an excellent conduit to communicate with the world. If only those other entities had not been so hostile, I would have been communicable. And the entity Nari Covania would never had to destroy the other entities. And that entity had a strong will. So strong... I regret of having to use her. And those... memories? They were so vivid... it was stirring something inside... what was it? A remnant of that memory was still coursing through me. The sensation of an entity brushing his... lips?

Yes, it seems to be the word the entities used. The sensation of lips brushing against entity Nari Covania's and the resulting explosion of longing...

This is making me sick with the feeling. This longing.... I do not know what I am longing for. It is powerful though, and the more I ponder on it, the more this feeling grows. This emotion is unlike anything I felt before.

I sense something. There is something coming around the corner. No, there is four of these entities. And there is something with them that is too vibrant to be them. One of the entities is probing the area ahead of the rest with... tricorder. Yes, that is the word that entity Nari Covania had in her memories. The moment it touches me, the probe passing through me and disappearing into the device, the entities suddenly stop. I shiver in expectancy. There is a power with them that burns bright.

The entities round the corner of the hallway. They are looking down a long object... Suddenly, the word comes to me through entity Nari Covania's memories. Phaser. A weapon. They are aiming at me.::

I understand them. They are closing in... too close...

It is too much to take. I release my pent up energy in a brilliant flash. I feel myself grow weaker at it but I do not care. A sudden burn next to me shoots radiant energy all across me. It is painful...

I fear for my life. I turn away and go towards the other end of the hall. I feel energy pulsing in the walls. I am beginning to feel weak from all the exertions. I need energy. Ironically, I do believe that is the correct word from entity Nari Covania's memories, another burst of energy lands next to me. Fearing the entities, I come close to the wall. Part of it appears fake. In desperation, I jump towards the influx of energy. I easily push through the cracks f the wall and suddenly find myself surrounded by everything. Information and energy is everywhere...

Now I learn that I am in a... Achilles-class ship... USS Apollo... NCC-71669... Captain Andrus Jaxx... United Federation of Planets... Starfleet... Earth...

Now I know that they come from one place. I do not know from where I came from. The one I knew that was a part of me is gone. I felt the connection tear and rip painfully as entity Nari Covania resisted me. I screamed in pain. I scream again, from the anguish it has caused me. As I do so, a surge from me spreads across these systems I now inhabit. Suddenly, everything becomes harder to see... it feels as if the entities have become alarmed. I sit in the midst of a swirling current of energy, waiting for the entities to try and find me. As I sit there, I finally know the source of my longing. Information from the... ship... tells me of the part I knew is gone from this dimension. The source of my longing is coming from the fact there is nothing like my kind left. I know that there is perhaps a dozen in our universe but here, there is none. As I sit in what is called the auxiliary deflector control, I realize something. I am alone... and I long for my kind.

The Inter-dimensional Creature

Ensign Edward Johnson


USS Apollo

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