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Round 4 JP: Lt Sky Blake and Ltjg Deven Zell - The Reunion


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((Zell’s Quarters - Deck 6))

Zell: Just a moment!

:: Another deep breath and a gaze out of the window later, he walked over and pushed the button to allow entry. The doors slid open… ::

::To reveal the only Brekkian Betazoid hybrid on the ship. She was wearing her gold tank-top and her black slacks and boots, her arms were crossed, and she was practically glaring at the Trill. But she smiled that angelic smile that told you “You’re in trouble”.::

Blake: Well Mister “I’m going to suddenly disappear off the face of the universe and then return without so much as saying “Hi” to his girlfriend”, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

:: Once again, Deven was aghast at the situation. He'd barely thought about the incident on the Bridge and remembered he'd planned to sleep on it before asking to talk with her... but that plan was now shot. He was scrambling in his head to find something to respond will... ::

Zell: I guess I do...

::She practically pushed past the Trill, and stood in the middle of the room, staring out the window, until she finally turned around to face him, the glare gone. Her arms seemed to be crossed uncomfortably as she stood there, looking at him.::

Blake: Look, if you didn’t want to be with me, you could have just . . . *told* me! I’ve been rejected for almost all my relationships, and another one isn’t likely to hurt anymore. Just tell me to my *face* that you don’t like being with me instead of disappearing and leaving me in a complete and utter *mess*!

:: The lashing out was expected. Thankfully the medication had worn off a bit more which allowed Deven to think a bit more, but he was now very scared... he had no idea how to explain the situation. ::

Zell: That's not what happened at all...

Blake: Then where the hell did you go?! Why didn’t you tell me you left the ship!? The *least* you could have done was leave a note somewhere on the system where I could have found it!

:: If he'd been the man he was once, there wouldn't have been a hesitation. This time, though, he second-guessed every word he wanted to say. It showed in his eyes as they darted around the room. The uncomfortable shifts in weight and the heavy breathing kicked in next. He tried to look her in the eyes but kept trying to focus elsewhere. ::

::The fact that he hesitated and tried not to think was proof that he didn’t want to talk about it. She sighed, and wrapped her arms around his neck, her nose lightly rubbing against his.::

Blake: Just . . . tell me that I am *not* dreaming that you’re here, and that you are actually here? Please?

:: Deven felt the same way... it wasn't until that moment that he felt he was really back and in Sky's presence. He relaxed and instinctively wrapped his arms around her, and then remembered she was in a fragile state. His touch was tender but also caring. ::

Zell: I'm here... but...

:: He closed his eyes to think of the words, but before he could say anything else a cool burst of air hit his left side. Deven jerked his eyes to the origin of the coldness and saw him... again. ::

Fitzpatrick: ~~You left us Lieutenant...~~

:: The green-collared terran was pale with dark, sunken eyes. His uniform was in torn in several places and an obvious burn left the man's right side badly disfigured. Deven's heart began beating and the heavy breathing started again. His hands clenched into fists as the terror took hold. ::

Fitzpatrick: ~~You left your post!~~

:: The Trill shut his eyes and let go of Sky. He dropped to his knees and started to hyperventilate as he tried to silence the Marine. ::


:: A sudden contraction from his stomach signaled he needed to get out, and Deven ran to the bathroom. The sounds of regurgitation were deafening. After it was over, the Trill fell back with his back against the bulkhead and sobbed with head in hands. Then he remembered Sky was still there. He looked over and there she was. ::

Blake: Deven? Deven look at-

Zell: ::crying:: I don't want to see them any more...

::The fact that he had flipped out back in the lounge was proof that something was wrong on its own, as was the sudden vomiting for no apparent reason. Now it was hitting far too close to home. Once upon a time, it was Deven in Sky’s position, trying to help the party that was hurt. Now it was the other way around, and this was no dream at all. This happened when they were both wide awake. She knelt down to his position.::

Blake: Deven, *look at me*. Don’t look at anything else, just look at *me*

:: He hesitated but finally complied,

Blake: Who’d you see?

Zell: I... ::sniffle:: I can't talk about it. They said I couldn't talk about it... classified by Intelligence.

Blake: oO [...]ed SFI. They’re ruining my life! Oo Look, if you can’t tell me who he is, describe him for me. Was he angry with you, was he trying to kill you, was he trying to touch you? Hell, picture him in your mind so *I* can see him if you want to.

Zell: ::still breathing heavily:: No, I can't Sky. It's too much...

Blake: Deven, I’m right here. He can’t hurt you, not when I’m right here.

:: The memories were beginning to emerge again... and it took everything he had to stop thinking about it. Random images of consoles spattered with blood, a small room flooded with red light, klaxons blaring at different tones and intervals... it was all so horrible that it seemed more surreal than real. ::

Zell: He didn't... I mean, I couldn't... it was just so...

:: Deven just trailed off and continued breathing fast. ::

Blake: He wants your attention. He wants to feel your fear when you look at him. You *can’t* give it to him, otherwise it will just worse. Now you need to slow down you’re breathing, you need to relax, and just focus on me.

Zell: I'll try...

::And at that, she practically dove into his mind to face a complete mess of a Trill. Through his eyes, everything seemed that little bit scarier, and his thinking process was marginally worse than what it had been when he’d last been with her. Most things were still blocked for some reason or another, but the ideas were more clear.::

Zell: Did you see?

Blake::She sighed.:: I think I’ve got a pretty good idea. StarFleet Intelligence or Security knock on your door when we’re on that diplomacy mission, you leave in perfect condition, told not to tell anyone or contact them – and I know you, you would have left a note at *least*. Something bad happens while you’re with them, something to do with the person you’re seeing, scaring and scarring you. You start seeing things, dreaming things that you don’t want to dream that turn into nightmares, and the only support that you got was from counselors that you didn’t know, and doctors giving you medication that you know nothing about or still don’t understand, more or less making the situation worse. You come back to the Mercury, for whatever reason I don’t know, still in bad shape mentally. ::There was a pause.:: Did I get it right?

Zell: ::finally calming down:: I think you have the basics...

Blake: Good. I’ll make your explanation for leaving. ::She grinned.:: Come on, let’s get you up. I think you’ve had a long trip – might be time to sleep.

Zell: You're probably right.

:: Before she could help him up, an automated message came through the Brekkian/Betazoid's comm badge. ::

Computer: =/\= Emergency, Chief of Security report to Strategic Operations Office. =/\=

Blake: Response

:: Deven forced a smile. He was a mess now on both the outside and in his head, but at least he knew he had some help. ::

Zell: It's ok. I'll clean myself up and go to sleep.

Blake: Response

:: She leaned in a kissed him on the cheek before rushing out the door. Deven, now alone again, took a few more deep breaths. He sighed aloud before once again talking to himself. ::

Zell: Threw up in front of a beautiful woman... classy as ever Deven. Classy as ever...


Lt. Sky Blake

Chief of Security

USS Mercury


Ltjg. Deven Zell

Chief Operations Officer

USS Mercury

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