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[Round 2] The Date with Nate


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((Promenade) )

::As our tale begins, I will ask you to be kind, generous, and forgiving of me.

For while some on the base were being enjoyed as a meal, Netial, our doctor, was enjoying an orange, with the peel. She was holding a rose placed just so in a book and trying to ignore a few wayward looks. A blue velvet dress helped her feel dressed to the hilt, and the man she was meeting would come in a kilt. He was from Scotland on Terra, and they had not officially met. You see, they had only conversed so far on the starbase’s net.::

::She was known throughout this particular land as a cutie. It was a haven, you must understand, a place where first impressions were not based on beauty. But as the time passed and people just walked by and stared, she began to feel, uncomfortably, anxiously, perhaps even unreasonably, scared. She had lived a life comparatively full of rejection, a life that save for her family, had been quite lacking in affection.::

::So as she began to feel right in her fears, her eyes began to sting and blur and shine from her tears.::

::Our hero, of course, was simply running late. He was a procrastinator and a computer nerd whose name was Nate. He slowed when he saw that blonde girl with the book, but he glanced around, just to be sure, and gave a second, third, and fourth look. She was not what he’d hoped, he had to confess, but he walked up to her, bowed, and said, “Hey, great dress.”::

::It was really not the nicest thing a man could say on a date. “Well,” she thought. “So much for fate.” Could you really blame her then, when that bird clawed his head, that she was wishing he were just a little more dead? But as she was born with hands meant to heal, the only thing she had to say was…::

Kale: It's a piddly scratch. Stop making such a big deal!

Nate: Just a scratch!? ::…he whined and hollered and yelped.::

Kate: Yes. ::She replied.:: The prophets have blessed you. If it were up to me, I would have had you scalped.


Ensign Kale Netial M.D.

Single lady, very much free

Starbase 118

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