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[ROUND 1] Making Myself At Home


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(( USS Eagle - Personal Quarters of Dantin-Vex ))

:: Dantin made it back to his personal quarters, within a few minutes after leaving sickbay. He was tired, and was ready to take a nap, but as he entered his new quarters, he came face to face with the 5 big

trunks he had brought with him. ::

Dantin: Oh man... oO I forgot about this.... Oo

:: Dantin flopped down on the floor of the lounge area, where his luggage was, and faced off with the first trunk. ::

Dantin: let me see what is in store...

:: Dantin opened the first trunk, and sighed a bit, as his eyes gazed upon all of his clothes, mostly slacks and shirts, which he had tailor made from a small specialty boutique on the Orion homeworld. ::

Dantin: Well...i guess these can wait til later..

:: Dantin got up and grabbing the first trunk, dragged it to the side and up against the south wall of his quarters lounge area. Dantin then sat down in front of the second trunk, and opened it. ::

Dantin: What did i put in this one?

:: Dantin took both his hands and began mulling thru the second trunk..mostly filled with data padd memory chips, and a variety of video discs. ::

Dantin: Oh yeah! Hey.... oO Better just keep these here for now. Oo

:: Dantin closed the second trunk and moved it to the west side wall of the lounge area. He then knelt down in front of the third trunk, and opened it. ::

Dantin: oO Ok, now we are talking Oo...where to put these..

:: Dantin looked around the room, until he had analysed the configuration of the room. Then grabbing the contents of the third trunk up with both of his hands, he began fastening the contents to the walls in different spots. The contents of the third trunk were fake plant like vines with fake flowers on them..mostly orchids. ::

Dantin: Nice...very nice.

:: Dantin Walked back over to the fourth trunk, and opened it. ::

Dantin: Hmmm.. Family stuff. This can wait til later too.

:: Dantin closed the fourth trunk, and then sat himself down in front of the fifth and final trunk. This trunk had a number lock on it, which Dantin easily and swiftly unlocked. After opening it, the room

filled with an aroma only an Orion could love. The smell was that of a home brew, which Dantin had been working on for sometime. Dantin removed one of the 36 Bottles fastened neatly and tightly in the trunk. Opening it, Dantin took a whiff of the spirits, he had concoted not so long ago. A recipe not too far off from Rum. ::

Dantin: Still good.... :: taking a small sip from the bottle. :: oO mmmmmmmm Oo Whooosh..a bit tart, but not bad.

:: Dantin crawled up onto the couch in the lounge area of his quarters, and sat back, relaxed, he sipped the Spirits, as he reminisced about his younger years on Orion. ::

Dantin: Sweet...

Anyone: Response



Ensign Dantin-Vex


USS Eagle

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