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[Round 14] BACKSIM AND JP: Lt JG Maya Gemini, ASCO & Ens. Tobias W

Nathan Baker

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OOC: This takes place the day after Parker's attempted strangling of

Ensign Walker...

(( Engineering))

:: Maya was on a mission. As much as she cared for Parker, she knew that

as a Starfleet officer, killing your crew mates was not something

condoned. On a Klingon ship, such a killing would be considered justice.

Her man could barely move this morning after the so called "workout"

with the Captain. Maya lived in two worlds, and she saw the two in very

close proximity, especially now. With purpose, she strode into

Engineering looking for Walker. Several noticed her, and some wondered

if there was going to be a repeat of the previous days' mayhem. Maya

wasn't here to kill Tobias..she was here to explain Parker to him the

best she could...and perhaps salvage some sort of relationship with him.

Men like Parker often stood alone..most too afraid to face him...[...]

cowards! She really needed to watch the Chief though...Martinez was just

a little too close for comfort..and although she was willing to share

Parker with Kamela,no others were worthy of him. She spied Tobias

working on an engineering console and she headed right for him...she

needed to get this over with.....

Gemini: Tobias...I need to talk to you...about Parker...

:: She could see the confusion in Tobias' eyes....was he wondering if

she was going to try to killl him too?

Tobias: Are you here to finish the job that Hannibal started?

Gemini: No...I'm not going to kill you. but if you don't find a place

where we can talk,I'll find a way to poison you where only your eyelids

will work...

:: Tobias motioned her over to a currently unoccupied office. Tobias sat

at the desk,while Maya stood before it..

Tobias: If you're not here to kill me, then what can I do for you,


Gemini:: staring straight at Tobias:: Do you really understand why

Parker wanted to kill you?

::Tobias paused for a second before he responded, after he thought about

the answer.::

Tobias: He believes that I'm responsible in part for his parent's death,

that I'm a traitor to starfleet. Is that the reason?

::Tobias realized that there was more going on with Parker than even he

knew. The anger towards him for killing Parker's parents was highly

misplaced. Parker was blaming him for everything that the Syndicate had

done wrong. Channeling all his anger towards the closest person to

him. There was more going on than Tobias could understand.::

Gemini: No...that is not the only reason he wanted you dead. I have seen

him kill before. You have seen him kill before. He is

merciless..quick... He wanted you to know something before he killed you.

Tobias: ::Rubbing his still sore neck:: I got the message.

Gemini: He, in is own way, liked you a lot. He..trusted you. And you

betrayed that trust. You disrespected his honor. You mocked him. I'm not

here to judge you for what you did...we have all done things we wish we

had not, and we will do so again. If this were a Klingon ship, you would

be dead.not for what you did,but because you were not honest with him

when you had the opportunity. Unless you change the situation with him,

you will always worry on some night he might still kill you.

::Tobias betrayed more than friendship and he knew it. But he also knew

that what was now common knowledge needed to remain a secret, sometimes

the wrong things needed to be done for the right reason. To destroy the

devil, part of him had to become the devil. And he hoped in the end he

wouldn't lose his soul.::

Tobias: I sleep with ghosts every night, Gemini, when I do sleep. So

there is nothing I can do to ease that.

Gemini: You must fight him.

Tobias: Not going to happen, he tried to kill me once, he is not getting

the chance again.

:: She could see the fear returning to his eyes at the thought of facing

an enraged Parker again..with no one around to stop him..be she knew how

to handle that...

Gemini: You must take your punishment for betraying him..a piece of your

[...] for the rest of your life..a life less than 24 hours ago he was more

than willing to take..

Tobias: Punishment I'm not afraid to take, but this will be a little one


Gemini: I am certain that you will find a non lethal way of evening the

odds....because I can still make my threat very real...

Tobias: I don't like threats, received too many of them the last week...

Gemini: Facing him and taking your punishment for your betrayal will

allow him to respect you..there is no other way. You could save the ship

a thousand times but it would mean nothing to him..in his eyes you would

still be a traitor. This is very personal to him...and you know why it

is. If you truly want him on your side,this is what must happen...

:: Maya studied Tobias for a few minutes,wishing she could see the

inside his mind to watch the wheels turning. She wasn't about to tell

Tobias that Parker was fighting the Captain each night to "improve his

temper". From the way things went last night for her man,this

enlightenment might take awhile...and also slightly weaken her man when

he faces Walker..

Tobias: And I have this desire to continue breathing at the end of each


Gemini: He will not kill you. He will beat you. Then the road back will

begin.Parker..Parker...is a man who would sacrifice himself for everyone

in the crew to save them. He saved my life...twice. How many times

during the fight on that rock did he save yours? Your men? His men? All

he asks is honesty. Give him what he needs. Soon.

:: With that,Maya turned and left the office. She did hope Tobias

understood what had to be done. Her man needed his friends, the few he

had. Mya looked over her shoulder as she left Engineering,noting that

Tobias had not left the little office yet. Hopefully, he will figutr it

out. She had done the legwork...now it was time to head back to her lab...

::Tobias sat in the chief engineer's chair, a lot weighing in on his

mind. He had to think of something and fast. He had been backed into a

corner and unlike Jubal, Parker had a diffrent set of rules, ones that

wouldn't allow him to bend. It would be over an hour before he left the

office with a plan that just might work.::


Lt. j.g. Maya Gemini Chief Science Officer

AS simmed by:

Lt. Hannibal Tiberious Parker,

Acting Chief Tactical Officer

Acting Chief Of Security

USS Challenger


Ens. Tobias Walker

Engineering Officer

USS Challenger - A

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