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[Round 10] No Time For Time


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(( Conference Room 2 - Sb118 ))

:: The applause concluded for the newly promoted officers when Commander Thelev spoke up and the counselor's workload increased exponentially. ::

Thelev: One more thing before you all leave, ladies and gentlemen. Recent events have put a strain on us all, both phsically and mentally. I would like you all to make an appointment to speak to Counselor Avandar beore leaving this room. If any of you have a little reluctance at the idea I can assure you that the Counselor is one of the best in the fleet. :: Jhen paused and smiled a little :: Plus, it's an order.

Oo This is going to be interesting. oO

Thelev: If I may take the opportunity to book myself in first, Counselor? Your office in, say, an hour?

:: Avandar nodded.::

Oo Leading by example. Very good Commander. oO

Avandar: Certainly.

Thelev: Excellent. In that case, I hope everyone enjoys their leave.

:: Avandar looked about. It was going to be busy. Pretty soon there was not going to be time for time. On que the highly perceptive Reed spoke to him.::

Reed: Counselor, can you fit me in tomorrow morning?

Avandar: I am sure I can work it in. I'll make sure you are contacted with the exact time.

Reed: Thank you, Counselor. I will see you then.

:: Avandar was just nodding agreement to Reed when an earnest T'Reshik approached him. There was a lot there that he suspected no one knew, a very complex character.::

Oo Then again, I have yet to find simplicity in sentients. oO

T'Reshik: Counsellor. Would it be possible to see you after you have seen Commander Thelev? Perhaps this evening?

Avandar: I will be making a brief stop by sickbay after Commander Thelev's session, once that has concluded, there should be enough time alloted for our appointment.

T'Reshik: That is acceptable. I will see you then.

:: Avandar was still thinking about T'Reshik when his thoughts were interrupted by a bright energetic Ensign Tan.::

Tan: Counselor, perhaps if you're free tomorrow morning I could get my head examined? :: He gave a chuckle to Avandar's friendly smile in return:: I think you'll find that volunteering to be strapped to a tiny [...]pit welded to a warp reactor and surrounded by explosives, energy batteries and vacuum qualifies me as pretty crazy... but we'll see what else we can dig up, hey?

:: Avandar thought for a moment, and was immediately impressed this officer was a morning person, but Reed was already scheduled for the morning.::

Avandar: Early morning tomorrow?

Tan: Early morning it is, see you then.

:: The appointment time seemed to match perfectly with his plans as he went off to his own business.::

Townson: Excuse me, Counselor Avander.

:: Avandar turned to the graceful approach of Townson. There was an energy there that persisted even through obvious exhaustion.: :

Avander: Lt Townson.

Townson: I too would like to schedule an appointment. ..::stifling a yawn:: I apologize. I have not slept since I arrived on the star base. And now with some down time, fatigue appears to be setting in.

Avander: I can certainly sympathize, and as an empath, I am certified to say that.

:: Avandar smiled as he recalled his own first assignments. ::

Townson: Any time will do Counselor.

Avander: Lets get some rest for you. Tomorrow afternoon at 1300 hours?

Townson: Thank you, Counselor. I shall be there at that time.

::Avandar's own fatigue at this point started to strengthen in him as Townson left with a yawn and his sleep-hungry empathy latched onto it. Avandar glanced at the nearby chronometer. Grabbing a break in the appointment line, Avandar rushed off to his office, there was much to do and little time to determine the time to do it in.::

Somers =/\= Greetings Councillor, I am calling about an appointment, after the Commanders orders, I must even though I think I do not need one. So when could you possibly fit me in? =/\=

Oo Ah, the redhead with a lot of fire in her eyes... Can I possibly fit another in today? No. Tomorrow? oO

Avandar: =/\= Good to hear from you. The schedule is pretty full. I am going to have to check with my office on the current commitments. I will contact you as soon as I have an accurate assement for the appointment. At this time, all I can say is it will most likely be tomorrow.=/\ =

Somers: =/\= That's great Councillor, I will see you then, Somers out =/\=

Oo My scheduling matrix is really being tested here, especially.. . oO

Whale: =/\= Lieutenant Commander Whale to Lieutenant JG Avanadar. =/\=

Oo Rank and order Commander Whale... oO

Avandar: =/\= Counselor Here.=/\=

Whale: =/\= Counselor, how's your schedule looking? =/\=

Avandar: =/\= Complex. We are looking at an evening appointment tomorrow.=/\ =

Whale: =/\= That time is fine, but I'm getting tired of offices. How about instead of your office, we meet at The Salty Dawg?

Avandar: =/\= Perfect. I will contact you to let you know exactly when.=/\=

Whale:(Response? )

OOC: Backsim if you wish.

Avandar: =/\= Counselor Out.=/\=

:: Avandar stared introspectively at the computer screen as it reflected his scheduling matrix.::

Counselor S'Peek Avandar

Chief Counselor

SB118 Ops

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Oops, forgot to take my sig off the bottom - just ignore it!

I really liked this sim for the little observations Avandar slips in about each character that approaches him. It neatly shows how he views his crew mates. There's also good charaterisation of Avandar, too, with his fixation with time.

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