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[Round 16] Lieutenant Tracey Townson - My World

Alleran Tan

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((USS Independence - Conference Room 1))

::It had been a long time since Tracey was last promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant. And it was not here, in this universe. As she watched the promotions being given out by Captain Riley, to both Ensigns Kobylarz and Zhou, the latter of whom was not present more than likely due to the heavy volume of casualties, Tracey saw the next box taken out by the Captain.::

Riley: And last but not least, Lieutenant JG Tracey Townson, please set

forward. ::Pause.:: Your service to the fleet is long standing. Your

expertise as an Ops Officer is highly impressive. I am very pleased to promote

you to full Lieutenant.

::Tracey did as she was ordered and stood at attention. She was happy that the circumstances that led to her promotion in this universe were not the same that led to her promotion to full Lieutenant in her native universe.::

((Time - Warp - Several months earlier - Doctor Samuel Huff's Office - Starfleet Medical))

Huff: Good morning Tracey.

Townson: Good morning Doctor.

Huff: How are you feeling today?

Townson: I'm fine Doctor. I've been conducting the relaxation techniques you've been showing me. They seem to be working a little.

Huff: Thats good to hear. ::The Doctor marked something on his PADD and then placed it on the coffee table in front of him:: I have good news for you Tracey. I think you are ready for the next level of therapy. In essence ::smiling:: you've been promoted.

::Tracey cringed a little at the words the Doctor chose to use.::

Huff: Is there a problem?

::Tracey looked at the Doctor as she answered. The man was a genious when it came to reading body language.::

Townson: No Doctor. No problem.

Huff: I see...Well I would assume you have been promoted before. Would you care to tell me about your personal experiences with promotions?

Townson: They were nothing special, Docor. I would receive my promotion notice and have to sew my new stipe onto my uniform.

Huff: And how did you receive them?

Townson: ::anger in her voice:: By doing my duty, Doctor.

Huff: I see...Did you have problems performing your duty?

Townson: No...never. It was war. My duty was to the Federation no matter what the cost.

::Tracey looked down to her slippers that she was wearing. As a patient at the hospital, she wore regular patient's clothing.::

Huff: There were costs involved in your promotions.

::It was not a question. Tracey nodded in any case.::

Townson: Yes. Only one, but yes.

Huff: Would you care to elaborate, or do you not feel ready?

::Tracey looked back up at her Doctor. She had already told him a great deal since Tracey arrived here, and thus far, did not judge her or tell her the things she did was either wrong or right. The man would just listen and allow Tracey to take her time. After a long pause, Tracey began to speak.::

Townson: My first promotion was ordinary. I performed my duties as a signals operator admirably, I was told. I remember seeing the notice of my promotion listed on the boards and I was told my new stripe had to be afixed to my uniform within two days. I went to the stores and showed them my notice and received my new stripe. I sewd it on in my quarters. That was when I became a Junior Lieutenant.

Huff: ::nodding:: And when you became full Lieutenant? You told me that was only several months later. Isn't that unusual for that to occur so fast?

Townson: ::nodding:: Yes.

Huff: Was it because you did your job better than others?

Townson: NO!

Huff: For what reason were you promoted?

::Tracey looked back down at her feet, as tears started to well up in her eyes.::

Townson: ::almost inaudible:: We liberated an Outpost taken by the Dominion in sector 461. I commanded one of the platoons on the ground.

((Time-Warp - Several years earlier - Otherverse))

Soldier: Lieutenant ::taking readings from his tricorder.:: I'm still picking up Jem'Hadar lifesigns from the other side of this wall. They are small, but there are many packed closely together.

::Tracey was holding her bloody and broken right arm as she looked over the soldier's shoulder at the tricorder her was holding. The battle leading to the recapture of this outpost was costly and alot died in the process on both sides.::

Townson: There should be no enemy soldiers left in this zone that haven't been killed. What is it on the other side of that wall?

::The soldier just shook his head. He too had no idea.::

::The pain in Tracey's arm was searing. She pressed a button on her belt that would release pain killers into her system via the collar connected to her throat.::

Townson: We'll get together with McKinley and that Cardassian soldier and find an entrance. ::pointing with her good finger at the soldier.:: We have to be careful. It may be a Dominion trap.

::The soldier looked at Tracey's arm.::

Townson: I can still fire a phaser, Seargent. I am left handed.

::In short order the four found a door that led behind the wall of this particular place. They all prepared themselves as the painkillers started to take hold. Corporal McKinley, the strongest of the four, received the silent signal from Tracey and he kicked in the door. What they all saw, surprised all of the group af allies.::

Cardassian: They're children.

McKinley: They look lke 9 or 10 years old.

Soldier: ::looking at Tracey.:: Your orders Lieutenant ?

Townson: Keep your weapons trained on them. Make sure none of them go anywhere.

Soldier: Yes ma'am.

::Tracey holstered her phaser and exited the building, she then reached for her communicator and flipped it open.::

Townson: =/\= Townson to team leader 6. We have a situation in zone 14. We discovered a room full of child Jem'Hedar soldiers.=/\=

Team Leader 6: =/\= Good work Lieutenant. Have you dealt with it?=/\=

Townson: =/\=Negative. I find it difficult to carry out the orders specified in this case.=/\=

Team Leader 6: =/\= Deal with the situation as ordered. Put your personal feelings aside Lieutenant. The safety of the Federation is at stake. Remember that they will be fully grown soldiers within weeks. They would not hesitate to carry out the same orders against us or our children. Team leader 6 out.=/\=

::Tracey listened as the communication closed. She slammed her boot down to the ground in anger and shame. Junior Lieutenant Tracey Townson had to give the worst order she could ever imagine. Kill a room-full of children. She pressed the button on her belt to release more painkiller into her system, took a deep breath and headed back to her platoon. She looked at the Seargent with sorrow in her eyes.::

Townson: We have to carry out the orders specified since the beginning of the mission.

::The soldier just stared at Tracey, for what seemed like an eternity. Tracey looked into the room of huddled Jem'Hadar childen with a look of terror on their faces.::

Townson: ::in a whisper:: I am an evil, evil person. ::with authority in her voice.:: ATTENTION! About face. Ready weapons on enemy soldiers.....FIRE!

((Time-Warp - Doctor Huffs's office))

Townson: I'll never forget the screaming and the crying coming from the group of children. ::as the tears continued:: The phaser blasts burning through them. War is a terrible thing Doctor. The survivors of my platoon were commendated and I was promoted. Killing 37 Jem'Hadar in one shot was concidered an act of bravery. But I concider myself to be a war criminal. No more or less than people like Khan Singh or Hans Frank. What do you think of me now Doctor ?

::The Doctor sat and looked at Tracey. Doctor Huff was an older man and a Psychiatrist. He specialised in PTSD and had helped soldiers who returned from the war against the Dominion in this universe. He did not look surprised.::

Huff: Nothing new, Tracey. You were in a bad situation. Do you feel like you could have done something different?

::Tracey thought about the question and then nodded.::

Townson: Yeah...turn my phaser on myself.

((Time-Warp - present - USS Independence - Conference Room 1))

Townson: Thank you Captain.

::Tracey listened to the rest of the conference and she nodded her acknowledgement of any duties given to her. She was lost in her thoughts. She felt priveledged to be in this universe, but undeserving. And she hoped that one day she would get used to this place. Her eyes drifted once again Commander Whale's way and wondered how he coped with his situation. Tracey's thoughts were snapped when the Captain asked a question.::

Riley: Are there any questions about assigned duty posts?

::Tracey shook her head and looked around the room, and hoped that none of them would ever have to deal with what she had gone through before finding herself here.::

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