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[Round 16] JP: Lts (jg) Ashely Yael & Saveron


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((RIS Bolivia, crew quarters.))

::As the door of the cramped crew quarters slid shut Saveron spoke.::

Saveron: I have appraised Commander Tallis of your situation Ashley. ::The Vulcan said calmly.:: He will decide whether or not to inform Captain Turner.

:: Taking up a position standing next to the rack he intended to use, the Denobulan stood... and didn't move or speak. He knew this was coming. He'd known, and it still stung as if he hadn't. Eyes half lidded, feeling generally like [...], he still tried not to let the frustration and anger... and the fear... wash through him. Failingly so. ::

::The lack of verbal response from the Counsellor was disconcerting, as was the fact that Ashley refused to turn and face him. The Doctor didn't doubt that his friend had heard him.::

Saveron: I anticipate that he may choose to do so. ::He continued.:: The Captain is obviously aware that something is amiss. ::After all, she had virtually ordered Yael to get some rest.::

Yael: ::quietly, simply, after a moment:: So I surmised.

::Removing his quilted Romulan jacket and belt with it's holstered disruptor, Saveron hung them neatly from a hook on the wall and straightened the sleeves of the plain black shirt that he wore underneath. Without the big jacket he suddenly looked a lot thinner, and in the stark down-lighting faint shadows were visible under his eyes.::

::The Vulcan was troubled. Tallis had indicated that he had made an incorrect decision and suggested that his logic had been flawed. In light of the perspective that the FO had given him Saveron was concerned that he might be correct. Flawed logic was undesirable. He could either meditate on it - although such self-analysis could lead to the perpetuation of the error - or he could talk to his friend and Counsellor about it. Except that Ashley wasn't talking to him.::

Saveron: Commander Tallis found the current situation disagreeable. ::He revealed mildly, sitting down on one of the lower bunks. By now Ashley would know that Saveron used 'disagreeable' for any form of negative response rather than verbalize the emotion.:: He indicated that he felt I should have relieved you of duty in light of your symptoms; that I should not have permitted you to join the mission.

:: The response was released like a cord drawn far too tight springing free and snapping back. Ashley spun round halfway and his voice rose. It was purely motivated by pent up emotion, motivated by physical discomfort. ::

Yael: If you all think I'm so useless here then why did you?!

::Saveron's expression remained as blank as ever, but he stopped undoing the buckles on his boots and straightened up, watching Ashley as he actually yelled at him, grey eyes hiding what went on behind them.::

Saveron: I let you go because it was what you wanted. ::The Vulcan replied quietly, honestly.::

::There was the flaw, there was the breakdown of logic. He hadn't let Ashley go on the mission because it was what was best for the mission, or what was best for the Counsellor; he'd let him do it purely because he knew that Ashley would probably express negative emotions towards him if he didn't, and he had not wanted that. He had put personal considerations before professional ones.::

::Vulcans often found it hard to make friends, good friends, easily amongst other species; most found their manner disconcerting. Ashley was one of the few who had seemed prepared to overlook that, and Saveron valued his friendship. And yet in trying to do the right thing by him it seemed that he had done only harm. Tallis had been right.::

:: Unfortunately, the deeper concerns Saveron had were hidden to the counselor, who hadn't quite connected the dots as to Saveron's motivation for allowing him to remain on duty. Still, he bit back his angry outburst, countered effectively by Saveron's calm, quiet response. It did no good to be angry with a Vulcan, he knew that full well... somewhat impaired, it took him a moment to realize what he'd said, how he'd said it. ::

:: Swallowing it down with a valiant attempt to match the Vulcan's calm demeanor, it was only now that he realized how hard this was going to be in his condition. He needed to do *much* better than this if he wasn't going to prove them right, concerning his usefulness on this mission. Even more, look who he was yelling at... reigning in his contorted emotional state was not easy, though he tried. ::

:: He managed to pull together some small bit of sense. ::

Yael: I'd have hated being left behind... and here I am... blaming you.

Saveron: I believe that the relevant expression is '[...]ed if I do, and [...]ed if I don't'.

::There was no tone of bitterness in his voice, no expression on his face, but it was there in his words. With quick, economical movements Saveron stripped his boots off and lay down on the narrow bunk, pulling the blanket up and closing grey eyes. He found that he had no more will for angry discussions, and he had not slept in 48 hours. He might as well do something productive.::

::Gaev's real crew hadn't been crash hot on hygiene; it was perhaps fortunate that the Doctor didn't have much of a sense of smell.::

:: The silence that came upon the room was burdensome, almost physically heavy. Ashley sat back on his bunk, leaning on the edge on his hands. For some time he did not move. Saveron didn't move either, his eyes closed and intending to sleep, that much was clear. It was hard to think of what to say now, as he had already said too much. Still, after some few minutes of that foggy silence... ::

Yael: Saveron...

:: The sound of the door opening interrupted what sounded as if it might be an apologetic... or perhaps a pleading... tone, and purple eyes set on the darkened figured in the doorway, light spilling in from the hallway behind him. ::

Lieutenant JG Saveron

Chief Medical Officer

Federation Embassy, Duronis II

USS Thunder NCC-70605


Lt. JG Ashley Deneve Yael

Head Counselor

Embassy Duronis II

USS Thunder NCC - 70605

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