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[ROUND 1] Lt. Commander Karynn Ehlanii - Triumphant Resolution

Alleran Tan

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*Lt. Commander Karynn Ehlanii - Triumphant Resolution*

((Twilight’s Edge, Deep Space 17))

::The Haliian placed the decorated wooden case on the edge of the stage and

opened it, gently pulling out the instrument inside. Quietly she sealed her

lips around the mouthpiece and blew in, her air moving tonelessly and almost

soundlessly through the instrument, her breath warming the wood up.::

::As the three left the stage, Karynn climbed the steps herself, the long

skirt of her dress shimmering and swishing as she moved. As she reached the

top step and began crossing the stage, she picked up a music stand that was

placed off to the side and carried it with her. Soon she was standing,

looking out at the faces looking back from the dimly-lit crowd. She could

feel her stomach jump ever so slightly. With a deep breath, she willed her

nervous energy to settle and smiled gently at the Captain.::

Ehlanii: Well, I’m sure most people here know me by now, but for those who

don’t, I’m Karynn Ehlanii. I’ll be playing a Haliian version of a flute,

called a tiikon malu. The song I’ll be playing is one from my childhood.

::The bright stage lights shined fown, warming her bare arms and shoulder.

The Haliian placed her PADD on the stand and positioned it. Placing her

foot on the base, she pulled the platform up until it sat at the right

height. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and began to play.::

::The airy but rich mid-ranged notes began to fill the space as the Haliian

folk song began. Her fingers moved slowly over the keyless

flute's openings, the melody winding it's way around the register. Although

she had the music in front of her, she kept her eyes closed. It was a tune

she had known since childhood, and in her mind she could still hear her

mother singing it.::

::There was a slight pause as the opening section, the initial melodic

statement ended. Opening her eyes to read the music, she pushed air across

the mouthpiece causing the rich tones of the Haliian instrument to sound

again. As she started again, the notes moved faster in a playful variation

on the initial theme. From time to time a rapid run raced up the flute's

register before returning back to the home melody. As one of these runs

finished she added a brief trill, a small fanciful flourish ringing out to

bring the variation to a close.::

::After a momentary pause and breath, Karynn began the next section. This

variation on the initial theme was in the minor key, the melody becoming

haunting, plaintive, slower than the last. This part had always touched

Karynn's heart, reminding her of several sad, even painful situations from

her own life. But what she liked about it was the hope she could hear

shining through the sorrow.::

::The rich tones sang out, resounding through the space. Karynn added a

slow vibrato to the longest notes, finally ending on a sustained tone that

hung in the air, leaving the audience with a desire for resolution. After a

pause, she provided that with the first note of the final variation.::

::This last was slightly slower than the first, although the tempo had

increased a bit. The notes sang out in triumphant victory, a striking

contrast to what she had just played. The key had changed again, now back

to the home of the initial melody, which in this variation was again

occupying a more central, prominent place. The sustained notes were

jubilant, preceded from time to time by grace notes, and connected by a

string of stately powerful tones.::

::As she finished the piece, the final pitch resounded, almost echoing even

after she stopped playing before giving way to silence. As she lowered her

flute, the applause began. She bowed slightly, and as the Haliian rose, she

searched the faces of the croud, finally catching Ethan's eye. Her

contented smile brightened ever so slightly before she moved to vacate the

stage for the next act.::

Lt. Cmdr. Karynn Ehlanii

Second Officer/CSO*


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