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[ROUND 2] Lieutenant Katy Orman - She seems like such a nice person

Alleran Tan

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((USS Victory, Deck 9, Katy's Office))

::It had been the toughest meeting of her Starfleet career so far; she'd had

to say things that she hated hearing come out of her mouth. She had not

dared hope for the level of support she'd received from both men, and it was

making her a little emotional. She did her best to stay in the moment, the

better to ensure that she held together through the remainder of the


Orman: Questions, gentlemen?

Rais: Only one. Are the Romulans going to be solely confined to Deck 9?

Moving the armoury should be easy- I can get offduty helmsmen, along with at

least a couple of Operations officers to help with that- it's just grunt

work. Heck, some of them could use a little exercise.

Orman: ::steepling her hands in front of her as she leaned back in her

chair:: I am going to recommend that they be confined to 9, plus the cargo

bays. I might be overriden, but that's the plan. I think it's safest for

all that way.

Shepard: As soon as you make assignments of crew quarters, I can begin the

move out of Deck 9. In the mean time I can help move security.

Rais: And... what about our failsafe, ma'am? If there is a large scale riot?

I was thinking... I was thinking of an anesthetic gas. Problem is... if we

have sick, injured, elderly- it'll probably kill them. But the same dose...

well, a healthy young adult female or male will probably be able to still

function. Alternatively, we can crank up the gravity- to much the same

result, unfortunately... forcefields work well, but if there's a stampede

they'll just get crushed...

::He shut his eyes. Katy noted with approval that he seemed very unhappy

with the means he was suggesting, but was willing to offer them up anyway.::

Orman: Let's consult with Medical on the gas idea. ::she stared into the

air near one of the top corners of the office for a moment, considering.::

Perhaps they can come up with a breathable sedative that would be broadly

safe but effective.... ::looking back down at Radi:: My, preference,

though, is to use a low dosage released if things get heated; dosed not to

disable but to make them sleepy, sluggish. A riot can flare very strongly,

but it needs fuel to keep it burning, and if we pinch the fuel hose, so to

speak, I'm thinking it should burn out quickly as well, before it gets too

much inertia.

:: Radi nodded. ::

Rais: And... as long as we're not at warp there's also the option of

selectively venting parts of the deck to space. Decompression renders a

typical humanoid unconscious in thirty seconds to a minute, and brain damage

sets in at five... we have six transporter pads, six seconds per

site-to-site transport, that's one per second... a max of one hundred and

eighty people in three minutes, with a minute to spare. Not a bad idea as

long as there's not too many...

::Anger flashed in Katy's eyes for a moment, but she reminded herself of the

situation and that Rais was trying to help and it faded.::

Orman: The normal mammalian response when faced with sudden lack of oxygen

is to try to hold their breath. Trying to hold your breath in a vacuum

causes severe lung trauma. ::she shook her head:: No. Not unless there is

absolutely no other way.

::Her eyes once again stared into the corner as she pondered.::

Orman: Again, we'll have to check with Medical on this, to find out Romulan

hearing range and volume tolerance, but loud noise can be an excellent

weapon of deterrence; one that won't cause any dangerous injury. Some might

sustain injury to their eardrums, but we can treat that with no permanent

effects. ::she shrugged, a little bitterly:: We've got all these speakers

everywhere so the ship's computer can talk to us, we might as well use them.

Rais: There's also provisioning for up to a thousand extra crewmen. Space

will be at an absolute premium and it will affect us, too... I've heard

horror stories from the USS Tiger. They shipped a huge component of the

command staff and support crew from Starbase 118 to Deep Space 17, over

three times the standard crew provision, cooped up for three months straight

at high warp... no stops. They had people quartered in waste reclamation, in

the shuttle bays, in the shuttles, torpedo rooms... everywhere. These were

Starfleet personnel, too, not civilians... by the time they got to us at

Deep Space 17 they were stir crazy. You'd think the ship was about to breach

its core the way they just poured off it... and then, less than twenty four

hours, the Vaadwaur attacked and the whole [...] ship became a giant

lifeboat-slash-hospital with far too few doctors to treat the injured.

::Katy was quiet for a moment, then looked the man in the eyes and spoke up

with a certainty in her voice that she wished she felt inside.::

Orman: That's not going to happen here, Radi.

Rais: I know, ma'am. The crew of this ship are the best Starfleet can

offer... we can handle a thousand or so Romulans.

::Katy knew better, but didn't want to say it any more than she imagined he


Rais: ::with a shrug:: That or die trying, I guess.

::Scott spoke up at that point, and Katy turned to regard him.::

Shepard: What I do suggest is to have regular patrols throughout Deck 9

simply to maintain order. Security members are trained for this, they can

handle everyday police work. I also propose an aide on Deck 9 as a base of

operation for Deck 9 security giving refugees a place to go to call for

help, get food. Also we can talk to medical to have a small presence as

well. We have to also think about disease. I know medical is working on the

prevention of that. One more thing, I suggest lightening up on security

patrols until we get to Romulus and schedule riot trainings.

::She hadn't thought about that aspect much. She nodded slowly.::

Orman: Yes, you're right. Every single member of Security should have riot

training fresh in their mind, just in case. ::she frowned thoughtfully and

shifted her weight:: Let's also replicate some riot gear and have it on

hand in the... umm, in wherever the armoury ends up. I agree with your

recommendations about deck 9 as well... as long as we manage to keep them

from overfilling us. 500 is the magic number. If we get loaded up with any

more than that, I don't want anyone but Romulans on that deck, period.

We'll seal it off with plenty of access to the necessities of life and keep

the deck sealed, if possible, the whole trip. With that kind of numbers

it's too dangerous to allow the possibility of a riot spilling out onto

other decks.

::She sighed quietly and leaned forward, putting her elbows down on her desk

as she propped her chin up on her hands and regarded the two men sitting

across her desk. Doing her best to let the gratitude she felt show in her

expression, she spoke to them both.::

Orman: OK, we know what to prepare for now. Let's get it done. Dismissed.

Rais/Shepard: response

Orman: No sirs, no ma'ams. If we weren't already comrades, we certainly

are now. Call me Katy. And once we're through with this I'm buying you

both a drink.

Rais/Shepard: response

::Katy watched them leave, and watched the door for a few minutes afterward

in silence. Then she stood and stretched, surprised at how stiff her joints

were. She went into her lavatory and watched her reflection in the mirror

for a minute. What she saw didn't make any sense.::

oO She looks like such a nice person. Sweet, even. Not the sort who would

ever, could ever tell hundreds of people that they have to stay behind and

leave them to die. Not that sort at all... Oo

::She had only a few moment's warning, enough time to buckle, hand

reflexively held over her mouth, and move a few feet over to hunch over the

loo as she lost the contents of her stomach.::

::When it was over a few minutes later, she stood with great care and

flushed. She took a minute to wash her face and rinse the acrid taste from

her mouth, and then she went back to her desk to keep working.::

oO Not that sort at all... Oo

TAG Rais/Shepard

Lieutenant Katy Orman

Chief of Security

USS Victory

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I thought you couldn't have open tags in a submission. :)

I don't know if you could or not! *sobs* I don't know, okay?! :'(

Hehe. Okay. When the tags are filled out, I'll post a new version in this thread. :D

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