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[Round 16] Captain Riley & Marine Captain Somers - Tears for the F

Alleran Tan

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((Captain Riley's Ready Room, USS Independence-A))

::Sidney sat at her desk, leaning back in the chair. Her eyes were closed, the computer screen was darkened. The sound of soft piano music wafted through the air as Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" played lightly over the speakers in the room.::

::Sidney's mind wandered through the day many things began to take shape in the Terran/Deltan's mind. The loss of life, the damage to the ship, Belleau, Shannon, Clack, Storos...all danced in her mind underneath the beautiful piano triplets.::

::A loud knock brought the Captain back to reality. She sat up quickly, almost knocking the steaming mug of coffee with chicory from her desk. Composing herself she tugged at her jacket and called out.::

Riley: Computer, end music. ::Louder.:: Enter.

Somers: ::Entering:: Thank you for seeing me Captain, I know you got things to do, so I will keep this as short as I can, no thanks I prefer to stand for this ::Alex said.::

::Sidney raised an eyebrow and had motioned to a chair, but hadn't had the time to say anything about the proffered seat.::

Riley: Stand if you must Mister Somers. What is it you want to speak to me about?

Somers: I need to know a few things Captain, some for my own piece of mind others, because I am still puzzled by past events

::She gave the woman a questioning look.::

Riley: I'm afraid I don't understand Marine.

Somers: First question Captain ::beat:: Do you have a problem with me being assigned to this ship, because I saw your look in the Briefing Room when you spoke to me, I have felt a little tension there. ::then switching to a even politer tone, hinged with a little concern:: Is there any problem there Captain?

::Sidney scowled at the woman. Was this about a feeling? Standing Sidney locked her eyes with the taller woman.::

Riley: If I had a problem with you Marine Captain Somers, you wouldn't be here.

Somers: ::Inhaling:: Okay, second question, Where do my Marine duties lie in comparison with Reporting to Commander Whale. I know that while on the ship all the Marines that came over from the Achilles are to fill in Security positions, as and when needed. But when we retake DS17 will I be in command of the Marines or will I have Commander Whale looking over my shoulder? ::Alex asked:: That is the two duty orientated questions done.

Riley: Your Marine duties are just that Captain, Marine duties. Your reports on the Marine contingent will come through LtCmdr. Whale, however, you are in charge of the Marine contingent. However, all of you are under my command.

::Sidney paused, looking at the red haired woman, trying to assess what she was getting at. The entire conversation had a hint of something the Terran/Deltan couldn't quite place. She turned and looked at the stars outside the window. This whole thing reminded her of a grade school conflict. She focused on the brightest star outside the window.::

Somers: I see ::Turning away, suddenly her mind in conflict, when she faced the Captain again she had a semi-vacant confused look on her face.:: This one is of a more personal nature ::beat:: My last time here, what the Hades happened to me Captain! Last thing I remember was trying to get the Marine shuttle back to the Station or the Ship, then I woke up on earth, with a large gap in my memory. ::eyes filled with water, but Alex retained control, only just:: Why and how did I end back up on Earth in Starfleet Medical Captain? Please tell me if you can

::Sidney turned around to see the Marine Captain in tears. Sidney frowned.::

Riley: Somers, I believe that is something you should talk with Counselor Avandar about in more detail.

Somers: I see thank you Captain, ::wiping her eyes:: apologies Captain, I am usually more in control, but how I ended up on earth and the hole in my mind, has been bugging me ::she said.::

::Suddenly looking up and suddenly had a mood changed, her eyes were still red, but she was back in full control, she stood behind the chair and leaned forward.::

Somers: Captain, this may come as a surprise to you, but I owe you my rank, you gave me a field commission, so since then I have wondered how to repay this debt ::pause:: I know you do not see it as a debt, but to me it is a debt of honour, that has to be repaid, in full. This is not some youngster's delusions of grandeur; I am serious and intent of repaying this debt. ::pause:: Until the time I get posted to another ship or I either die in battle, or an event happens that I see and full repayment, you will have at least two Marine bodyguards. If I cannot attend then another Marine will take my place

::A deep frown crossed the Captain's face.::

Riley: I appreciate your concern Somers. However, a constant body guard will not be necessary or required. There is no need to do that.

Somers: Why do I say this, you ask! ::gathering her thoughts:: it is simple Captain, I know you well enough to know, that you like to lead away missions, it seems the more dangerous the better, I assume this has not changed.

::Sidney raised an eyebrow as the woman raised her voice. The Captain eyed the door wondering if she could make a break for it and have Avandar speak to Somers. The whole situation did not feel right, she shook her head.::

Somers: As I thought, I know I cannot stop you from doing such things, no would I try, I would rather face a platoon of Vaadwaur shock troops that try to prevent you from leading an away mission. ::pause:: But as you are a Starship Captain, you seem to forget, that if you get captured, the codes and clearance you have can be used against the Federation, and my assessment of these Vaadwaur tell me that they would love to capture a Starship Captain and interrogate to get information. ::pause:: I also do not know if the First Officer objects to you leading away missions, but while I may not be on the bridge, ::inhale:: my objection to this is now known. Out of all the ships crew Captain, you are the one person on the Independence that is NOT expendable. The rest of us are, you are not, as a Starship Captain, you know too much and it takes years to train a good Captain. ::pause:: So it is in this case you will have myself and another Marine assigned as personal bodyguards or two Marines when you go on away missions. As much as it may surprise you Captain ::inhale:: I do not make this statement out of pride or self importance. I make it because I personally think you are an excellent Captain and while I may not always show it, I do have the upmost respect for you. ::breathes:: So now you know that I mean what I said about personal bodyguards Also Captain, while I remain on this ship and alive I WILL keep you alive as best as I am able

::Sidney bristled at the woman's comments. As she stood there she brought herself to her full height of five foot two inches. It did not compare to the height of the woman opposite the desk, but the Captain's demeanor was direct and extremely strong.::

Riley: Listen here *Miss* Somers, I am a Captain, and I certainly don't need a lecture from you on away team ethics and directives. I had enough of that at the Academy. I am well aware of my obligations not only to this crew, but to Starfleet and the Federation. Perhaps you forget, but I've been through one War and am in the midst of another. I have also been held prisoner against my will and tortured for those secret command codes and clearances you're talking about.

::Sidney's eyes held the anger she felt seething underneath her surface demeanor. Anger at the Vaadwaur, Anger at the loss of life, the battering of the Independence. Anger at Parrin. Anger at the Gorn. She held her fists at her side.::

Riley: I've seen more loss of life than you have ever seen Somers, how dare you lecture to me about how to be a commanding officer. I have served the Federation with distinction Marine Captain and no one has the right to question my loyalty. ::Sidney was about to turn away, but before Somers could respond she spoke again.:: How dare you say anyone on this ship is expendable Miss Somers. NO ONE is expendable on my ship, not the newest crewman third class to the myself, is that understood!? ::Her voice held a gravely tone.::

Somers: Whoa Captain, I was not trying to tell you how to do your job, I was merely speaking my mind, I said what I did out of logic and honesty, you would rather me lie, than speak my mind? ::she asked

::The Terran/Deltan Commanding Officer glared at the Marine. It wasn't that the woman had told her to do her job, in so much as she had told her there were people on her crew that were expendable.::

Riley: No one is expendable Marine.

Somers: I do apologize for my insensitivity Captain, but I know you are someone who would want one of her subordinates to speak their mind, and not to cushion the blow. I am one of those types Captain I say what's on my mind, at least then you know I am hiding nothing

Riley: There will be no body guard following me around, is that understood?

Somers: Oh well, it was worth a try ::Alex said and sighed heavily:: One way or another Captain I will repay you for your kindness

::Sidney's eyes locked with the woman's as she waited for the response she wanted.::

Somers: Understood Captain.

Riley: Dismissed Marine.

Somers: Yes Sir ::Alex said and as she was leaving, she stopped at the open door and turned to face the Captain:: For what its worth Captain, I can understand some of the pain of loss, remember Captain, you are not alone, you are never alone!

::Sidney once again turned to face the stars, as the Marine Captain left, the Terran/Deltan could feel the wetness forming in her eyes.::

Riley: oO Expendable! Oo

::Small tears began to fall from the Captain's bright green eyes onto her bright red uniform...A tear for each person she'd served with that she'd seen die.::

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Just for a little background- Riley had (amongst other things) spent the last hour or so wandering Sickbay visiting the critically injured members of her crew, including some enlisted crewmen, so Somers's comment struck a nerve.

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