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[Round 9] Tressa & Cmdr Andrus Jaxx - Pivitol Moments

Alleran Tan

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(( Submitter's note: Part I ))

((Captain's Quarters, USS Victory))

::The door swooshed open and Jaxx found Tressa sitting at her desk. He unzipped his jacket and threw it on the sofa. He could tell something was bothering her, and wondered how long it would take for her to vocalize it. Jaxx was not in the habit of actively reading everyone's thoughts. It was something that he continued to improve on whilst living among other species. As for Betazoids, they were not as lucky. Around them, he did tend to stick to their sense of openness.::

:: Tressa looked up as the doors opened. Her anxieties flared, and she desperately tried to block out her negative emotions. She imagined a wall; a strong wall, that would keep her tears, and worries at bay. Purposely avoiding his welcoming eyes she smiled at him, and guilt ravaged her; this was the first moment they had alone together since before shore leave and here she was glued to her seat with fear; she couldn't even look him in the eyes. Her own returned to the desk in front of her. ::

::As the silence continued, Jaxx moved to where Tressa was sitting. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. It was a good night for him. The final step in his career had been achieved. The rank of Captain, and his own command was a goal he developed as he grew as an officer. Any officer that desires command fresh out of the Academy has no idea what they are wishing for. Slowly, he stood fully and walked to the replicator.::

:: The silence was just starting to become deafening when he approached her, and kissed her head. Just the sensation of his hands on her shoulders where enough to ease some of the tension she felt. it was amazing how he had that effect on her. Being close to him made her so happy, and his touch was enough to chase her anxieties. Tonight her worry could not be so easily chased away. She looked up as he spoke, but again avoided his eyes. ::

Jaxx: Vreeca. ::turning to Tressa:: Would you like something?

Tressa: oO I'll start with six bottles of brandy and we'll see how I feel after that... Oo

:: It was something she couldn't have, and she knew it. ::

Tressa: Just an icoberry juice.

:: She stood when he turned back to the replicator, crossing over to him to take the drink. She raised it to him, keeping her eyes on the cup. ::

Tressa: A toast, to Captain Jaxx. :: She smiled ::

::Jaxx smirked at the woman slightly. There was something that irked her, and he knew it. He decided to give it some more time. If she wanted to keep something to herself, she was able to do so. He tried not to remind her that he was empathic or could feel what she was feeling. He simply raised his glass.::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: Agreed.

:: She sipped the drink, keeping herself busy with it. Tonight was a good night for Jaxx, and she was reluctant to share her situation. But if not tonight then when? Tomorrow night? Next week? There would never be a time that Tressa would deem perfect, or ideal. The situation was not ideal and she knew her reluctance was only because the longer she didn't tell him, the longer she could pretend he wouldn't be upset.... she was terrified... so terrified of losing him. ::

::Jaxx watched as the Gideon woman became lost in her beverage. It seemed as the weight of the world was bearing down on the small Gideon. As much as he wanted to help her, or talk her through what she was feeling, he did not want to push her in any direction, especially away from him. He wanted her to feel comfortable coming to him, and pushing her would not foster the feeling he wanted.::

:: After a quiet moment she took a breath and started back to the desk, talking to Jaxx as she did. ::

Tressa: A- Andrus...

:: She paused at the desk and put down the glass, picking up a PADD instead and slowly turning back to him. Her emotions were strong, and she desperately tried to keep them under control; because she wanted to appear in control. ::

::Jaxx realized it was serious. The question was, how serious? He started to move in closer to the woman as she held the padd in her hands. The fact that it was here, and the way she spoke, it was not duty related. He looked at the woman in front of him, still not sure what to think.::

Tressa: I need to talk to you... :: She swallowed nervously, and began to walk back to him. her mind was in a dozen places... ::

Jaxx: I am listening..

:: She stopped a few feet from him, and looked down at the PADD in her hands. She tried to gather enough confidence to project into her voice. ::

::He watched her body language as she inched closer to him, but still out of arms reach. It was clear that something was on that padd. What it was remained a mystery, and he was slightly okay with that. The issue he had was with the emotions he could sense within Tressa. She was all over the place, and he feared if she did not calm down it would be bad for her.::

Tressa: I- I had my physical today... and-

:: She stopped... the wall was crumbling, she could feel her eyes misting... she wanted to run, she wanted to keep it from him... ::

Tressa: :: Quietly :: I'm so sorry...

::Jaxx looked at the woman and moved closer. If it had something to do with her physical it meant her health. He continued moving closer stopping just before her. He started to tense up, thinking he was about to lose her.::

Jaxx: For wha...

::In that moment Jaxx no longer allowed privacy. He reverted to the Betazoid sense of openness and in that moment he knew what Tressa was saying. In an instant he relieved her day and felt all that she had felt. Her thoughts and emotions were now as if they were his memories. He shared in the moment, and even though he was not physically there, he was a Betazoid, one glimpse into Tressa and he was there.::

:: Her voice was barely above a whisper and she wondered if her had even heard her. With a sharp breath she closed her eyes, closed them tightly, and tried to shut everything out as she focused on the words she needed to say. ::

Tressa: I- I'm... :: Another paused :: I'm with child.

::The words hit him even harder. It brought him from the warm feeling of being there when Tressa found out. The feelings were comforting to him and he was not nervous at all. Quickly he was pulled from these feelings and faced with reality. He was now the Captain of a starship and about to be a father. This was no place for children to be, at least not his own. He realized many officers made the choice, and he had even allowed them on the vessel, but at the parents request. Now he was in that situation. He could never ask Tressa to give up her career, and he was not willing to walk away from his. There was more to it, he would not walk away from his role as a father.::

:: There was a silence, and Tressa felt her ears burning from the intensity of it. Before Jaxx could say anything she continued, the mental wall she had envisioned to keep her emotions at bay was crumbling, and she could feel the first tear falling down her cheek. She kept her face down turned on the PADD in her hands, and tried to keep her voice even. ::

Tressa: I'm sorry, I- I know... I. This isn't- wasn't what I wanted. Because of my- of Gideon customs, I can't- options are... I'm keeping them... :: Her voice wavered and her hands gripped the PADD tighter. :: I- I just, want you to know, you don't have to- I don't want you to- to feel forced or- ... :: Her voice broke and another tear fell. ::

::Jaxx moved in a bit closer and put his arms on her shoulders. The padd in her hand was shaking as much as she was. What was she thinking? Why would she think that he did not want to be a part of their lives? Jaxx knew he loved Tressa, but they were words that came with a price. It was a price that had been payed dearly by women he loved in the past. Before today he was not ready.::

:: She wanted him to know he didn't have to stay. She felt it was her fault this had happened, and she would shoulder the burden... Jaxx, was a Captain, he was a busy man, they barely had time for each other let alone children... she didn't want him to trapped. She kept talking though tears were now cascading down her face, her shoulders had sagged and any hope she had of remaining in control was wavering. ::

Tressa: I- I'll be fine... :: She sighed heavily, and tried to straighten herself... :: I- if you can't, I- I un- :: Her voice broke again. :: I understand... and- :: A sob escaped and she moved the PAD towards him. :: I have com :: Her voice broke again :: transfer papers... it- it'll be easy- easier when they start asking questions...

:: She tried to straighten herself, tried to draw herself up, and show she was strong, and capable of handling the situation. For the first time during their exchange she tilted her head upward towards him, and try as she might her eyes flickered to his for the first time that day. ::

::Transfer? There was no way Jaxx was going to allow that. Running from a challenge was not something he was used to doing, and it was not the Tressa he fell in love with. He glanced down at her and into her eyes. He loved her more than life itself, and now there were three lives he would give his own for.::

:: How she loved those eyes, how weak she felt as she looked into them now. There were more silent tears as the wall in her mind crumpled, and she almost did with it. Her legs felt weak, and her emotions were plain to see. ::

::Jaxx looked deeply at the young Gideon. His eyes had misted over and he did his best to keep from letting too many stream down his cheek. As he looked at the woman, he put on his [...]y grin and took the padd from her hand. With a single motion he tossed the padd behind him and into the wall.::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: I deal with transfer requests in the Ready Room, not my living room.

:: The PADD hit something... the wall or floor, but her widened eyes were on Jaxx. His eyes were misted and a few had fallen down his face, though his characteristic smile was in place; it was reassuring. Biting her lip her eyes dropped. Her next word was a mumbled. ::

Tressa: Andr-

::As Tressa started to speak, Jaxx put his finger over her lips and smiled.::

Jaxx: My turn, you listen.

:: Tressa quivered slightly; both because of her uncertainty of what would be said and because of his touch. She turned her red, misted eyes upward to his. ::

::When he got her full attention and her eyes were back to his, he removed his finger. He slid one hand to the side over her face, and the other to her tummy. He was not a man of many words when it came to matters of the heart, but he spoke what was there waiting to be said.::

Jaxx: Tressa, I love you. If you think for one moment I will not be there for you, or my children...you are out of your mind and I will have the Counselor remove you from duty, then I will place you under the supervision of a responsible member of the crew for observation...someone like...me.::tilting his head slightly::

:: Her eyes brimmed with new tears, though these were very different to the ones she had spilled earlier. Her body was warmed with contentment and elation at his words... not only would he stay, but he had spoken the words neither of them had been able to previously. Her mouth twitched at his joking, it was so like him, but she remained silent as he continued to speak. ::

::It was his attempt at humor, at least for the moment. It was a defense mechanism for him, it was a way to deal with real world issues. If you take the importance out of something the choice becomes easier to make, and there is less of a chance you made the wrong one.::

Jaxx: We will make this work, I do not care how hard it is. I love you, and together we will raise these children. I was sorry this happened two minutes ago, but now I am overjoyed.

::He wrapped his arms around Tressa. He truly believed those words. There were many things that needed to be done, but there was one that would come first. There was an opening at Starbase 118, and if he pulled a few strings he could snag the command. It was good for the children, but a huge undertaking. There were only 162 StarFleet personnel on the ship. The station housed over 119,000. It was clearly more work, but less travel. He would be home every night with the kids, and Tressa could actually get more done in her field.::

:: He took her in, and she went willingly. There was no safer place than in his arms, and at once she felt his warmth. Her hands gripped at the formal, white shirt he still wore as she buried her face in his chest, holding on as though at any moment he would disappear or she would awaken from a dream. ::

:: As she held him, and breathed in his familiar scent, the tears slowly became less. In that moment she realised how badly she needed him. When she was weak he held her up. Through her injuries and doubts he was always there for her, and now more than ever, she was thankful. ::

Tressa: :: Huddling into him :: I love you, too. :: She meant it. :: I was just so scared of losing you...

Jaxx: I know, but it is okay. I am not going anywhere.

Tressa: It's just... you're smart, attractive, successful... it's so hard to believe you've come this far without a woman on your arm and a family by now... I figured it was something you didn't want... I didn't think you'd...

::She brought up a good point. He was engaged a couple of times, and liked to be emotionally unavailable. His career had always come first, and he had goals of reaching Captain before starting a family. They way he looked at it, they happened at the same time.::

Jaxx: Want them? Yes. Ready for them? No. I did think I would have more time to be mentally prepared, but I guess it will have to happen in a matter of months.

:: Tressa turned her face up to him, her expression was soft, though full of turmoil. ::

Tressa: I'm still so unsure... I'm young, I have no idea what to expect, I don't know of any half Gideons, I'm afraid of what my family will say. Everything is just so...

:: She stopped and shivered, turning her face back into him and wrapping her arms around him. Tressa held him tightly never wanting to let him go. ::

Tressa: And then there was you... and I was so scared... I love you, Andrus. You've done so much for me, I feel things for you I never thought I could... and children are such a huge change...

Jaxx: ::smiling:: Yes, but change is good.

Tressa: I have no idea what I'm doing.

Jaxx: ::laughs:: We will figure it out as we go.

:: Tressa looked up at him again. She was still unsure and anxious, but her emotions were no where near as bad as they had been. With Jaxx here she felt calm, this was her favourite place; in his arms. ::

Tressa: I thought Kali was having a joke with me when she first told me...

::That would be a joke she would play on Jaxx. It would not be so funny when it was a woman. He smiled down at the Gideon.::

Jaxx: She would never do that to you...

Tressa: :: Nodding :: I think I made her use every tricorder in Sickbay. She was really good, even got-

:: Tressa stopped and her eyes widened slightly; the recording! Would Jaxx want to hear it? She parted from him slightly, feeling somewhat excited, and fished around in her pocket, until she found it. ::

Tressa: :: Quietly :: This is a recording. :: A slight smile... it was tiny. ::

::Jaxx realized what she had in her hand. The sound would solidify the thoughts and feelings, but it was something he was looking forward to. He glanced down at her hands, then back to her eyes.::

Jaxx: Is that what I think it is?

Tressa: Their hearts.

Jaxx: I would love to hear it.

... .... ...


Lieutenant (JG) Tressa

Chief Science Officer

USS Victory


Captain Andrus Jaxx

Commanding Officer

USS Victory

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(( Submitter's note: Part II ))

(( Captain's Quarters, USS Victory ))

:: Tressa moved back to the desk and loaded the small file. Soon the familiar sound was echoing around them. The young Gideon closed her eyes as the same feelings arose from earlier. The need to nurture, to protect... hearing their hearts was so much more real to her. She opened and turned her eyes to Jaxx, wondering the effect the tiny hearts would have on the Betazoid man. ::

::The sound through the room was a joyous one. He could feel his eyes misting up once more. The thought of having children was so far out of his mind a few hours ago. Now, as he stood in the room looking at Tressa and listening to the hearts of his unborn children, he felt proud. He was so in love with Tressa, and if he could have children with anyone, he was glad it was her. He couldn't wait to share the news but with who? Jaxx knew his parents would not take the news very well. His father would be alright with it, but his mother would be furious. She did not like the Human, and she would surely not like the Gideon.::

Jaxx: I love you, and I am happy for us. ::placing his hand on her stomach he smiled:: My legacy...

:: Tressa smiled, genuinely for the first time in a while. He was happy, and the more he smiled and gushed over her condition the better she felt. When he touched her tummy it brought her more happiness than she thought possible. The better she felt, the more clear her thoughts became, and with them came new realisations. ::

:: Yes, she loved Jaxx. That she knew. They were living together, and she wanted to take their relationship as far as it would go. Children would be a step that she would want eventually, it had just come sooner than she could have anticipated; and if this was something she wanted with Jaxx it might be their only chance. ::

Tressa: :: Smiling :: I love you too. :: She placed a hand over his where it sat on her tummy. :: We'll be okay. :: There was only a slight amount of uncertainty in her voice. ::

Jaxx: You have had a rough day...let me draw you a hot bath?

Tressa: You don't have to...

Jaxx: It is the least I can do. I will replicate some fruit if you like, I could move a chair in and sit with you to keep you company if you want?

Tressa: :: Nodding :: I want to be with you now.

:: She followed him and every so often held him while he worked. When the bath was done she undressed and slipped into the warm waters while Jaxx went to the replicator. She soaked in the relaxing waters, every so often looking upon her flat abdomen. The warm waters helped her relax further, and by the time Jaxx returned, she was feeling much calmer. ::

Tressa: :: Turning to him :: I have to tell my family...

Jaxx: ::nodding as he sat:: I would suppose so.

Tressa: Tradition. New life is the greatest wonder for my people. It's a time of celebration, and joy. First the partner is told, then the families, then the village.

::It sounded so simple, yet it was far from it. Jaxx knew that they had a road full of obsticals ahead. It did not worry him, because in the end he loved Tressa and he would love their children. If he had nothing else in his life, he could be happy with just them.::

Jaxx: Yippie...the whole village.

Tressa: ::Laughing :: Upon the birth of a child, the village will often celebrate for days. Longest I've attended lasted 5 days.

Jaxx: ::quizzically:: Days? That is a little too joyous. ::laughs::

Tressa: :: Smirking :: my people are never too joyous when a new life is involved... besides, my family may not be laughing with joy...

Jaxx: I can imagine.

::Jaxx watched Tressa 's smile slightly fade as she looked at him. It was clear that something serious was on her mind, and he pulled his chair closer.::

Tressa: :: Grimacing :: My aunt may try to kill you.

Jaxx: I can alert security? ::smirking::

Tressa: I said 'may'.

Jaxx: ::smiling:: I know.

:: She giggled; but regardless of her condition she was not ready for her family to meet Jaxx. Especially her incredibly overprotective aunt. ::

Tressa: I know my parents will never leave Gideon... so you don't need to worry about them at least... I'm sure they'll only hate you, at least until they're born. :: She traced a finger over her stomach. ::

Jaxx: Well, then our first trip to Gideon together can be after their birth.

::Jaxx began to think even more. As if it was not already enough that he was promoted and informed he would be a father of twins on the same day, but now he had the anxiety of not just his own family, but hers as well. He wondered how best to prepare Tressa for his family. He was willing to do whatever it took to keep Tressa, but his family could be unbearable. His father was not as bad, but his mother was rude and did not care to filter her words before uttering them. It would definitely not be a fun meeting.::

Jaxx: Perhaps we will take leave and travel to both Gideon and Betazed. Although knowing my mother and father...they will find an excuse to check in on me before I am ready to go home.

Tressa: :: Smiling :: Oh? They like to keep an eye on you do they?

Jaxx: ::smirking:: My father in on the Federation Council...there is no place a StarFleet Officer can hide from an Ambassador. Besides, I am not worried about him. It may take my mother some time to warm up to you. I will apologize for her behavior now, the problem is not that you are Gideon, the problem is you are not a Betazoid.

Tressa: :: Nodding :: I understand. My parents are the same... ::She fell quiet for a moment. ::

::Jaxx pondered their situation for a moment. At the end of the day, they were each in the same boat. The only difference was going to be the weight that Tressa gained. Neither family would be very accepting of their child's mate.

Jaxx was in it for the long haul, and would not be scared away. Besides, they could only hate him while he was there, and as a StarFleet Officer, he was never away long enough for it to matter to him.::

Jaxx: We will get through it, no worries.

:: Tressa looked up with a small smile on her features. She was sure they would. A few moments ago she would have been a mess, but now; Jaxx's strength was her strength his happiness was her happiness. ::

Tressa: Hey, with you by my side I could take on the Borg :: she giggled ::

Jaxx: ::smirking:: I would not recommend that.

:: Tressa smiled at him. Her family would be another hurdle in their relationship, and it was one she would have to deal with sooner than she would like; but for now she was happy to relax in Jaxx's presence. He was the man she

loved and the father of her children. The thought, once so frightening and distressing for the young woman was easier for her to contemplate now. Jaxx was here, he would remain here. They were going to be okay. ::

Tressa: Andrus?

Jaxx: Hmm?

Tressa: I'm somewhat excited. :: Her smile was a bit bigger. ::

::Now that the shock had begun to wear off, he too was feeling a bit more excited. For him, it was the unknowns. Would they take after Tressa? Would they be able to use telepathy? How fast would they grow? He had no clue what was in store for them, all he knew was that he could not wait for it to happen.::

Jaxx: Me too.

Tressa: Well, I was just thinking. Your life is so short, if this something we wanted to do, it would have to be sooner rather than later...

::She was right. Compared to her, Jaxx would live a much much shorter life. The life span for a Betazoid was only 100-115, and with over a quarter of it gone, he realized he still had some living to do.::

Jaxx: I agree. ::smiling::

:: She leaned over the edge of the tub and pulled the Betazoid towards her, kissing him when he was close enough. ::

Tressa: :: Quietly :: We're going to have a baby... two... :: She felt a jumble of excitement mixed with nervousness. ::

Jaxx: Yes we are....proud parents. ::smiling::

:: She gave him another kiss over the edge of the tub, and rested her head against his. For the moment she was happy to remain there with him. She soaked up the warm water, the silence, his presence... she enjoyed the serenity of the moment, if only for the moment. ::

::The mood in the room was more relaxed. Tressa had become the woman that Jaxx fell in love with, instead of the comatose wreck that was sitting at the desk when he arrived. The initial shock was gone, and in the end it was not a bad idea. Preserving life was his job, why not create it?::

:: It wasn't long before she decided to remove herself from the bath, she wouldn't have minded if Jaxx joined her in the calming water, but she doubted the two of them could be comfortable in the small tub. She wrapped a towel around herself and stepped over to Jaxx, once again wrapping her arms around him, holding him tight and close ::

Tressa: I'll call my family tomorrow...

Jaxx: I will notify mine when I have time.

::Jaxx had every intention of doing it sooner, rather than later. If he kept this from his mother for too long she would kill him. It would already be rough on his mother when she found out. The period to term was much different between Betazoids and Gideons. If Tressa carried for her term, which was his assumption, it would be four months shorter than his mother was used to. So he did not have much time before he had to break the news. Jaxx knew his father was too laid back to care. He would be happy for grandchildren, and probably Jaxx's only ally on the home front.::

Tressa: Do it when you're ready. tradition says I should notify my family soon; but you are not bound by Gideon customs. :: She smiled ::

Jaxx: Yeah, well...::placing his hand on her belly:: I do not have much time. ::winks::

Tressa: :: Nodding :: I'm going to visit Sickbay often, keep an eye on their growth rate... :: Yawing :: .. Try and figure out what we have here. :: She gently patted her tummy, and turned her tired eyes briefly to it. ::

Jaxx: Ready for bed?

:: Tressa smiled. He didn't need to be telepathic to figure out she was exhausted. The day had been long and she was mentally and physically tired. Tomorrow she would be dropping by Sickbay to see Kali again and try to figure out a plan for where she was heading... then she had to meet the new cadet in her department... it was going to be another long day for her. ::

Tressa: :: Smiling :: Definitely.

::Jaxx moved back to their bedroom and took off the rest of his uniform. When he was down to only his boxers, he jumped into bed. Once he was settled, he pulled Tressa in close to him, wrapping his arms tightly around her. The day had been an emotional roller coaster, attaining his career goal and finding out he was to be a father...it was a rough ride. Jaxx continued to hold Tressa as he thought of the changes for their future. He had to call in a few favors, to get transferred to a starbase. Then there was his crew...Sidney had just said how great they were. Perhaps he could call in a few more favors and get his officers transferred with him. His thoughts raced and quickly exhausted what mental capacity he had left. Slowly he drifted to sleep, clinging to him the three things that mattered most.::

:: Tressa was relieved about Jaxx, though anxious about the children. She was unsure of what her childrens futures were.. would they have her ability to regenerate? Her long life span? Jaxx's Telepathic abilities? Or his empathic ones? She din't know what to expect.. but Jaxx's support made the situation easier for her to handle. With him and Kali with her she was sure they could get through whatever surprises parenthood and the unusual children could throw at them. Huddling into the warmth of Jaxx's arms Tressa soaked up the moment and allowed her eyes to drift close. Thoughts of the day she would have tomorrow and the many that would come after it were enough to drain the rest of her energy and soon she rifted into a restful sleep. ::


Lieutenant (JG) Tressa

Chief Science Officer

USS Victory


Captain Andrus Jaxx

Commanding Officer

USS Victory

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