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[Round 2] Clash of the Titans


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((Tal and Elina's Quarters, USS Challenger-A, 2030 hours))

::Tal sat at the desk in his quarters. His attention glued to the view screen as he watched the vid play out. Tal had take the liberty to pull a few strings and had a large number of video files of Jesse in action sent to him from the Academy. He had spent a couple hours reviewing his moves and abilities.::

::After watching them Tal had already made his decision and up dated the ships records to show that Lt. jg. Lawn would be instructing the hand to hand class`s from now on.::

::Elina awoke, stretching a hand out and expecting to find Tal. It was then that she heard the faint sounds of fighting. The sounds were too hushed and far away for it to be an intruder. Nevertheless, she climbed quietly from the bed and dawned a silk robe over her nightgown, then grabbing the nearest heavy object. Cautiously, she entered into the living area, relieved to find Tal sitting in front of a monitor.::

Kincade Tel-ar: Ye're reviewing Jesse Lawn's personnel file?

::Tal turned to look up at her. As he did he found himself amazed as always that she was his.::

Tel-ar: Just reviewing his style and technique.

Kincade Tel-ar: Is that allowed?

Tel-ar: When I competed back at the Acadmey we use to review our opponents all the time. It was standard practice.

::Elina watched part of the video, surprised at the man's agility and ability. She figured the young Lieutenant J.G. Lawn could give her brothers a run for their money.::

Kincade Tel-ar: He's good.

Tel-ar: He is very good. I have already approved his request to be the new hand to hand combat instructor.

Kincade Tel-ar: Well, I certainly approve. He'll do well.

::Tal let a full smile brighten his features as he suddenly reached up with his long arms and pulled Elina down onto his lap. Once he had her there he let his hands wander while he kissed her passionately. Minutes passed and with great reluctance Tal finally stopped, lifting his head so that he could gaze down at her.::

::As always he found himself drowning in her glorious blue eye's. Her cheeks seemed flushed and she was breathing ragged. For that matter Tal felt a little breathless himself.::

::It amazed her how this man's kiss was always enough to scatter her wits.::

Kincade Tel-ar: ::huskily:: Dae we hae time fer...

Tel-ar: Unfortunately No. I must meet him in the gym in 15 minutes.

::Elina resisted the urge to whine in disappointment. It really wasn't fair of him to kiss her like that and expect her not to want to take him to bed.::

Kincade Tel-ar: ::sighs:: All right. But be careful.

Tel-ar: Do not worry. I will be careful.

Kincade Tel-ar: ::pauses:: Are you sure that's a good idea with yer injuries?

Tel-ar: The Doctors say I am back to full health, however I have not had the opportunity to test myself fully. By challenging Lt. jg Lawn to this fight I can more fully test my recovery in a safe manner.

Kincade Tel-ar: Still, is it wise?

Tel-ar: I would prefer to learn if they are wrong here in our gym as opposed to in actual combat when my life hangs in the balance.

Kincade Tel-ar: When you put it that way I guess I can'na disagree.

::Tal kissed her again, a long gentle kiss that stirred fires deep within him. When he finished he gazed again deeply into her eyes.::

Tel-ar: Do not worry my love. I will be OK.

::Tal easily stood with her in his arms and then with a great deal of reluctance he gently set her down on the floor. Then with a whistful smile on his face he gave her one last gentle kiss while caressing her cheek.::

Tel-ar: I should go. I do not want to be late.

Kincade Tel-ar: ::smiles:: Mah da had a saying...you're not late, everyone else is just early.

Tel-ar: A wise man. Still I am the First Officer. I should set a good example. ::As he said it Tal let a smile appear on his features. Then he let her go and turned and left. He knew she would probally sneak down to watch. Unless he was saddly mistaken a large number of off duty officers would be doing the same thing.::

((Lawn’s Quarters, 2030 hours))

:: Jesse quietly slipped past his wife as the kids played a board game on the floor. Heading over to his dresser he pulled out a black tight fitting rash guard, and a pair of combat training pants. As he began to undress, his wife peered around the corner::

Laura Lawn: Hey hon…whatcha’ up to?

Lawn: Uhhh ::knowing he was about to be in trouble:: just getting ready to do some training with a colleague.

Laura: Oh? Which colleague?

Lawn: The First Officer actually.

Laura: Commander Tal-ar?!!! The ANDORIAN?

Lawn: Well, yes he is Andorian…

Laura: What is it with you? Are you insane? I know you love to fight, but do you have to pick fights with non-human beings 10 times as strong as you…not to mention your commanding officer?!!!!!

Lawn: Andorians are not 10 times as strong as humans, and I didn’t…

Laura: Yeah, whatever… ::walking back into the living room more than a little annoyed:: You do whatever you want “Cadet” ::under her breath:: You always do anyways…

:: Lawn finished pulling on his combat training pants. Reaching into the corner, he grabbed his tactical boots and slipped them on. After securing the straps of his boots he stood and faced the mirror ::

Lawn oO Maybe I am out of my mind. Never have walked away from a match with an Andorian unscathed. ::cracks a smile:: This should be fun.Oo ::walking past his wife, he leans down and kisses the top of her head:: I’ll be home soon, dear.

Laura: Not that I doubt your skill, as you always manage somehow, but try to come home in one piece, okay?

Lawn: ::smirking at his wife:: You got it babe.

Laura: Good luck. Oh, and Lawn…you better win.

:: Nodding to his lovely bride, he stepped out into the corridor. The reality of his situation started to sink in. He began to focus his thoughts with visions of mauling the Andorian First Officer he respected so much. It had never been easy for him to fight people he liked…but then, he never turned down a good brawl either. With confident determination he strode into the turbolift. ::

Lawn: Deck 10. ::As the turbolift sailed through the shaft, Jesse began to calm his breathing and relax his mind. Once the lift stopped, and the doors parted, Lawn could see the entry to the gym ahead. As calmly as he could he navigated the hall and tapped the command switch on the entry panel. As the doors opened before him, he saw the muscular First Officer stretching out.::

((Gym – just before 2100 hours))

::Tal walked into the Gym. As he had expected word had gotten around and a large number of off duty personnel had taken up space to watch and see what would happen. Tal walked over to where the extra large sparring mat that they used for such training was and started to do some light stretch's.::

::Just then Lt. jg. Lawn entered the gym and walked over towards him.::

Tal-ar: Good evening Lt. jg.

Lawn: Good evening, sir. :: Jesse casually walked over to the far corner and began to stretch out as well ::

::Tal watched as the younger man started to stretch and warm up. His steel gray eye`s taking in the relaxed, limber, quick movements. Obviously he felt confidant and considering what Tal had read in his file and seen in the vids he had every right to be.::

::Tal allowed the ghost of a smile to appear on his face as he stripped off the shirt he was wearing. As he did he flexed his muscles, stretching and loosening them up. He knew what every one was looking at. Andorians were generally fit, Tal was the exception.::

::Even after the long period of recovery from his back injury Tal knew what they were seeing. The Andorian version of one of those professional body builder types. Just not as massive and slow moveing.::

::Finished with the intimidation part of the contest as well as the stretching Tal advanced towards the center of the mat.::

Tel-ar: Ready Lt. jg. Lawn. ::Tal asked as he looked down on the shorter man. He was interested in how Jesse would deal with the 8 inch height difference and the longer reach available to Tal thanks to his long muscular arms.::

Lawn: Oh, I’m ready sir. I live for this! I get the feeling, so do you.

Tal-ar: I will admit to a certain amount of enjoyment from such encounters. Altho I prefer the more realistic combat training versions.

Lawn: That works fine Commander. I figured as much. I didn’t even bother bringing safety gear. It’s not like you get any in a real hand-to-hand situation anyway. Since I’d like to train my crewmates for the real thing, I suppose it would be best for me to prove my skills to you on that level. Any rules?

Tal-ar: Since we are both familiar with competetive earth rules for extreme combat simulations I would suggest that we use them. As for ending the match, since this is just for fun I would suggest that we use common sense and stop before either of us become injured. Is that acceptable to you Lt. jg. ?

Lawn: Of course that’s acceptable, sir.

Tal-ar: Excellent. ::Tal responded in his normal cool, unemotional tone.::

Lawn: ::finishing up his stretches:: I admit you surprised me a bit with this “challenge”, but I’m honored to engage you in battle, Commander. Your reputation precedes you sir.

Tal-ar: As does yours Lt. jg. I truly enjoyed the vids of you in action. Especially your Jujitsu match against the Vulcan Sotel. A very close match considering the natural advantages he had over you. Too bad he won the trophy. ::Tal finished saying as he turned to walk towards the center of the training mat.::

:: The two Starfleet officers sauntered out into the middle of the matted room and faced off against each other. Each looking the other in the eye, they cautiously shook hands and then took a full step backward. A slight nod from Tal-ar began the match… Deliberately circling, Lawn stalked the towering blue officer, obviously looking for his opportunity to attack.::

::Sensing a rhythm to Tal-ar’s movements, the lieutenant lunged forward in an attempt to clinch with the Andorian. With blinding speed and agilty, Tal-ar side stepped the incoming assault while seizing Lawn’s right arm. Using an Aikido “Shiho-Nage” four-corners throw, the First Officer spun 180 degrees, and flung Lawn upside-down into the nearest padded wall. Bouncing hard off of the bulkhead, Jesse met the floor with surprising grace as he performed a flawless roll that brought him back to his feet, once again.::

Lawn: oO Ooowwww! Oo

::Tal-ar decided to take advantage of the lieutenant’s defensive recovery, and launched an intense barrage of rapid hand strikes. Blinding blue blurs exploded in the helmsman’s face. Lawn had all he could do to parry them away as fast as they came. In the midst of the fray, a set of blue knuckles connected against the left orbital bone of the smaller officer, causing his head to snap backwards sharply.::

::Realizing the angle of impact, Jesse used the recoiling motion of his upper body to drop beneath the powerful Andorian’s arms. Driving off from his legs, the little human tackled the First Officer with a wrestler’s double-leg takedown, slamming him squarely on his back. The Commander winced and made a slight groaning noise that resembled something between pain and frustration.::

Tal-ar: oO uhhh... Seems the Doctors may not have accurately assessed the full extent of my recovery. Oo

::Quickly scrambling into a cross-mounted position, the lieutenant positioned his body horizontally atop Tal-ar’s chest. Granting his superior no quarter, Lawn grabbed Tal’s antennae and began to dump heavy knee strikes into the stunned Andorian’s skull. The cunning first officer immediately pressed hard against the face of his mounted opponent.::

::This action, coupled with the shooting pain from his now completely swollen shut left eye, caused the lieutenant to jerk his head away and release his grasp…opening up just enough space for Tal-ar to get a foot up on Jesse’s chest and cleanly shove him away.::

::Falling harshly on his butt, Lawn hurriedly jumped to his feet. Shaking the cobwebs out, Tal rose to his feet as well. Seeing that Tal looked a little dazzed, Jesse rushed forward slamming a hammerfist square into the Andorians thoracic region. As his strike found its mark, Lawn felt his hand give way as two of his metacarpals clearly fractured against the bony surface.::

Lawn: oO [...] Andorian organ plates! Oo

::Commander Tal-ar quickly returned the favor, landing a solid right hook into Jesse’s gut. The devastating punch dropped Lawn to his knees. He could taste the vomit that had hurled up his esophagus. Gagging, he forced himself to swallow the foul stomach bile…determined not to puke in front of such a noted warrior.::

::Springing back to his feet, the lieutenant kicked the inside of the Andorian’s knee. As the Commander bent forward out of shear autonomic response, Jesse grabbed the back of Tal’s head and plowed another knee flush into the Andorian’s jaw. To his credit, the Commander simply backed away and shook his head in a defiant gesture.::

Tal-ar: Interesting manouver. I take it that it works better against humans?

Lawn: What? Have you got tritanium in there?

Tal-ar: Something better. ::Smiles.:: Dense Andorian bones.

::In an explosive motion, Tal leapt into the air, unleashing a wicked crescent kick that narrowly missed Jesse’s head. As the Andorian’s body began to settle back to the deck, Lawn again closed for a clinch. Underhooking the inside of Tal’s thigh, Jesse lifted him high in the air with a Wrestling style single leg. At the apex of the lift, the lieutenant intentionally flopped himself to the mat, brutally slamming the Commander’s back against the floor once again.::

::In one fluid motion, the Jujitsu master swung a leg over Tal’s face and hooked the near arm with a tombstone grasp, thus extending the Andorian’s arm in a straight armbar. As Jesse began to press his hip forward to apply pressure against the hyper extending elbow joint of the First Officer, the agile Commander scooted his hip out, rolled to his knees, and ripped his arm free of the hold...leaving Lawn vulnerable on his back. Now kneeling over his helmsman, Tal smashed a series of hammerfist strikes down at the aggressive little human. Several of the blows caught the lieutenant in the chest, and one landed firmly against the right maxillary ridge of his cheek, leaving an instant hematoma.::

::In a desperate attempt to regain position, Lawn drew his legs under Tal-ar’s body and scissored them around the Andorian’s waist. In a calculated effort to snuff out Tal’s crushing strikes, Jesse grabbed the Commander’s arms and pulled him close in a tight upper body clinch. While this position may have looked weak, it’s actually a great place to pull off some sneaky Jujitsu attacks.::

::Feeling Tal relax a little to catch his breath, the devious human ducked under Tal-ar’s right arm, and slid himself up onto the Commander’s back. Grapevining his legs like a pair of arm around Tal’s torso, Lawn snatched at the Andorian’s antennae again. Yanking up on them with a forceful pull, the lieutenant sunk in a rear choke. With his face pressed into the back of Tal’s neck, he inhaled the sweet smell of flowers.::

Lawn: oO Lucky Andorian’s! I probably smell like a waste conduit! Oo

::Squeezing with all of his might, Lawn suddenly realized why this was a futile attempt.::

Lawn: oO Andorian’s have four carotid arteries! [...]! Oo

::Not wanting to completely fatigue his already burning muscles, Jesse released his hold and hopped off the burly blue combatant like he was a burning plasma fire. Instantly, Tal-ar spun around and leapt to his feet.::

Tal-ar: I believe a remedial course in the differences between various species vulnerable zones may be in order Lt. jg. That is if you were attempting a manouver that would have normally incapasitated a human.

::This time, Tal rushed forward, body slamming Lawn into the wall. Tal could hear the last bits of breath knocked from the lieutenant’s lungs as Jesse’s back impacted against the matted bulkhead. Tactically disengaging from the close quarter’s clinch, Tal swung a wicked Muay Thai elbow that sliced through the air and caught Lawn across the frontal bone of his cranium. As the lieutenant’s brain sloshed around in his skull, a nasty gash opened up on his forehead. Blood ran freely from the wound, and crimson blood covered the elbow of the Andorian fighter. With a mighty shove, Tal-ar pushed Jesse to the floor.::

Tal-ar: We can call it quits if you would prefer to end this now?

Lawn: It’s just a scratch…I’m just getting into this fight!

::Tal-ar smiled, nodded, shrugged and suddenly stomped at his downed opponent.. Lawn rolled out of the way just as the heavy calcaneous of the Andorian’s heel stamped a divot in the matted flooring. Using a Jujitsu style sweep, Jesse rapidly scissored the First Officer’s lead leg. Torquing him to the mat, Jesse ensnared Tal’s ankle in a heel hook and ripped hard against the small joint.::

::Grotesque snapping and popping noises filled the gym, as Tal-ar yelped and tumbled to the floor. The Andorian’s opposite foot began to jackhammer into the lieutenant’s core, forcing him to abandon the hold he had on Tal-ar’s foot…but the damage was done. As Tal-ar tried to stand, he collapsed back to the ground. Carefully withdrawing himself from the range of Tal’s vicious strikes, Jesse crouched low on his aching quadriceps and faced his Commander.::

Lawn: ::worried:: How’s the knee and ankle, sir?

Tal-ar: I believe that it would be wise for me to refrain from putting any weight on them. That is unless I wish to infuriate my personal nurse.

Lawn: Completely understandable sir. Perhaps we should both take a brief trip to sick bay?

Tel-ar: I am agreeable to that Lt. jg. Besides I already approved your position as the new hand to hand combat instructor an hour ago.

Lawn: ::chuckling to himself:: Thank you Commander. :: quietly laughing and wiping a hot stream of blood and sweat from his face:: It looks like we have two choices. I can help you walk, and you can be my eyes…or we could just beam to sick bay and avoid the stares. Your call sir. I’m good either way.

Tal-ar: In this case I believe beaming is both the logical as well as more efficent method of transport. Besides the corridors do not require a complete decontamination due to the loss of our bodily fluids. ::Tal said calmly as he waved over one of the junior officers standing near by.::

Lawn: ::grinning at his commanding officer:: That was fun…we’ll have to do this again sometime.

Tal-ar: I agree Lt. jg. Maybe after the completion of this mission. ::Then Tal turned to where the junior officer stood and he reached out and activated his comms badge.::

Tel-ar: =/\= Transporter room 1. Lock onto my biosignature and that of Lt. jg. Lawn and beam them both directly to sickbay. =/\=

Male: =/\= Understood sir. Lock on established, Transport in 3... 2... 1 =/\=

::As he finished speaking the 2 men shimmered and were beamed away.::


A Joint Post brought to you by

PNPC - Laura Lawn

Wife to Lt. jg. Jesse Lawn

as simmed by Lt. jg. Jesse Lawn


Lt. jg. Jesse Lawn

HCO Officer


Lt. Elina Kincade



Lt. Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

First Officer

USS Challenger-A

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