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[ROUND 2] Doctor Zhou: A Serious Meeting about Serious Business

Alleran Tan

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((Main Sickbay, USS Independence-A))

::It seemed to be a typical day in sickbay. Chief Medical Officer Tenzin Zhou was giving some last minute guidelines about the operations of the Independence's medical facilities to Nurse Faryul. They were engaged in their usual banter, with her teasing him. It would all have been typical except for the doctor's clothing, which was decidely not Starfleet regulation and was the current object of the nurse's ridicule.::

Zhou: I really don't see what's so funny about it.

::Faryul tried to stifle her laughter by covering her wide grin. She was only partially successful.::

Faryul: I'm sorry, doc. You're right. There's nothing funny about your manbag.

::The doctor frowned.::

Zhou: Ah, aren't you ever the mature one, Nishal.

::The nurse just smiled back innocently as the doctor continued.::

Zhou: Well, I checked, and this "manbag" is considered highly useful for the modern backpacker, and the shopkeeper on DS17 told me it's quite the trend back on Antica.

Faryul: The poor Anticans. Someone should let them know.

::Zhou ignored the bait and walked towards the biobed of "Jane Doe."::

Zhou: Anyway... anything new to report?

Faryul: ::stepping up to the biobed beside Zhou:: Nope. Sleeping Beauty remains fast asleep.

Zhou: ::turns to his nurse:: Earth fairy tales are another one of your interests?

Faryul: ::gives a puzzled look:: Earth fairy tales? What are you talking about? The Sleeping Beauty and the Prince of Dreams is one of the greatest works of Bajor.

Zhou: ::returns the puzzled look before smiling nervously:: Ah...yes...the Prince of Dreams...anyway, I don't suppose she responded to any of the other treatments.

Faryul: Well, you could always try giving her a kiss.

Zhou: Ahem.

Faryul: Don't worry. I won't tell your wife.

::The doctor furrowed his brow and tried to give his nurse a look of disapproval, but she simply stared back at him with her usual smile. Finally, he relaxed his frown and sighed.::

Zhou: ...okay. I'm going to leave now. You know I promised Mitul the day off, and until the other doctors show up, sickbay is in your care. Please don't make me regret that.

Faryul: I know. You already have too much to regret. Like purchasing that manbag.

Zhou: I'll miss you, too, Nishal.

((Outside Ehlanii's office))

::Doctor Zhou was worried he would be late for the meeting. Too much chatting with Nishal, he noted as he arrived at the first officer's office. From afar, he saw the pink hair of Lieutenant Walker, and the doctor waited as the assistant chief engineer walked up to his side and right outside the door as well.::

Zhou: Lieutenant.

::Zhou wasn't sure if he should bring up Romulus or not and decided to be cautious and avoid the subject. He allowed the Lieutenant to ring the chime. The door opened and a voice greeted them. Zhou simply nodded in acknowledgement.::

Kobylarz: Welcome to the party.

Ehlanii: We're almost all here.

::Within moments, Ensign Stark arrived.::

Ehlanii: Good. We can get started. We'll have one more joining us, a Marine Sergeant Somers, but she required time to change into civilian garb. ::She rubbed her forehead ridges.:: Our job is to determine the FTU's contact on the surface and locate them. We'll be beaming down here.

::The First Officer turned her PADD towards the assembled team::

Ehlanii: I'd like to hear some ideas.

Kobylarz: Well the obvious one would be to walk in there and ask the local bar keep for the local drug dealer...

::The commander nodded, a slight smile on her face.::

Ehlanii: A good idea, Mr. Kobylarz. Any others?

Stark: Some surveillance wouldn't hurt. Watch the area we know the activities may take place.

Zhou: Storing drugs like these would require a secure facility with the proper preservation tools. We should look for installations that seem to be drawing a higher amount of power than the surrounding area, especially those that seem a bit remote. I doubt they'd try to operate in proximity to the colony's main population centers.

::The chime rang and without looking up, Karynn answered.::

Ehlanii: Enter.

K. Somers: All ready Sir. Greetings Sirs, I must apologize in advance, I am not trained in the finer arts of conversation, I never wanted to or attend Starfleet Academy, so if my speech is a little different, please be aware that I am actually nervous.

Kobylarz: Nervous? A marine sergeant?

Ehlanii: Glad to have you with us Sergeant Somers.

K. Somers: Thank you Sir. To answer my last comment, I am not a novice in away missions, it is just my first time doing such a mission from a ship with the reputation that the Independence-A has, its has me kind of edgy. ::She held her hands up in surprise.::

K. Somers: I have heard nothing but good things about the ship. ::beat:: Also the message I got from Marine Captain Somers did not mention anything about Civilian clothing, going from the brief message she sent and reading between the lines, I think she had an argument with someone and was feeling embarrassed. Do you know anyone who she has the occasional heated arguments with Sirs?

Zhou: ::looking at the others:: Um...

K. Somers: So again I am sorry for my prior lack or readiness, I am covering all aspects, I will shut up now.

Ehlanii: ::clears her throat:: Mr. Somers, this is neither the time nor the place for a discussion on who your sister argues with.

::An uneasy silence fell upon the room.::

Zhou: oO Sweet mercy, do I hate meetings... Hmmm, is this bag really that ridiculous looking? Nishal was just kidding right? Sometimes, I wonder what's going on inside that head of hers, especially when she mentioned that time when she- Oo

Kobylarz: Light load you got there, hope you brought a change of clothes we may be there a few days.

K. Somers: ::Looking at the Lieutenant with a smile:: I have a one-piece matte black Marine Spec Ops jumpsuit under these clothes Lieutenant, it is a self sufficient unit and a custom made one, it will shrug off any dirt or such and will keep my body dry and warm should I end up in liquid...

Zhou: oO I wonder what kind of food they'll have down there. Oo

K. Somers: ...So I can easily wash my other clothes...

Zhou: oO Actually, a drink wouldn't be bad either. Lieutenant Kobylarz mentioned a bar, didn't he? Maybe I'll tag along with him. Oo

K. Somers: ...besides Sir as a Marine we are taught to make do with what we have. If we had time I would briefly tell you of this onetime my unit was on an extended Recon mission...

Zhou: oO Mmmmm, bourbon. Oo

K. Somers: ::playful sigh:: ...but that's a story for another time.

Ehlanii: Yes it is, Mr. Somers. Right now we should turn our attention to the task at hand as we're already behind.

Zhou: oO Sweet, sweet bourbon... wait, what? Oh! Oo ::looks around and clears his throat:: Yes, please continue, commander.

::Ehlanii began speaking again, giving orders, and Kobylarz and Somers had another discussion before the commander interjected.::

Ehlanii: I think its time we head to the transporter room. Mr. Somers, briefly our mission is to locate the FTU's contact on the planet. Let's go.

Zhou: Lead the way, commander.

::And with that, the doctor followed the commander to the transporter, leaving thoughts of sweet bourbon--and his manbag--behind in the commander's office.

Lieutenant Tenzin Zhou

Chief Medical Officer

USS Independence-A

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