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JP - (PNPC) Peiy and Davies - Onset Part 2

Alleran Tan

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Submitter's note: Sim by Evanna Blackwood and Jen Malcolm. Additionally, :'( :'( :'(

((Part 2))

((New Triage tent))

Peiy: Davies! ::It was a terrified shriek:: Do something!

::Her shriek jolted him out of his stunned paralysis. He lunged for a

supply crate, reaching in and grabbing the first thing his fingers

wrapped around, which happened to be a layrngoscope. It wouldn’t do

much against the knife, but it was better than being empty handed::

::The native’s eyes darted between the two mites. It was quickly

apparent that the blue one wouldn’t cause him any trouble. The noise

coming from it was making his ears hurt so he turned them back and

flattened them to his head. He moved towards the other one and

paused. It had picked something up that he’d never seen before. He had

no idea what it was or if it was dangerous. He didn’t pause long and

closed the gap quickly, raising the knife, preparing for a quick swipe

at the mite.::

::Having no other recourse, Davies lunged forward, hoping the knife

would miss him. He used his forward momentum to barrel into the

native and wrapping his arms around the native’s middle, they tumbled

to the ground in a tangle of limbs::

::The native lost his grip on his knife as he fell backwards to the

ground, caught off-guard by the quick, unexpected motion. He pushed

the mite hard and scratched at it hoping to get it off him and regain

the upper-hand. ::

::Despite the pain she was in Peiy tried to see what was going on. It

was very difficult to move so she wasn’t able to see what was going

on. She had to trust in Davies self-defence training and try to remain

as calm as possible. It was the most vulnerable and scared she’d ever

been, she couldn’t believe all this was happening. As far as she’d

been aware relations with the natives had been improving, so she

couldn’t understand what had brought all of this on.::

::Davies didn’t know which way was up. They rolled around, banging

against the side of the biobed. He grunted as a sharp pain flared in

his gut, but somehow in the frenzy he knew he hadn’t been stabbed. He

lashed out, wincing under the sharp fingernails. It was like wrestling

with a large dog, only there was nothing playful about it::

::The native spotted his dropped knife and scrambled to scoop it up.

The mite was stronger than it had looked and put up a good fight but

now that he had his knife back he was going to finish it. He lowered

the knife, meaning to plunge it into the mite and slice it right open

but was meeting fierce resistance.::

::Davies was no fighter. He’d avoided fights growing up by being the

class clown and he’d had no brothers to scuffle with. But he did have

a survival instinct and as the native got ready to plunge his knife

into his own soft parts, he kicked out, watching in surprise as his

foot landed where he intended and knocked the native off balance. He

scrambled to his feet and in a desperate attempt to finish things, dug

into the supply crate again. Where was the phaser?::

::Peiy was still feebly rolling about, twisting her head and straining

to see what was going on. Davies went one way and the native was

recovering from the latest blow, an unpleasant but effective kick. It

staggered back up onto it’s legs and crouched, making ready to lunge

at Davies.::

Peiy: Davies! Your back!

::It was his turn to get knocked off balance and as he fell the supply

crate tumbled down along with him, spilling its contents all over him

and the native. He pushed the native off of him again and started

hurling anything he could grab toward the other man. It was a

terrible strategy but his panicked brain was telling him to do

anything he could to keep the native away from him long enough to

scramble to his feet.::

::He pulled himself upright and found he’d managed to beat the native

to his feet. He kicked, aiming for the head, hoping to render him

unconscious. Pain shot through his leg and he felt his knee buckle,

but he grabbed the table and continued his onslaught, letting the

rational part of his mind be drowned out by his fervor.::

:: Peiy started to cry out in agony again, the pain was worse than

ever and it was lasting longer. She desperately hoped it would all be

over soon. She wasn’t aware of the dire condition she was in. The

minutes continued to stretch out and Peiy began to think the pain

would never ever end. She looked around for Davies. Was he even there?

Her breathing exercises were long forgotten and she was getting in a


Peiy: Help!?

::Davies panted and looked down at the still form of the native.

Somehow he’d managed to land enough kicks to knock him out. He

swallowed against the intense pain radiating up his leg. The native

had caught him with his knife right across his ankle. He gritted his

teeth, knowing that meant severed tendons. He tried to get back to

Peiy but couldn’t even step down on his foot. He hopped over to the

biobed, dragging his leg behind him.::

::He leaned his weight against the table and mustered up the best

smile he could::

Davies: ::panting:: How’s my girl doing?

Peiy: ::Strained:: Am I nearly done yet? ::Pause:: It’s sooo baaad.

::He laid a hand on her stomach. It was tight with a contraction::

Davies: I’m going to take a look.

Peiy: ::Cringing:: With your eyes I hope. ::Dreading the other


::He hobbled over to the supply table and spilled some of the precious

alcohol onto his hands, preparing for an internal exam. As he rubbed

his palms together he squeezed his eyes closed trying to push all of

his anxiety down::

::Peiy looked around, her eyes wild and darting. If she could only

move she would flee and take her chances elsewhere. Relief flooded

over her when she saw the familiar face and she pointed to the door.::

Peiy: ::Stuttering:: J jih jih jih Jen!

::Davies’ eyes snapped in the direction of the door, and he almost

laughed in relief, but the jubilation died on his lips as he watched

her stagger in. Half of her was covered in blood. He would’ve rushed

over but he knew his severed ankle would never let him make it::

Davies: Are you ok?

::Jen waved his concern away and headed straight for Peiy::

Malcolm: It’s not my blood. What’s going on here?

::She pushed her uniform sleeves up and reached out for the alcohol.

Davies passed it to her wordlessly and watched gratefully as she took


Peiy: ::Feeling a little relieved.:: Thank goodness you’re okay!

Please tell me I’m nearly done.

Malcolm: Let’s find out. ::She dragged a stool over and took a

position at the end of the biobed.:: Just hold tight for a

second. ::Jen raised her eyes:: Davies?

:: Peiy did not like where this was going. She was scared, exhausted

and in so much agony. The tears rolled down her face. She didn’t think

she could cope with any more and tried to squirm away from the two of

them. She shook her head and tried to tell them to stop but the words

wouldn’t come.::

::Davies pressed his hands to her shoulders::

Davies: Don’t worry, Jen’s fast.

Peiy: ::Whimpering:: Mhmm. ::Trying not to be so tense and failing.::

Please hurry.

::And while Jen wasn’t as fast as Peiy would’ve hoped, the exam was

brief. Having learned what she needed, Jen stood and peeled off her

bloodied outer jacket for the somewhat cleaner tunic underneath. She

wiped her hands clean on the jacket and walked around to the side of

the biobed to talk to Peiy::

Malcolm: Peiy. There’s no way you’re pushing this baby out. So, you

can just lay back and let me take over all the work, ok?

Peiy: ::Speaking slowly:: Take over? You don’t mean...? You can’t. Not

that. ::Sobbing:: Please...

::Jen laid her hand on Peiy’s arm::

Malcolm: Peiy, I have to. We talked about this being a possibility,


Peiy: ::Glum:: I know. ::Tears still rolled down her face, she was

gravely worried for herself and the baby. All she could do was lay

limp on the bed, even if she’d wanted she was too exhausted to be able

to push..::

::While Peiy came to terms with the idea, Jen nodded her head at

Davies to pull up the restraints. Though the biobed had no power to

run the force-field restraints, the engineers had retrofitted it with

straps. They were more of a precaution than a real need as Peiy

probably wasn’t going to be able to put up much of a fight. The sheer

volume of blood hemorrhaging from her was beyond any help Jen would be

able to give her, even if they’d had Bolian blood for a transfusion.

She’d known the instant she’d started her exam that Peiy wasn’t going

to make it through the procedure and all Jen’s energy was going to go

into trying to save the baby now, though her hopes were not high for


Malcolm: Don’t worry, Peiy. We’ll take care of you.

::Peiy struggled feebly but it was no good and within the next few

minutes she had passed out.::


(PNPC) Ensign Chris Davies

Medical Officer

USS Avandar

Simmed by Malcolm


(PNPC) Ensign Peiy

Tactical Officer

USS Avandar

Simmed by Blackwood


Lt. Jen Malcolm


USS Avandar

Edited by FltAdml. Wolf
Adding Round 3 prefix.
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