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[Round 7] LtJG Keval Trolin: "The Bleeding Beast"

James T. Kolk

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USS Ronin "The Bleeding Beast"

((This Is the battle from the ship's viewpoint as if the ship was alive))

::The beast charged from it's home, it's family in danger. Several cowardly dragons, using magic to hide there movement, shot bolts of fire at her loved ones. Enraged, Ronin engaged spewing forth plasma and her own fire balls. Trying to catch some dragon in between it's armor the Ronin howled as their attention turned towards himself. It was better she die then her home but there were to many of the green cowards to keep their attention. As she took hit after hit Ronin lashed out in anger her eyes burning like the red of lava. Shouting taunts and questions, Why were they doing this? What was their point? They wanted one whom she protected one who was missing. The one she would call father, master. He was not here he was being taken away by a smaller beast. Ronin longed to go after him but knew what her master would want. It is better to save the family then to worry about a member. She cried as she watched her fellow dragons fall to the poison of the green ones. Wept as her home burned inside the caretakers defenseless. A bolt ripped through her armor piercing him in the tail, sparks flew as the magic exploded with lights and flames. She howled in the pain groaning as the battle became more and more one sided. Lashing out with her plasma and her bolts she caught a dragon off guard and landed a blow from behind. She smirked as it limped away it's the tail missing, but now was not the time to rejoice she had to move on there were still plenty more to deal with. She let her children fly from their cage there breath not yet developed into one as strong as her but they were more agile and quicker then she and their blue fire were just as strong. They swarmed the attackers with grace and coordination. Some perished one even sacrificed it's self to save Ronin. But all of them knew the risk and their loss would be mourned later.::

:: Suddenly there was peace, progress. Ronin let a few children head for the caretaker to find where her captors were taking him. She and the green dragon's leader talked it out and decided to let their members meet face to face. It would be held inside Ronin so that she could watch over her people. She pulled himself beside the beast her jaws ready to bite for the throat and waited. Soon an enemy child emerged from the belly of the beast it's welcoming arms spread out towards Ronin. She gave the orders to her babies to cautiously let the enemy pass praying that soon this would be all over. Wait This treachery! She flailed trying desperately to get back to grab onto the ship with her talons he was to quick ramming himself into her blowing up like a bomb on her inside. It crippled her she moaned unable to move wanting so desperately to kill them all but unable to move fast enough to do so. Her belly was gushing out her life she tried desperately to heal the wounds, to stop the bleeding. Many children died so did many caretakers such loss took a toll upon her emotional control. She wanted all of her caretakers to get out so she could initiate the last spell she would ever utter, could ever utter. She would engulf all of the enemy in such a brilliant explosion but that is not what her caretakers wanted. While some prepared to leave the masters asked her to take her revenge differently. She removed part of herself and sent it speeding towards the green dragon letting her pod explode with such vengeance and emotion that she felt some what satisfied. Now she had to wait for the gas to clear and her senses to pick up what ever damage she caused while licking her own wounds. The rest of her children swarmed to protect the hive and herself. It was clear the green ones would not stop until she was dead. And so the battle started all over again this time with a lot less hope then before and more desperation to just survive.::

USS Ronin

As simmed By:

Lt. Jg. Keval Trolin


USS Ronin NCC-34523

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